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Blog Entry: 3/25/2006 4:36:27 PM

If things are not perfect there will be no log files and no errors.. it can only be one of these things really

You may also want to make your the filesystem on the server is working and not disabled by norton script blocking or anything random like that. Testing the filesystem object is best done by writing a simple text file to a folder. Plenty of examples of doing that can be found at www.aspin.com

Recent activity is temporary and admin activity in the admin area is not tracked. If your application in IIS has reset or there has been no activity in the users area or in pages you protected there will be nothing there. The busier your site the more chance something will be there. For example usually our online demo has something there except right after 4am when my server does an iisreset.


Post a request in the "custom code work" forum.
Perhaps another customer will want to do the work or help you out with some code.

I am just too busy to do any custom work for quite a while.



I would like to delete the SQL tables and set them up from scratch using enterprise manager and sql query manager and see what happens

If that is ok with you let me know.

Something is wrong like I said...  almost seems like the database is caching old password info from the field.,

1st off.. you appear to have some strange things going on with that domain. Looks like you have a frameset and are loading another domain in it which is always confuding especially if you are running the site off your home computer or something... I am not sure

That aside..

If I go to


and click on the "familiy" category

then right click on a broken image.. look at properties

Your linking the image to your localhost



and that is wrong, just like I said above

Nobody running the site off any computer but your development machine is going to see those pictures because the url isnt valid for them

My guess is in the settings you have the "PictureURL" set to


when it should be


Good luck with this.. I am going to the bar.
If you need more help I probably will not be available until Monday.


Chris -

I am encountering a problem with items showing up.  When I click on a category and then select an item to view I get


I have verified the item has the item_active check.  For giggles, I even unchecked with the same results.



I do not have any programming knowledge and have what might be a simple question.

I am having a hard time getting my hosting company to modify the rights on the data folder. They state they support ASP and access databases however this is the response I got when I requested the modify permissions set for the internet guest account:

Were the rights changed on the data folder?  No, we do not manage rights to folders.

My question to you is: Doesn't supporting asp require those permissions be set on the database folder or can asp (not just aspprotect) work without those rights modified?



this issue has been resolved.. see following thread





I am trying to find out where I can enter the ttle for the application.

There is a variableor field called App_Name into which it would be good to insert a generic name. Can this be edited?

I have searched high and low but cannot find anything to do with it.

, Now, back in the dark ages we had to use the command prompt to setup the MySQL database and all that fun stuff. I am not going to show you that method.

What happened was 100 different  3rd party companies developed interfaces to work with the MySQL server visually. Within the past year MySQL actually released its own little GUI for doing just that so I am going to show you how to do things using that.

Let's download and install it.

Go here

and download Windows (x86) MySQL Administrator
(1.1 is the most current version at the time of this article)

Installing that is a no-brainer as well. Just stick to the defaults and it will do its thing.

Now that it is finished.. run MySQL Administrator from your start menu.

It will ask for your "root" password that we entered when we set up the server.

Hit OK

You should see this if your MySQL server is runnign and you entered the correct password.

Now select the Catalogs Icon on the right.. go down to the Schemata section.. right click in the lower white area and choose Create New Schema

It will look like this

Essentially this is your database name. I am going to call my database "aspbanner"

Hit ok

Your now have a new database with nothing in it. We now need to run the MySQL database creation scripts that I provide which will create the Tables and Fields needed.

The easiest way when using the MySQL Administrator is to select the Restore icon on the left.

The choose "Open Backup File" in the lower right corner.. Browse to the "aspbanner_mysql.sql" file we provide. You can also download that file here. 2006-03-14_164927_MySQL_Script.zip

Once you select that file choose open...

Now, it is very important you choose the database you created earlier. Also known as Target Schema.. in this case I choose "aspbanner"

Now hit "Start Restore"

Ok, now the database has Tables and Fields

Click on the Catalogs Icon on the left and then select aspbanner from the schemata area in the lower left

You'll see we now have tables in the aspbanner database, (customer replied aug-sep 2005)

OK, you have old code then... I will send you some updated files that you can try.. let me know here if it solves the problem. ,

ASPProtect and PayPal are fully automated and ready to go.
Accounts will automatically get activated after payment.

