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Advanced Website Password Protection
For use on Windows NT / 2000/ 2003 / XP Servers Supporting Active Server Pages

Easily add password protection to an entire website supporting Active Server Pages.

Web based administration so you can manage users and their access.

All pages you want to protect simply need one server side include at the top of each page. Example code is provided to show you how to do that.

User information is stored in an Access Database or Microsft SQL Database.

No DLL's to install. Full ASP source code included.
Modify it to to fit your needs.

Some Potential Uses For This Code
  • Limit Access To Sensitive Company Information
  • Use To Create A Membership System For Your Site
  • Easily add password protection to any existing scripts you have developed.
  • Use this as an online contact manager.

Advanced Website Password Protection is now called ASPProtect and has it's own website. http://www.ASPProtect.com

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