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Subject: Re: Creating virtual directories
From: sudhakar
Date: 3/30/2000 2:11:47 AM


hi friend

Programming IIS 4.0 with ADSI
By Dina Berry
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Understanding ADSI
Have you wanted to add virtual roots through VBScript? Create ISAPI server extensions that install themselves in IIS 4.0? Or script the installation of your entire web site including user permissions? You can do this and more with ADSI.
ADSI (Active Directory Services Interface) is a set of programming interfaces for accessing any data store format. Microsoft products that currently support the ADSI programming interface are Windows NT 4.0 Server, Exchange, IIS, and Site Server. In NT 5.0 ADSI will be the interface to the operating system and in a sense it is the replacement for the registry. The key to ADSI is not the underlying information store but the interface layer itself. With one interface, and one learning curve, you can access all the configuration information of the operating system. Unlike the registry APIs, you can access ADSI from all languages or environments that supports COM.

Please backup your IIS Metabase before running any of the examples in this article. Here is instruction for backing up the IIS 4.0 Metabase:
Open MMC with the IIS Snap-in.
Click on the machine that has the Metabase that you want to back up.
Right click, from the drop down menu choose Backup/Restore Configuration.
Click on Create Backup from the Configuration Backup/Restore Dialog.
Type in a Configuration Backup Name from the Configuration Backup Dialog.
Click on OK.
Click on Close.
Object-oriented Databases
ADSI treats any data store as an object-oriented database. With ADSI you can manipulate the data store without the need to learn a query language like SQL. In contrast to a relational database, it

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