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Subject: Web base fitness assessment
From: Gary Parker
Date: 7/25/2001 10:44:55 PM


How are you? I have a few questions about script, I hope you can help.
First off I would like to explain what I'm trying to do!
OK, I'm a fitness trainer and I have been for several years now, and I would like to take it to a different level. On line training, with a web base program.
I have my website up, the name is Togetfit.com, but I don't have the script knowledge needed to move forward.
I would like to make a form that members fill out, (Very Basic Sample below)

Member pass word_______
Last name______
First name______

Gender Male/ Female
Height______ (in) or (Ft/in)
Weight______ (lbs)
body type/Frame size (Pick one) Small Medium Large

Press Submit

My gold is to have many (As in hundreds at the same time) sign on and fill out the togetfit fitness assessment form and press submit. then have a web base script or program pick from 30 to 40 workouts base on there fitness assessment (how fat, skinny, gold's etc.) and bam, customized fitness workout program just for that person. i have all of the workouts, there are in a 3 to 4 week repeat cycle, (week 1 is different then 2, and 2 is different then 1 and so on 3 4, then repeat) I have all the fitness knowledge I need, I just need help making the web base assessment program.
I have know idea what script or program to use, don't even know the names of any? Put it this way, ( I don't have a clue where I should start on this project)
Can you or anyone you know, help me with the steps or where to start on this project?

Thanks for you time,
Sincerely, Gary Parker V.P of Togetfit.com


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