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Subject: directory structure problem.
From: Adam
Date: 2/11/2000 3:38:47 PM


OK here is my problem. I have data on another server that is broken down into 4 dirs with subfolder under that.
Like this:


Hope that makes since. Its hard to do by just typing. I need to create a select box that request the three nodes. Then based upon which on is selected the next box shows graphs or stats as an option. Then depending on which on is selected it will show a third box with the html files in that directory. I know how to do this in cgi but I dont have a clue about asps Im just learning. Im going through this teach yourself visual interDev in 21 days but unfortunately I need this sooner then that. If anyone has any help I would appreciate it.

Follow Up - Re: directory structure problem. - exASParated 2/21/2000 10:34:54 PM


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