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Subject: Re: Help! cant retrieve data from storedproc
From: Andrea
Date: 3/30/2000 12:14:25 PM


Nope, thats not the problem!! It only requires one variable. Heres whats going on. Its NOT the query, its the variable being passed:

I did some playing around, and narrowed down the problem. Maybe this will help someone to help me.

The problem is the variable being passed in. I did a TypeName on it; its indeed a string. Its supposed to be in the format FirstName LastName. When entered manually into the query analyzer, the query works. When putting other variables in the query from the code, it works. Its this one variable.

The variable, when compared to an identical string, insists that its totally different. Im not sure why two strings wouldnt be compatible with one another, and Im at my wits end. Again.

Please help? Why is this variable being messed up?

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Follow Up - Re: Help! cant retrieve data from storedproc - ian smith 4/10/2000 11:26:30 PM


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