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Subject: Re: CGI calling ASP
From: Dusty
Date: 6/28/2000 6:59:26 PM


This is in response to your post to powerasp.com...

Well, IIS only passes files with certain extensions to the ASP interpreter. But, with IIS on NT Server, you can configure the extensions using the Internet Service Manager... see the snippet below from the NT4 Option Pack Product Documentation.

On NT4 workstations and Win95/98 personal web servers, I think you can edit the registry to cause the same effect, since you cant do it with the wimpy admin tool that they give you. I think the registry key is HKLM/System/CurrentControlSet/Services/W3SVC/Parameters/ScriptMap, but you may want to check on TechNet for the format of the keys/values, and to make sure that there isnt a better way to add additional extensions.

Good luck.



> Setting Application Mappings
> You can develop Web applications in a number of programming and scripting languages. Internet Information Server (IIS) uses the file name extension of a requested resource on your Web site to determine which ISAPI or CGI program to run to process a request. For example, a request for a file ending with the .asp extension causes the Web server to call the ASP program (Asp.dll) to process the request. The association of a file extension with an ISAPI or CGI program is called application mapping. IIS is preconfigured to support common application mappings. You can add or remove mappings for all applications on a Web site or for individual applications.
> To map an extension to an application
> In Internet Service Manager, select the Web site or the starting point directory of an application.
> Open the directorys property sheets, and then click the Home Directory, Virtual Directory, or Directory tab.
> Click the Configuration but

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