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Subject: Re: delay function in the Password Protection App
From: Chris WIlliams
Date: 9/28/1999 12:25:52 PM


Take it away and see what happens.

The delay needs to be there to ensure that on a slow server that the database is written to before the certain pages are reloaded.

If you just redirect to certain pages without the delay people will sometimes get a nasty error saying that ID doesnt exist when adding a new record. Or if making a change the overview page may not show the new record because the database wasn't finished when the page got loaded because it all happened to fast.

There are lots of other ways to handle that, but for shits and giggles that is how I did it in that program.

Its a quick easy lazy solution
And it solves a lot of problems with users with very fast connection to the server.

BTW Sometimes even with record locking...when editing it and then releasing it these types of errors can still happen. Thats when a delay can come in handy for a quicly written script like this.

It's probably a poor way to do it in some people's opinion, but the day I give a shit what other people think is the day I shut down my web server.

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Follow Up - Re: delay function in the Password Protection App - Mark Shropshire 9/28/1999 12:45:03 PM


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