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Subject: Re: Need help with asp and com object interfaces
From: Mike Barger
Date: 12/10/1999 11:28:59 AM


I have had the same problems in the past. I was forced to store the whole object and use the full dot notation.
ex. objMyObject.Security.Access.GetRights()

I would like to add some words of advice. I have run into alot of trouble storing objects in session variables (particularly ones that I have placed into MTS). The problem occurs when MTS times the object out earlier than IIS times out the session...or vice versa. Anotherwords, if a user is idle to long, you will lose your objects. Plus, it is the general consensus of Microsoft that even using the session object in your application has serious drawbacks in terms of scalability as well as the memory problems that occur with orphaned sessions filled with objects (left around for 20+ min. until the session is abanded by IIS) Hope this helped.
Mike Barger
Senior Web Analyst
JNB Software Engineering, Inc.

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