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Subject: Re: Global.asa file and ASP applications
From: Chris Williams
Date: 3/6/1999 10:21:49 AM


Global.asa will not fire unless that web is set as an application. By default non virtual domains are not and sometimes virtual domains may not be either though usually they have that set by default... the only thing extra I do is set them to run in their own process and give them a unique name.

This is accomplished in IIS4 Internet Service Manager and is quite easy.

If the web isn't an application the server could give a crap what is in your global.asa since it won't even try to run it.

Of course if your web is already set as one then the problem may be with your code which at 1st glance looks ok.

You might want to lock and unlock the application varibale when you change it as to avoid problems with mulitiple visitors and simutaneos(sp) access.

Or try an even more simple example

Like in the global
populate a session varible

then just try to show it in some page

If you get that to work then that means your Global is getting fired.

Good Luck

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