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Subject: Re: attaching file on a web page
From: Daniel Ngari
Date: 7/4/2000 4:18:45 PM


If you would like users to upload files, you can create a special text box designed to contain the name of the file. When the user clicks the submit botton, the browser uploads the file as well as the rest of the information. (This works only if the browser supports it.)
It is easy to set up a file uploading box; they are similar to text boxes, exept that they use a different type.
<INPUT type= "file" name= " upload" size="20">
A file uploading box may be easy to set up, but frought with peril: It providdes the perfect opportunity for someone to play a prank on you by uploading a virus infected file. You will be wise to soicit only pain thext or graphic files, which cannot contain viruses.
If you plan to ask user to upload files, you can add an accept attribute to the form tag to specify which files can be uploaded. YOu do this by supplying a comma separated list of valid MIME types. (MIME, short for Multipurpose Internet Mail Extesion, is a standard fo naming file types. For example, the following accept attribute limits uploading to GIF and JPEG files: accept="image/gif, image/jpeg". For text you would have: accept="text/txt" , "text/doc"

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