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All you need for managing and sharing web files amoung people is only: DrWFM.dll and one short ASP file. User accesses an ASP throught IE web browser. The ASP calls DrWFM component, which generates DrWebFileManager window (WindowsExplorer like) for t

If you are using an ACCESS Database try to avoid using a system DSN. They are much slower because they go through ODBC which then uses the Jet Drivers to access the database. They also have to do a registry lookup.

ASP.NET Overview
The underlying structure of ASP.net is very different to that of previous versions. ASP.net is almost entirely component-based and modularized, and every page, object, and HTML element you use can be a runtime component object.

ASP TimeTracker
The ASP TimeTracker is a complete online timesheet application that can be modified to meet specific business needs or used as it is installed. The ASP TimeTracker includes all source code and is completely customizable.

This site created and maintained by Aaron Bertrand and Jay McVinney in their time away from our real jobs and other pursuits.

Creating your first Web page with ASP.NET
If you're a classic ASP/ADO developer who's new to .NET, this intro will get you started. See how to use connection strings and server-side controls.

This component provides methods to save/restore data in INI files.

Use this COM component to manage your local or remote tasks from VB, WSH, C++, ASP. All you need is one dll file DrTS.dll and Task Scheduler Component from Microsoft (included in IE4).

Beginning ASP.NET using VB.NET
This chapter will provide you with a step-by-step introduction to ASP.NET using VB.NET.

Developing Web Apps with ASP+
How does ASP+ make your job easier and allow you to create better applications? This article gives an introduction to Microsoft's new ASP+ technology, including a look at Web Forms and Server Controls.

Get Differance between two dates
How can we find out how many days are between two dates?

This ASP component draws pie and bar charts and line graphs "on the fly". Output options include GIF (non-LZW), PNG, JPG and bitmap as a stream for BinaryWrite, or as a file. A wide range of properties allow the customisation of colour, size and text

The Comlete FilesSystem Object Guide
This library contains a complete directory of all the FSO methods and properties, how to use them, important information, and code examples on each one.

Voted 2005 Best ASP Hosting Service by Visual Studio Magazine & asp.netPRO Magazine! Come celebrate with 3 Months FREE and FREE Setup with FREE ASP Components

Metaverse Content Server
Built off the Microsoft .NET platform, Metaverse delivers Content Management via Web Services. Provided as hosted subscription service, Metaverse Small Business Edition starts at only $65/month.

Provides an access to the operating system environment variables (e.g. PATH, TEMP, COMPUTERNAME, SystemRoot and etc.)

CreaName Infoscripts - Free Company Name Generator
CreaName is a free tool helping you find a name for your new company, product, Internet domain... The admin control panel let you add, modify and delete words in the system.

Linksmanager directory
ProgPortal Directory is a search engine/directory link manager. With this software you can start your own Yahoo! type portal. Supports Ms Sql, Open source, Advance Search Features, Advance System Admin, Site Features & more.

Advanced Data Form Wizard
The code produced is standard ASP code - clean, readable and comprehensive. The page is fully customisable and can be altered to meet your exact requirements. No new things to learn, no limitations and no components to install! The wizard is usefu

What is .Net and Where is ASP.NET?
This article is desiged for those you wish to learn a little bit about the .Net framework. Not only will it show you how .Net operates, it will explain where ASP.NET fits in.

XML ObjectGenerator generates custom COM components from your xml files and schemas. It also provides complete customized html help files (.chm).

The Evolution Of Microsoft: .NET Explained
This article is specifically targeted at those who are already competent with one or more of Microsoft’s web/application languages such as ASP, Visual Basic and C++. Provides a brief overview of .NET.

This control is a derived version of asp:Image, with additonal functionality. The additional features include Graphics property which allows you to draw on control using GDI+ API. The control produce cached in-memory images.

TechnicalLead Jason Bentrum is the King of Delivery. He has logged massive hours in front of ASP, VB and Site Server Commerce. When he is not over-caffiniated and playing with Silly Putty, he is running, eating Vietnamese food and generally being tall.

Using ASP and HTML Meta TAGS To Make A Dynamic Delay Message
This is a little trick to display a timed message to the user after doing some sort of task. By mixing some creative ASP with a simple HTML META Refresh you can display a message to a user for a specified period of time and then redirect them back.