We actually do not tell you to put nothing in the PayPal system for the IPN URL. Something has to be there or PayPal will not let you enable IPN. We actually tell you in you PayPal settings to turn on IPN and make up an IPN url because something has to go there. (I think we suggested making a blank asp page on you're site to send it to) It really doesn't matter where you send that but it might as well be a valid page on your site to avoid any 404 errors in your logs when a non ASPProtect payment comes in.

You see, we dont set that IPN url set in the PayPal system because each ASPProtect signup script directory (single payment and subcription) uses it own IPN url and that all gets set on the fly by the aspprotect system. There is a way to overide the defaul IPN url is what I am saying.

A  lot of people already have something there and we didn't want the ASPProtect system to interfere with things they already had going on.

That appears to have fixed it!!! Thanks alot for your patience, I will never question your brilliance (or customer service) again! Where do I write you a smashing review?


it has been 3 days since I logged myself in under Admin, and all the user information on the User Activiy screen seemed to be gone.

is there any specific length of period it refreshes its user information??



For pay signups you set the groups during signup it like this thread tells you to


only difference is you need to specify the groups info like so
(basically getting rid of the commas and just leaving behind the group numbers with a * around everything)

Also be sure to have no double asterisks

so, *1*,*2* would just be *1*2*

so, *1*,*2*,*5* would just be *1*2*5*


AUGUST 12th 2004


ASPBanner Unlimited Version 8.0

It is completely finished.


This new version has more features and is selling for $99.95

Unlimited Version 7.3 is now named "ASPBanner Standard"

Owner's of Unlimited Version 7.3 can get an upgrade to Unlimited Version 8 for the difference in price (based on current pricing)

It is available now for purchase at the following link .

http://www.aspbanner.com/purchase_unlimited_v8.1_classic_upg rade.asp

The new version can use your existing database so it is a fairly easy upgrade.

If you are not an existing ASPBanner Customer you can use the following link to purchase the application normally.


Notes on the new version:

ASPBanner Unlimited Version 8

Improved graphics and some new icons

New reports screen... 4 reports total   3 of which are new

New Iframe Banner Calling method with built in auto refresh feature so banners can rotate at a specified interval on their own

New Zone Order Informaion Page
Visually shows you what the current rotation looks like for a zone

Banners can now be stopped at a certain date and at an impression limit
Whichever is hit 1st.. before it was just one or the other

New "data" folder... this new directory is the only directory that needs permissions
this should make setting up the system and permissions a breeze.. all cjwsoft applications will
eventually use this same folder

New configuration text file... eliminates config table in the database and allows us to easily
add more config options in the future without changing the database.. means easier upgrades down the road
and faster loading of the configuration data

New application data connection wizard
makes setting up the data connection a no brainer

more overall emailing methods supported

Bamboo Mail
Simple Mail
QuickSoft EasyMail Objects

Persists ASPEMail now supports outgoing SMTP authentication.
Simple Mail now supports outgoing SMTP authentication.
It is becoming popular for ISP to use this.

Emailing code now uses functions so we can easily add more email component support down the road

Flash files (.swf) can now be previewed and used in new banner right from the upload page
before this could only be done with image files

Users page now has a notes popup feature
when you hold the mouse over the icon you see all info on a user without needing to edit that user

Edit banner page now shows the color of the banner status in the dropdown menu

New clone banner feature.. allows you to easily create similar banners

Banner application page has been optimized to be even more efficient

Javascript popup calendar date selectors

Ton of misc little things & Improvements...

Some Screenshots


Can you incorporate a secure log in within the scripting.  I would like the account information to be secure without having to have the whole site using running through a secure (https://) path.  If this is possible, the scripting is perfect!


all I can say is try other things...  like




etc etc etc

replacing yoursite with the name of your domain of course

the settings for sending email via ASP are no different then the settings you would use in outlook or something... except sometimes on the server level localhost works as the email server because they set it up to allow that

and of course those 3rd party emailing components need to actually be installed on the server


As an update to this thread I fixed the "upload_post.asp" page quite some time ago but forgot to post the updated file here.

