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Subject: Re: Problem Solved
From: Chris WIlliams
Date: 9/11/1999 11:58:33 AM


Its good that you got it working, but I assure you you dont need to use the global.asa to set the data connection though "its fine that you are". That 80004005 error has shown up a few times on a few servers at work and I believe it has to do with the last 2 versions of MDAC drivers not being quite right.

This has happened when all the code was correct and there were no mistakes with permissions or declaring the datapath.
Because usually if we screw around with the web enough... by stopping it for a while or rebooting the server... then the eroror goes away and never comes back. My co-workers NT server that he uses for development does this all the time when he sets up a new web invloving use of the global.asa to set the data connection... and a reboot always cures it. He has the newest mdac drivers installed.

Isnt that lame !

The reason I say the password example works fine on nt without using a Global.asa to assign the data connection is because I work for a huge ISP with about 900 virtual domains. I have installed that example on 5 different NT servers 4 of which are using the newest mdac drivers.. the 4th is using the second to last newest version.


A lot of people have been asking about that
"80004005 error" and I believe the newest mdac drivers have made it more of an issue than it ever was because we never really heard about it too much before then... though under NORMAL conditions it can show up when database permissions are not set right OR when the datapath has is not correct.

But then again.. what the hell do I know.

Just my thoughts...


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