Welcome to Great Resource t Acidutzu.com
The place where ASP developers GO! Excellent resource for everything ASP. If youre an ASP beginner, this site has tons of great tutorials to get you started.

ASP+ Basics
This presentation will outline this event driven and more structured code by looking at the ASP+ object model and what Web Controls are and how they can be used. Web Control Families and the Web Control Object model are also covered.

DevHood was created for all .NET developers as a place for reference, a place to share their knowledge, and a place to interact with their peers.

Now this is an ASP application! Give your users something fun to do at yoursite with a simple game like this one. Very easy to implement and great graphics. No components to install with this one.

ABCUpload .NET
Uploading files is as simple as ABC with ABCUpload.Net. Our Pure HTML Progress Bar allows your visitors to see the progress of their upload in real time with absolutely no client side software.

Using ASP to determine the Physical Path Of Your Virtual Website
Here is an example if you are hosting your Domain on some random ISP and you want to know the structure of the web site without asking them.

.NET Framework Class Browser
Complete online reference to all the available namespaces within ASP.NET.

A great source for web hosting information.

ASP Spam Countermeasures
Fed up with getting spam? This handy script feeds fake e-mail addresses to the automated e-mail collectors that spammers use to gather e-mails. Easy to set up and able to generate a user definable number of fake e-mail addresses this script is a must

Community QuickStart Tutorial
Comprehensive quickstart guide. Introduces Web Forms, Server Controls and Web Services.

Whether you simply need a powerful replacement for Notepad, a tool for editing your web pages, or a programming IDE, TextPad does what you want, the way you would expect.

AI Helper
Use this control to allow your users to interact with an Artificial Intelligent Web Service! Includes allot of Classic ASP and .NET developer help patterns.

Flash design service from 7AAA Corp.
Web design. Flash web design services and web site development. Dynamic photorealistic presentations.

3DChart for .NET
3DChart for .NET is a powerful component using OpenGL to display 2D and 3D charts with stunning visual effects. Supports image maps, server events and persistency, direct image streaming to browser, database support and more. Free demo.

emagiC CMS
Affordable browser-based Site & Content Management System offering XML, WYSIWYG editor, stylesheets, link verification, extranet, sitemap management, admin rights&roles, templates and full API. Available in English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese.

Timecard Entry: 3/26/2006 4:00:07 PM

Started working up an out line for Guidelines. Including proper sizing and placement of corporate logos. There may be a nessessity for creating Word templates for corespondance letters aside from official letterheads for divisions., luncheon with the jeff lewis board, Work with Tim on Watertown Times Sports Site, went over to WWNY 7 with Randy to see what was wrong with their proxy server.....had a 90 day eval license and it expired, Working with creating seperate autoresponders for each domain (SoftMLS), worked on Help section of USA1Net web site, lunch, Printed, cut FAQ sheets for Tara, Didn't take one, but have to document one. To busy and with the meeting. I will survive. No big thing. , problems with UCP Canton frame router, also cleaned up disk space, Talked to Tim Lasek about his work; he says he's doing a lot from home on his personal time. Says that his father is dying and that he wants more time to spend with his dad., working diner with darrell on what we need from nortel... done........, lunch, Check voice mail/email Mccadam cheese- change info workorder created Watertown animal hospital- hosting and frontpage acess get info ready for meeting with st. lawrence federal credit union Golf with your buddies- go over admin with tim , busy, techcalls, new users, Radlog, Took Dakota to Tara's school., Regsiert domain name for Joh Tubbs- send out info , register with infopage, mailing, signups, switchboard calls, did one setup. a few connection problems. and one with a modem problem, phone calls, email, Paul/Howard, E-MAIL ETC.., ASP Self-paced training, Reading LSR Manual, helped a user with netscape. helped another with authentification problems, ddracing- customer service follow up add statsracker, and upload component, travel to albany to meet with board, Took tech calls, checked DUI, RAD, Voice mail, and AUAQ. Slow day today. Called some users back on RAD, AUAQ, and expirings., Manning NOC. Watching network. Resetting modems. Showing Anthony DeMarco his streaming server. Setting up virtual domains. Backing up servers. Trying to answer questions Mike from KNI had. Keeping in touch with Andy about KNI. Started diagnosing a problem with some Massena frames., DISCUSSED TAYLOR CONCRETE WITH PEG WENT OVER A DESIGN CONCEPT I HAD FOR A PARTICULAR CATEGORY SECTION..,

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