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Subject: Re: What is the
From: Harlan
Date: 2/15/1999 12:14:14 PM


this question is pretty old, I was going to let the owners of the site answer you (because you addressed it to them), but Ill answer anyway :)

Just found this file in your Anything Else section.
-you mean the ado constants file right?

Could you tell me what it is/does?
-its just a set of constants used in ADO applications. When you do something like
create locks for a cursor you can give numbers
for the lock type, but its a little "prettier" if you give something like adOpenDynamic instead of the number 2. Thats the only thing it does tho, it uses "friendly" variables instead of numbers for common ado constants.

Should I be using it
-Its totally up to you, most good programers
know how to look up the numbers if they need to, and usually can tell what type of cursor you are using just by what you are doing anyway. I use a "custom" set of constants in a constants file I created which includes some common ado constants I use, plus some of my own constants (error messages, ect.).

if so when
-when you need to use and ADO constant, use the
set constant from the include instead.

-include the adovbs include (it comes with iis, no need to make it or download it), and just use the constant name inplace of the number you would normally use.

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