So here it is.


, I would like to change this file name to the typical Login.aspx, how to do this? I have a VS 2003 but need instrutions if that's the route to go.,


No changes to any scripts - just a response.write added to Email_Password.asp to print out the SQL.

Sure - here's the address.



P.S.  E-mail address to look for is serena_5@hotmail.com



Can I change the number of the access levels?

I want to have about 20 levels...



I'll try to help when I get back tues night,, see the contact page for info on where I am
http://www.cjwsoft.com/contact/default.asp?Subject=CJWSoft+G eneral+Inquiry

, Ok, have contacted the web hosts. Thank you for your help so far



Thanks for the info.  We'll do as you suggest.




I wanted to see if you had any suggestions for converting from Access to SQL sever database. I attempted this earlier today performing the following steps.

1) Create SQL Tables using Enterprise Manager / SQL Scripts
2) Use DTS to move all of the existing table data to the sql tables.
3) Update dataconn_inc.asp to use SQL and the required connection string.

When these steps were complete I was able to login to ASPProtect as an admin and search / find both groups and users. However, any attempt to edit or create users resulted in a "the page ... had a problem ... " type problem. It seems that I can read from the db fine but and getting errors writing to the tables. The user id that is being used to connect to the db is the [dbo].

Any additional hints for this procedure?




What am i supposed to do now... i do have another member server that is not a domain controller-


However, i have like 5 websites running on this domain controller already. I have thought about this before how its a HUGE security risk but it will take too long to configure everything on the other computer :(


btw: who is this hosting company anyway ?

and did they give you access to a control panel that lets you manage your site ? sometimes that is where you manage those permissions if their interface supports it

lastly, are frontpage extensions installed in your web so it can be connected to via frontpage ?



I was able to get it all figured out.  Thanks a lot for your help, I really appreciate it.  I ended up copying the database with the password to the directory and used the user/password connection code and it works great.  I believe it was related to that but I cannot be sure.  Thanks again!

, its that server, it's way underpowered when it comes to running dynamic code and databases.. and that other app is probably stealing all the leftover odbc resources..... did you try doing the import on another machine running ASP? Thats the way to go.. I am afraid I won't be much help at the moment.. I am battling with a crashed system and a lot of lost data,

well, I was curious myself so I just tried it.

Good news is it worked just as I thought.

Only problem is your changing things to allow authentication info to be passed over the net in a url. If you can live with the security implications then it will work. I mean a sniffer could see that and end up knowing the username and password.. not likely but just putting that out there.

Of course now that I think about it unless you are running under SSL (https://) when you log in normally that info is in the post info anyway and possible to get at.. course not right out in the open like when you put it in the url and less likely to be noticed.

As long as your not doing it to access critical areas like the admin pages... and you monitor the log files once in a while it's probably nothing to worry about.



no.., not unless you come up with some clever way to handle it on your own
http://support.cjwsoft.com/code/code_info.asp?TID=369&KW =https
read 2nd to last post

The way ASPProtect ships it is designed to either be in http:// the whole time or https:// the whole time.... (there curently is no solution from me allowing going from one to the other)




I've tried almost anything here... I'm using an online SQL SERVER database with ASPProtect 7, and I can't login after my initial creation of the admin account.

It works fine with Access... I believe I have checked all the fields created by the sql statement (which was run with no errors),

What could be the problem here? could it be a problem that I run my local IIS against the online sql server?




i will probably end up doing this myself, but dropping all the log data in a sql table would be nice as it offers much more flexibility on how an admin can keep track and use the data. Browsing through each log file is very inconvenient. I can search for text in the files (server-side, others with a shared server would probably have to separately download all log files first), but with the current method I don't have the following important options:

  • cannot sort by any criteria
  • quickly see a list of all login attempts by a specific user (i need to search each log file individually for this info)

if you had an option during setup perhaps (or elsewhere) in a future version that allowed an admin to specify the preferred logging method (separate files or a table in sql) i'm sure many admins would find it very useful to have a database alternative of keeping track of users becuase it would offer the two benefits listed above, plus more.


