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Blog Entry: 3/25/2006 4:42:56 PM

the sql databse is the same.. the sql script is the same for any version

as the site says they are essentially the same app with very minor changes... if you are trying to share the same sql database with both it's not gonna happen because the table names are the same

that app runs nealry as well with msaccess as it does with sql so I wouldnt get too excited about running it withe sql. You will not see any benefits unless you have a ton of simultaneus (sp) users.

cwilliams38312.1125115741, I have ASP Photogallery running and it seems to be great, but I would like to allow uploads using DUNDAS the problem is I can't seem to find it on the linked website. I did find an EXE install in another place but I am running on a Shared Host (Godaddy) and can't run an executable on it. Where can I find Dundas and is there a way to install it without running an EXE??,

It's MS Access, Version 7 (the Full one).

Anyway, I had inadvertently changed the user_id field type to "number".  When I changed it back to "autonumber", everything went back to normal.


Thanks you very much for your quick reply and sorry to have bothered you.

, How and where does one add countries/cities to the list so that they appear in the Drop-Down list that advertisers see when they are placing a new ad?,

Dear Support Team

I have read and Installed your v8 banner software

exactly as explained on XP pro which contains other asp working app.

I have problems with the " Application " and " Session" in your scripts

things that make the iis fall dead.

also in the file asp _unlimited_config.asp

you have exlained that every thing must be kept without the "" marks.

well i get http 500 error cause of it.


Please advise






I think you getting all confused about dsn's and what they really are.

A system dsn gets created via the ODBC control panel and gets listed there. A system dsn is nothing more than a registry entry telling information about where the database is an how to connect to it. Then every time code accesses the database it has to do a registry lookup. The whole process adds a lot of delays, causes very poor performance and is unnecessary.

A dsn-less connection simply connects directly to the database by specifying the driver being used, where the database is, and some other information like the password if there is one.

To get aspprotect or any other ASP application using a database all you have to do is make sure the database folder has correct permissions and then make a connection string like so. (with the correct info for your directory structure of course)

DBQ=c:\inetpub\wwwroot\aspprotect_6\data\database\ASPProtect _access2002.mdb;Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};UID=Admin;Password=temp

If you are wondering Access databases always use the same username.

So, basically if permissions are set correctly and the directory is valid it will work.
It is really that simple. 99% of the time when people have problems it is one or the other.

That being said, don't worry about the odbc control panel and what is listed there for connections. All we really care about is that odbc drivers are installed and somewhat current.

One last thign for reference: even if you do make a system dsn the database folder still needs the correct permissions.


Really, only you or your hosting company would know that information...

It is usally installed in the "_database" folder but the physical path including the drive letter  to that can only be known by asking your hosting company or by using server mappath to learn the path on you own.

That folder also needs special permissions. The permissions it needs are covered in the documentation for the software and generally only your hosting compnay can set those permissions.

The online support forums here are full of information and resources on correctly setting up data connections. It is ASP 101 and something you really need to have an understanding of.

I am happy to answer questions and try to help, but if you dont want to deal with it or can't we do offer installation services.


, ok, now were getting somewhere

I didn't know you imported from another system,

chances are you are missing field information that an ASPProtect user requires.

Start off from scratch with a new aspprotect database... create a new user and look at the info that gets entered by default for every field in the database

make sure when you import a user that you mimic it all

dont import directly using access because the passwords will not get converted to encrypted versions of themselves correctly.. and the whole process will be usesless as no passwords will be correct

Use the import feature built into ASPProtect.. because it is smart enough to take the clear text passwords and encrypt them accordingly

if you want to know a correctly formatted import file needs to look like make one and check it out

do one user at a time and make sure you can log in to an example protected page till you get it right...

once you get that working do them all

Thats really the best advice I can give you. , We do not have plans to support recurring payments via 2checkout because their system is not flexible enough to allow it to function correctly. Basically their system will not send notifications to our system when a recurring payment fails and therefore there is no way to automatically disable a user that cancels or does not pay. etc etc.. ,

I noticed that is grabbing the wrong URL for some reason. Even when i mouse over the URL its somehow getting the users sub directory. How.. i dont know... when i erase that users in the url it works perfectly.

I am looking at the code in the .vb file and i dont see anything that could be causing it to do that... but then again i am no programmer LOL

Its obviously kicking in that users subdirectory somehow... what are your thoughts?


its a text file   you just edit it with notepad..  if ya mess it up ya put an original copy back in

no biggie either way

jump in there..

