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Subject: Re: Where can I find ASP software ????
From: Jerome Wilson
Date: 1/30/2000 6:14:21 AM


Hi Anna,

Ive included some short answers next to your questions below. Hope theyre of use.


I am trying to learn about ASP and create
web pages using it .i am currently working on VB 5.0.

Could anyone tell me????

* Does VB 5.0 have ASP software inbuilt with it??
What software do we need to create a web-page
using ASP??

--- ASP is based on VBScript, which is a derivative of VB but runs independently of it. ie. you can run VBScript on a machine without VB installed (either on a client-side browser or, as ASP, on a server with IIS). VBScript is interpreted and needs a Microsoft Scripting Engine to run - the latest version is v5 and available free from Microsoft.

* Is ASP a feature of VB6.0???

--- No. But VB5 or 6 might come in handy once youre familiar with ASP because you can use them to build COM components (ActiveX .DLLs) to run on your server.

* Where can I get IIS ?

IIS comes with NT Server. If youre just interested in messing about with ASP for a while before you get serious, you can install Personal Web Server (PWS) on a Windows 95/85 machine and it will provide a very similar experience to IIS.
PWS is available as part of the NT Option 4 Pack, free from Microsoft.

Greatly appreciate any information on this,

--- Good luck!

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