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Subject: Can This Be Done ?
From: Teddy
Date: 3/27/2000 1:21:23 AM



Im trying to develop some presentation code using ASP. I have the objectives defined but I dont know if what Im trying to do is even possible. Hopefully the following example were illustrate my intentions. If anyone has done this or knows how and can lend me guidance I will greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

I need to have categories such as:

1. Model
2. Engine
3. Suspension
4. Options

when one is clicked on (Engine here), would expand to:

1. Model
2. Engine
Checkbox1 Checkbox2 Checkbox3 etc.
3. Suspension
4. Options

If another category is selected the expanded one would collapse and the new one would expand. My question is can this be accomplished without the ASP page calling itself. Im trying to keep the checkbox values by staying in the same page. If anyone has an alternative that accomplishes these things please respond.

Best regards,


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