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Self Submitting "Contact Us" Form Using CDOSYS

Because there have been many requests for something like this, I created a rather slick working example of a one page  "Contact Us" form that you can download and use on your web site..

It looks like this:

This is a one page self submitting form that you can edit to look however you want.
This has built in server side form validation.
This sends the email using CDOSYS with a remote mail server.
See our article on CDOSYS for more information on that

Get The code for this code by clicking here.

The only 3 values you need to edit are in blue on this page and are near the top of the code.
They are your email server, your email address, and your email address password.
You need that info because this will be sending SMTP authenticated emails.

' Edit these 3 values accordingly
smtpserver = "mail.yourserver.com"
youremail = "youremail@yourserver.com"
yourpassword = "yourpassword"



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