I just showed ya exactly what to change.. its a no brainer man
This is simple source code. It's meant to be edited and hacked.

The only reason I warn you is so you can't blame me later on if it effects something

I am just trying to help

If ya dont like that solution why not just use periods for the first name field.. or a dash or something... then nobody will really see it

or maybe store the company name in the first_name field

seems like clever things to try without changing the code..

good luck...


ok... lets forget about all this redirecting business for a minute

when I go to "GP01.asp" directly via your web site I get a big nasty error that says this

Microsoft VBScript compilation error '800a0411'

Name redefined

/protect/config_inc.asp, line 15

Dim  Address_Required,CDONTS_Installed,City_Required,Registration _Type,VerifyURL,Log_Off_Page

then when I look at what you did in that file I see why

you have this code which is totally wrong because you cannot include the password protection file twice
<!--#INCLUDE FILE="check_user_inc.asp"-->
<% GROUPACCESS = "*1*" %>
<!--#INCLUDE FILE="check_user_inc.asp"-->

it should be

<% GROUPACCESS = "*1*" %>
<!--#INCLUDE FILE="check_user_inc.asp"-->
and that is probably the root of this entire problem.. the redirection was working...
but you were sending them to invalid pages with errors

all those pages are wrong...
if you dont see the real error above see this

if you look over the aspprotect 7 installation instructions that is the very 1st thing I tell people to do

hopefully this is the info you need to continue and get some work done

humm, I dont know.

If you want me too I would be glad to go into your web site and troubleshoot. If so PM me the info I need and I will take a look and see if I can figure it out.



, It is most likely because they have something running like Norton Ad Blocker.

Or something of that nature that blocks anything with certain words in it like "ad"

They are running something that is doing it.cwilliams38450.0079282407,

OK, I figured out the problem.  Not running ASP becasue the pages are not saved as ASP but rather HTM... OK so I am smart like a tractor but strong like an ox.



I am using the upload_post_VBSCRIPT.asp to upload the pictures. My concern is the security of this. For instance I've seen some sites get hacked by a user uploading a file (going through the same process) and ending up crashing the entire server.

I tried adding .jpeg to the end of a text file (filename.vbs.jpeg) and then uploading it, and the file was actually uploaded. Is this a potential problem?



eeye38447.0388541667, and did you response.write that session value to see if it holds anything to ensure it is being set ,

Thanks!  Will try both.


Appreciate the support.

, just FYI -- i added in a new data table into the database.  I havent finished implementing the whole thing across the entire site, but it wasn't too difficult.  Once I have all of the functionality complete I'll post some details.  Some of the changes are the addition of a new album nav style which combines style 2 and some of the features of the new data table.

Very easy app to work with guys.
, You can not edit that code with dreamweaver. It will re-arrange the asp and kill it.
If you want to change the look of the login html you have to edit the html by hand in a text editor.

Or create what you want on a blank page using your editor of choice and carefully use parts of that in the ASPProtect code.

In version 7 the login screen is one asp page by itself and is much easier to edit with just about any editor. In version 6 you have to know your html and be careful.

Either way I am not sure templates are a good idea for something like that. That sort of thing tends to cause problems with dynamic code that executes under different directory levels. You want to stick to regular html techniques. ,

I get this error, Any ideas?

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80004005'

[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] '(unknown)' is not a valid path. Make sure that the path name is spelled correctly and that you are connected to the server on which the file resides.

/guestbook/save.asp, line 109

When viewing a list of albums with the navigation option 1, is there a way to get the Time Created sort to list Newest to Oldest, instead of Oldest to Newest.
Looking at the code in albums_navigation1_inc.asp, I can not determine how this works.
Thanks for your help!
- Jason
p.s. I always forget how addicting this stuff can be...lol.
, At the bottom of my "users" list page, it asks the question "number of users displayed per page"?  After hitting a larger number than the default of 1-25, it increases the number of users per page to that number.  But as soon as I leave that page, it goes back to the default.  Any thoughts?,

You really should check out the documentation regarding the config file before you go any farther.

If the server supports ASP.NET you do not have to spend any money to have real fast loading thumbnails.

Also, licenses of ASPImage only cost 69.95 and regardless any quality host supporting ASP should have one of the 3 supported resizing components installed or else you should consider a better host like www.alentus.com Places like that have good hosting prices and give you access to 3000.00 worth of 3rd party asp components.


, Hi, I am wondering if I can redirect users with "GROUPACCESS"  just like access levelS.  I tried to redirect using both "Groups" and "GROUPACCESS" example below:

If Session("GROUPACCESS") = "1"  Then
End If

I could only get the Access_Level to actually redirect.   Is this something the option pack supports?  If so, any words of advice?

