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Using ASP to dynamically change the contents of a frameset

Here is an example if you wanted to load different pages into your frameset. This will give you the basic idea and then you will be able to adapt this to many situations.

Lets say your frameset page was default.asp

You can feed it different variables for what pages you want it to intially
load like so


Below is the code for the page with frameset info

And lastly make sure you make the frameset page an "ASP" page or none of this will work.


If PAGE1 = "" Then
   PAGE1 = "StandardPage1.asp"
End If

If PAGE2 = "" Then
   PAGE2 = "StandardPage2.asp"
End If



<frameset rows="71,*">
  <frame name="top" scrolling="no" noresize target="main" src="<% =PAGE1%>">
  <frame name="main" src="<% =PAGE2 %>" scrolling="auto">

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