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Subject: Re: ASPs Using Access Databases are causing other asps to hang
From: Jason Rosenberg
Date: 7/9/1999 10:41:25 AM



Here is a article that should help you out.

Jason Rosenberg

Solving the ODBC crash in Windows 98 with IE5
By Alex Buchanan


After having installed Internet Explorer 5, Microsofts Personal Web Server (PWS ) crashes after a script refers to a database through ODBC. The entire operating system would then start displaying problems, requiring a hard boot. No data was lost, only time.

Who might have this problem
Systems running Windows 95 or Windows 98 equipped with PWS 4.0 and accessing a database using ODBC.

There were no reports of this problem occuring on Windows NT.

What caused this
When Internet Explorer 5 was installed, it updated all ODBC DLLs as well as the ODBC Administration menu. When a ASP script opens a database, it seemed to leave threads running in both the PWS and the operating system, causing the above symptoms.

Several developers/acquaintances have also reported this problem, while others claim everything works fine. The following solution should only be implemented if you are experiencing this problem.


Find your PWS installation files (on the Win98 CD-Rom, D:\Add-ons\Pws)
Double-click (open) Odbc.cab
Select all the files, right-click then click Extract
Extract the files to C:\Windows\System
In C:\Windows\System, delete the following files: odbccp32.dll and odbcint.dll
In C:\Windows\System, rename odbccp32.dll1 to odbccp32.dll and rename odbcint.dll1 to odbcint.

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