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Subject: I am looking for a reliable server-housing company
From: Francisco
Date: 1/29/1999 5:53:18 AM



Firstly I must beg your pardon because my English is poor and offer you my
congratulations because the subject you are involved in is very interesting.

We have developed several electronic commerce applications for the Internet,
using the following tools:

Windows NT 4.0
Database: Microsoft SQL Server 6.5
Active Server Pages (ASP)
Internet Information Server 4
Visual Interdev 6

Currently they are hosted in various hosting companies in the USA. The
initial idea was to check diferent companies and later decide the company we
would work with.

In order to select the companies, I have consulted the rankings of Top
Hosts, Top Ten Links, Host Index, and so on...As a result I am working with
three companies, none of them render us the service that we need. The
service is specially deficient when they have to make ODBC conections with
the SQL databases or when I ned a SSL secure server. In those cases I have
to ask my hoster for making the conection with SQL, for generating the SSL
keys, for configurating IIS in a determined way, etc...In short, I believe
that if we had our own server (companies call it housing or dedicated
server), most of our problems would solve.

Nevertheless, I cant contract for housing in diferent companies in order
to stablish comparations, due to its high cost.

For this reason, I would like to know your experience in this field. I need
advice about:

1.- Reliable companies. I understand that such companies should be in the
USA (prices are lower that in other countries) and preferably in Florida, as
all the users of my sites are from Spain.

2.- The service I should contract. I understand that there are basically two

a) To lease (or to buy) a server without installing SQL in it. The advantage
of this solution is that I save the pricey software. The disadvantage is
that each time I need a ODBC conection I have to ask the housing company for

b) to lease (or to buy) a server and ask the housing company to install SQL
in it (Remeber that I am in Spain). In this case I understand that I should
pay $4800 aproximately (SQL server for 5 users and Internet Connector
license). If the company works correctly, all is OK, but what happens if
the company doesnt? Could I recover my software then?

At present, we are a little desperated because we go on developing sites and
dont know where to host them.

All your help will be wellcome. Thanks in advance




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