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Show Directory Contents Using ASP

This is an example of using the FileSystemObject to list the files in a directory.  Replace "somedirectory" with your directory name.

Replace "somedirectory" with your directory name. If you know the physical path you can replace
Server.MapPath("/somedirectory") with the actual path like so.

Here's the catch.
If you are using NT the directory you run this on must have the correct permissions. Basically the directory needs "read" permissions from the anonymous account or you will get a permission denied error.

Set MyDirectory=Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set MyFiles=MyDirectory.GetFolder(Server.MapPath("/somedirectory"))
For each filefound in MyFiles.files

<% =filefound.Name %>

<% Next %>

The results might look something like this.


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