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Subject: webfetch and a db...
From: marius
Date: 9/21/2000 8:40:01 PM


I need this custom script made pretty quick and im not that good in asp yet
so I need some help.

If I cant get any free help I guess Ill pay someone to write it...so please....anyway.

This is what the script needs to do:

- Get urls in different categories from a access database.
- Fetch all links from the urls but only where the link points to a .jpg file.
- Print out pages with ten textlinks(numbers) on each page and a link to next and previous. eg.

1 2 3 4 5

6 7 8 9 10

| Next page ->

- The urls in the database needs to be in different categories so that if the user clicks on eg. "Mercedes Benz" in the menu on the mainpage he is taken to the mercedes link page.
- The urls need to be sorted by date so that the latest added urls prints out the lowest numbers.

thanks a lot!




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