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Subject: Re: ASP/COM Discusion boards (long)
From: Chris Brinson
Date: 3/1/1999 12:18:07 PM


I have come to agree with you. A visitor to the site sent me an email saying that they thought the order of the reply threads should be reversed. However, the more I look at your board and my board, I think it is correct the way it is.

What is the architecture of your board? Mine has been converted to a VB COM object and is utilizing a SQL Server database as the backend. All queries have been written as stored procs. The board was very fast when I first put it online. However, the two asp pages the board consists of are getting about 5000 page requests a day and it is getting slower. http://www.hondaprelude.com/webboard/

In response to user feedback, I added a paginate feature which allows you to view older posts and expanded the number of top level threads on a single page from 30 to 35. This has really hurt performance. I would be more than happy to work with you to codevelop a better board. I have someone willing to convert my VB COM to C++ but I would like to perfect the board first.

Would you be willing to share the function you use for preventing html and script from executing? Like all of us, I don't have much spare time nowadays.

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Follow Up - Re: ASP/COM Discusion boards (long) - Chris Williams 3/1/1999 1:05:08 PM


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