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Other Stuff

What the site looked like 8 years ago.

Function Reference Machine

ADO Constants Include File

Visual Interdev 1

The Visual Interdev 1 Dynamic Form Creator Something random I made a long time ago.

Visual Interdev 6
How to get a parameterized query working with an access database.
A very old article from way back when Interdev 6 just came out. It addressed some bugs in the software regarding working with access databases.


DoTsTeR's Kawasaki Ninja® ZX-12R Motorcycle Random Paint Schemes.
I have a ZX-12r and this is a page I made showing some new paint ideas I had.

Review of domains.yahoo.com

My Car Audio MP3 System It was a work in progress.

Marusahi-Kai Instructor's Society
A really dumb goofy ass website I helped my friends make 7 years ago.
Its pretty sad and twisted.... We used a digital camera, photoshop, and some crapy gif animator program to make a bunch of weird ass animations. There is also music which seemed cool at the time but now is pretty lame.

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