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Subject: Re: expiring a specific key in a cookie
From: Chris Williams
Date: 11/3/1999 8:49:59 AM


Cookies are very easy to deal with with ASP.
Most people that have bad attitudes towards them are negative about everything anyway. If you understand them they are nothing to really get excited about (just like every other technology as far as I am concerned) They are just a nice tool we have at our disposal.

In your case...

A cookie can have multiple keys.. Each key in that cookie must have the same expiration date as far as I know.. so if you want a value in that cookie to change or be deleted.. you simply

grab all the cookie values that have already been saved and re-save them all.. and make the key you want to remove either blank or.. don't create it again.

And if you want various keys to have different expiration dates then make multiple cookies with their own sets of keys.

Pretty simple really..

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