I checked the option pack code as well and it looks correct.
I tested it and it acted as it should.

You can see it in active at the live demo


go the the admin area.. you will notice 3 users with level 4 access
1 of them is inactive

then go to the mass email area and pick   active and level 4
it will say it is sending email to 2 users which is correct

then go to mass email again and pick level 4 and inactive
it will say it is sending email to 1 user which is correct

choose any status and access level 4 and it will send email to 3 users which is correct

When you do this please realize you can not choose a group as well.
That will cause a problem because you can not choose a group and an access level at the same time.

Anyway... perhaps you can private message or use the contact us form and and let me take a look at your system. Since I can't reproduce the behavior that is the only way we might figure this out.

cwilliams38104.690787037, Having a quality professionally set up ASP.NET server that is going to support your needs is CRITICAL whether it is yours or someone elses. Them saying they will not set permissions is useless. Quite honestly Network Solutions is a joke when it comes to ASP.NET hosting. They are all about CHEAP MASS HOSTING and that is not where you go when you plan on running complex ASP.NET applications. What good is ASP.NET hosting if you can not permissions set on folders you need it for? A lot of people run ASPProtect.NET and their hosts set permissions for them without issue. We made one folder that they could click on and set all permissions at once easily. If they truly knew anything they would understand that and set permissions for you in a heartbeart. You have to have a correctly set up server or a hosting company that is serious about your ASP hosting needs.

I mean you come to us with this mess of a situation, we tell you its a bad setup. We tell you to rebuild the server correctly or make a new one. Now instead of doing that you come to us with another mess of a situation.  Now you act all frustrated because you have spent so much time on this. How the heck do you think we learned everything we know ? Do you think we have never spent weeks on a problem or stayed up for 4 nights in a row without sleep. That is how you learn and it is called experience. I have no sympathy for someone that complains about how long something took because I am right there with the best of them and I have paid my dues.

Have you by chance read all of this thread below because despite what you keep telling me you are totally falling into this category.
Granted you may not be "Joe Coder" but you are definetly "that guy" who doesn't really know what is going on with ASP.NET. "that guy" who sets up his own server and knows enough to be dangerous. You definetly have enough sense/basic skills to dig around and read articles and try things but when you are on the wrong track that only helps out so much.

Also: I really was pretty tired when I got home last night, but now that I really think about what you did with that webserver/domain controller is about the worst moves possible when it comes to IIS hosting setups.. That is just SO BAD !!  Now, don't think that I haven't done some REAL stupid things in the past. John too, like the time 5 or so years back when thought he could make a Windows XP Pro webserver for serious non development use . Anyway, that is how you learn. I suggest you get your server running correctly (not a domain controller) or you get a real host like www.alentus.com for your asp hosting needs. I mean you can get an account for like 10.00 a month and end all these headaches right now. I even know one of the head techs there as well as the general manager. Their ASP and ASP.NET support is 2nd to none.

You may not like what I have to say, (hell, I can pretty much guarantee you won't) but I tell it like it is and in the long run you will be better off for it.. We spent a ton of time developing the .NET version of this product and we sell it way less than it is worth especially since we provide source code. It is an awesome product, but if the server isn't truly and correctly supporting ASP.NET or they host will not set permissions than it is out of our hands. As far as I am concerned anything else is a waste of everyone's time. I am not going to play that game. Quite frankly, you need to get your stuff together. Nothing you have come up with so far has anything to do with a bug with ASPProtect.NET. Everything has been server related.



The protection code for my group3 is:

<!-- Begin ASPProtect Code -->
<!-- Groups with access to this page. ( * GP03 * ) -->
<% GROUPACCESS = "3" %>
<!--#INCLUDE FILE="check_user_inc.asp"-->
<!-- End ASPProtect Code -->

btw - sorry but I am using v7
and thanks for the assistance


<!--#INCLUDE FILE="check_user_inc.asp"-->


No luck...this is the message


Return To Import / Export Screen.

Active Server Pages error 'ASP 0113'

Script timed out


The maximum amount of time for a script to execute was exceeded. You can change this limit by specifying a new value for the property Server.ScriptTimeout or by changing the value in the IIS administration tools.


I do not have any programming knowledge and have what might be a simple question.

I am having a hard time getting my hosting company to modify the rights on the data folder. They state they support ASP and access databases however this is the response I got when I requested the modify permissions set for the internet guest account:

Were the rights changed on the data folder?  No, we do not manage rights to folders.

