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Subject: Localization Issue
From: Paul
Date: 1/15/2003 11:37:51 AM



I've been working on localizing a site for the Japanese market. The translations have all been done and the English values and thier Japanese equivalents are held in a simple Access database table.

I've created a dictionary object in global.asa with application scope, like so:

<OBJECT RUNAT=Server SCOPE=Application Lang=ja ID=DictLanguageStrings PROGID="Scripting.Dictionary" VIEWASTEXT></OBJECT>

We are opening the db table and loading the English and Japanese values into the dictionary in the Application_OnStart function in global.asa, like so :

Do While Not objRS.EOF

DictLanguageStrings.Add Trim(objRS("English")),Trim(objRS("Japanese")) objRS.MoveNext


However there are some values not contained in the table and these are hard coded into global.asa, eg:

DictLanguageStrings.Add "as","@"

The second value is the Japanese character and it is these that are not displaying correctly. I was sent these values by someone in Japan who may have done them on a PC with Japanese settings. I am using Visual Interdev (I've tried both v.6.0 and VS.NET) but they appear as above to me.

When displaying on the site they appear with question marks eg: ?@

I've used Session.CodePage = 932 as well as added the codepage attribute to various pages within the site. I've also tried using a meta tag in the html but to no avail.

Can anybody please help - the site is due to go live very soon and we'd really like to get this resolved otherwise we are going to have to implement a solution that is not as scaleable.

Anyone who can answer this deserves true kudos, for it's got us completely stumped.

Many Thanks...


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