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Subject: IBM E-Careers!
From: Matt Goodrich
Date: 3/31/2000 10:18:30 AM


Currently IBM-Detroit is staffing aggressively for their intra/internet groups. These opportunities are full time/permanent positions for experienced professionals with IBM. If you find that your skills qualify or you have friends or colleagues that have intra/internet development skills please contact us for an immediate telephone screen. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Technical skills for the different careers:

(1)At least one year work experience programming ASP, Visual Interdev, MS SQL Server, VBscript, JavaScript and HTML.
(2)Senior Oracle Developers with 3-5 years Oracle programming, PL/SQL, Developer and Designer 2000.
(3)Oracle Data Warehouse Specialists. Candidates with experience in ETI, Business Objects, Data Models, Star Schemas and Data Marts

The project is located in Dearborn, Michigan near Fords Detroit Headquarters. The technology campus, known as the Accelerated Solutions Center, houses IBM/Ford teams working on application projects in areas such as manufacturing, distribution, product development & finance. Projects are managed under "JAD/RAD" methodologies and are very team focused. End-users work hand-in-hand on the same team with application developers allowing for ideas to be automatically developed into code. Each project is "time-boxed" and full efforts are dedicated to its completion before the team goes on to the next assignment.

Examples of the projects being completed include:
* A Web enabling business processes for Fords recalled vehicles system.
* A web-based configuration system, allowing salespeople at the local dealerships to directly place their orders into Ford manufacturing, reducing the time to deliver a custom vehicle from
4-6 weeks to 15 days.
* Rapid application of a GOaLS(Global Ordering and Logistics System), the system simplifies global ordering of new vehicles, and allows dealers to select, view, download and generate standard reports.

Applications are expected to be delivered at least 30% faster by IBM in 2001 than Ford was able to do in 1998, with productivity goals being set higher each year. The ultimate goal is to cut delivery time 50% sometime after 2001.

Location- Dearborn, MI (a new building has been constructed for this project as of 10/99)
Project Duration- IBM is asking for a 2-3 year commitment on this project. After that you will be allowed to explore other IBM projects.
***We will be holding interviews on 4/13 for serious qualified candidates. All qualified candidates will be responded to within 48-72/hrs and follow up is a high priority throughout the interview process. Decisions will be made immediately and the candidates will receive notice in 10-15 business days, and start dates will be scheduled for March of 2000. Travel assistance will be provided.

*All work must be on site in Dearborn.
*Sponsoring candidates is an option.
*All hires must be permanent employees
*Candidates must be currently in the U.S. and hold a Bachelor Degree

Follow Up - Re: IBM E-Careers! - katie mcnichol 3/31/2000 10:45:42 AM


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