My question to you is: Doesn't supporting asp require those permissions be set on the database folder or can asp (not just aspprotect) work without those rights modified?


, You kid around again regarding illegal downloads and not only will you be banned from the forums, your support will be cut off completely.


Please be aware folks..

This file is not provided by CJWSoft. Though this may work very well use of it is not supported in any way. We have not tested it.

This user is not using the option pack so this file will not be compatible with anyone using that because it does not have support for groups and some of the other new features.

Regardless..we appretiate users sharing ideas and solutions that they have come up with.

cwilliams38313.499837963, I would like to have the ability to give a user 1 album with the default # of photos in it.

Is the best way to implement this to just add in an album creation routine during the sigup/registration process and turn off the ability to create a new album?  Or is a user setting prebuilt into the system for this?
, If it stopped working it has nothing to do with the ASP code. YIf could have stopped for any number of reasons as hosts often change email server requirements and info. You need to go over the email settings. Of course make sure you and the person you are sending to have valid email addresses and try different methods/settings until you get emailing to work again.

Testing it by sending emails off from the users screen.. in each email type in what you are trying at that time so you know what worked if emails make it through. Also, be sure to check junk filters when testing to make sure the emails are not being put in any of those.

That's what I would do. CDOSYS is always your best bet for sending emails as it has so many options and all new server support it. ,

That bit about zones makes perfect sense and seems surpassingly simple for me to integrate due to our categories and page contents being based on the same if/then functionality.

Regarding the user, I guess you mean that I could simply recreate a limited admin interface for users based on the interface you have included for me, is that correct? I realize how subjective the question is, but do you think that this would be a bad idea?

I'm leaning toward your software here. I have a budget that could easily cover a variety of programs, but the UI for advertisers at banmanpro, for example, seems far too complicated for my users. Also, banmanpro doesn't have supporting compatible softare I am interested in, such as your classifieds software.

I guess I am trying to buy a good shell from which I can do my own customization and coding, and into which I can integrate future additions such as your classified ads. Does this seem like the right place to be?

Thanks much for your time!



I just got done trying it myself and it worked great for me too. I was aware of the security issue, but I'd already planned on using SSL for this particular call, as well as for the secured pages accessed through the normal process, so the bad guys will be kept at bay.

Thanks for the help.


Chris, that fixed it.  Found 2-references to guestbook2 in the file show_messages_inc.asp located in the \guestbook\ directory.

Suggestion for future release.  Create an option to email the admin when a message is posted.  If this code already exists please advise.

Thanks, Lance


Has any one used the aspmail function to send emails from within your site? If so what did you use as the AspMail_Host string in the connections database?

thank you


If you code support for it yes, the application comes with no paypal code or support built in.

If you think it will help you, you are welcome to a copy of the classic asp version which supports paypal subscriptions. Perhaps looking at the code would help you.


Timecard Entry: 3/25/2006 4:42:56 PM

Driving out to Chris Williams' house to meet with Bell., Telergy Notes and Partnership, Added , USA1NET, deposit ,Pay bills, Cisco Router Training, Management of Projects and GiSCO Infrastructure and Employees., cvx training at Nortel, had a few people that couldnt' surf. had some with email problems, Beth - Has updates for 1812ale. Kelly - Reviewing his SoftGrade overview, printing color copy of sunandshield.com, still playing catch up from last week, email, voicemail, call backs, finished organizing wrattens, met with Chris to discuss Samaritan, dealt with capraras, beowulf, Champion Rock products, worked on putting together smc proposal, Don't ever call 'vint' , Took a couple calls that were on hold. , Duties: answering phone, callbacks from voicemail. checking billing emails, taking sign ups, quality checking sign ups, cancellation, , Worked on advertising plans with NYSAR McDonalds, time Warner Cable, A-Bay rink, Channel 7 and channel 50, Being tortured at Jefferson County Court Building., Research reqs. for installing DAT drive, Floating Holiday, E-MAIL ETC., Lunch, Email/Newsgroups, Meet with John B. Johnson, Jr., Paul Barton, and Tim Badour, Trouble shoot iNex issue for Nat'l Hanger, CPH, teched calls, worked on updates of the bullets sent to me and actions, finish Business Fair, tear down equipment, got a chance to do an online report, Time spent throughout day w/ Verizon and customer about a late frame install., Went over changes with Chris Byrns from AuctionGuys.com, had to make a new content filtering undo file, and send it to a user,

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