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Subject: Causes of Internal Server Error messages
From: Han Chung
Date: 5/8/2000 7:20:07 PM



I am on a IIS4 server with many other users. Some of the domains on the server have their unique IP address, some dont.

My pages are reasonably simple - I dont use any session or application variables. The only web server intensive things I do are a couple of queries to the SQL Server 7.0 database using ADO.

Lately, Ive been getting Internal Server Error messages occasionally. Normally, things run smoothly without a hitch. I get about 50 visitors to my site everyday.

Does anyone know what causes these Internal Server Errors? Is it my poor programming, or is it an overloaded server? I am quite careful with my programming and I always ensure all database connections are closed as soon as I am done with them.




Follow Up - Re: Causes of Internal Server Error messages - Giovanni Zomer 5/11/2000 5:50:05 AM


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