The company that hosts our business web site has been impossible to deal with in assisting me in getting asp protect to work. Getting the rights set correctly took 6 days and then getting parent paths enabled has been impossible. There last response was simply this:

The includes were changed so that if your server does not support "parent paths"
' and the "../" that you could easily change a few files like this and make the
' includes virtual includes instead of file includes. We didnt make them virtual
' includes by default because depending on where in your site you put the application
' the virtual include path would be different. They are also much different on a local
' development server than they would be on your real server
' Here are some examples of what you might change these includes to
' If you put the aspprotect folder in the root of your domain at your server
' example: www.mydomain.com/aspprotect
' then you would probably use
' #INCLUDE VIRTUAL="/aspprotect/dataconn_inc.asp"
' #INCLUDE VIRTUAL="/aspprotect/config_inc.asp"
' #INCLUDE VIRTUAL="/aspprotect/scripts/emailing_subs_inc.asp"
' Or if you didnt use the aspprotect folder and just put the contents of it in the root
' of your domain
' then you would probably use
' #INCLUDE VIRTUAL="/dataconn_inc.asp"
' #INCLUDE VIRTUAL="/config_inc.asp"
' #INCLUDE VIRTUAL="/scripts/emailing_subs_inc.asp"
' It really all depends on what works for your situation
' If you want more information on server side includes read this article at PowerASP
' http://www.powerasp.com/content/code-snippets/includes.asp

I am assuming that they will not enable parent paths and I need to modify some code. I do not know asp. WHere do I modify the code for a server that will not enable parent paths?



, Humm, its hard to explain but I am not sure that is a good way to be testing that. I hear what you are saying but I am not sure that really means anything. Whatever is going on its some sort of client side issue with the browser and the meta refreshing over a very long period of time during which there really is no user doing anything at the site. ,

as far as permissions are concerned I wrote two large articles about permissions that cover everything in detail on how to properly set them


see the windows 2003 and windows xp permission threads

From things you are saying I assume this is your server. My comments about the path looking funny are because very few commercial hosts would use the "c:\inetpub\wwwroot\" directory. If you are using that and that is correct info then that is fine.

as for knowing whether or not the filesystem object is working the best thing to do is to try to write  a text file somewhere in your web and see if it works. Testing something under the most basic scenario is the key to troubleshooting asp issues.



I'am in the process of modifing registration and tieing in paypal. When I get live I will send you a link. Thanks for help.



That bit about zones makes perfect sense and seems surpassingly simple for me to integrate due to our categories and page contents being based on the same if/then functionality.

Regarding the user, I guess you mean that I could simply recreate a limited admin interface for users based on the interface you have included for me, is that correct? I realize how subjective the question is, but do you think that this would be a bad idea?

I'm leaning toward your software here. I have a budget that could easily cover a variety of programs, but the UI for advertisers at banmanpro, for example, seems far too complicated for my users. Also, banmanpro doesn't have supporting compatible softare I am interested in, such as your classifieds software.

I guess I am trying to buy a good shell from which I can do my own customization and coding, and into which I can integrate future additions such as your classified ads. Does this seem like the right place to be?

Thanks much for your time!


and the permissions, how exactly were they set ?
I find a lot of customers think they are setting permissions correctly when they really are not. That's why I wrote that long article on the subject.

As you probably know a data connection is a very low level thing. It is the foundation of any ASP application that communicates with a database. Unfortunatly it sometimes takes a while to get the hang of setting them up without issue.

Everything must be perfect.. the ODBC drivers must be up to date, folder permission are critical, sometimes you must use a new version of the access database.. etc etc etc  The errors and things that happen when all these things are not perfect and not helpful as you have found out.

I would suggest you download and get ASPTest from CJWSoft running before you go any further. It is designed to be as simple as possible and helps get a hang of the database setup process.

, This user has notified me that the issue has been resolved based on what I told him.,

Timecard Entry: 3/25/2006 4:36:28 PM

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