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Subject: Comparing numbers....
From: Ben Thompson
Date: 10/12/2000 7:23:48 AM


Ok, a funny one here...

In a forum I wrote I wanted to display an edit link if the current user was viewing a message they wrote.

I have already setup a session variable for the user - session("userid") - and also had the authorid in each message.

all i thought i wanted to do was this....

If session("userid") = rstemp("authorid") Then
<a href="edit.asp?msgid=22">edit message</a>
End If

But I kept getting an error. Whe i displayed the values of each, both were correct, in this 19 & 19

So that meant that this comparison didnt work

If 19 = 19 Then etc......


Very strange. I got round it by adding a letter before each number, so it was

If "a" & session("userid") = "a" & rstemp("authorid") Then etc......

This worked fine. Does this mean you cant compare numbers like i tried too ??



Follow Up - Re: Comparing numbers.... - Steve 10/16/2000 8:28:35 AM


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