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Blog Entry: 3/25/2006 4:26:02 PM

No can do.  In both cases there is an icon that says "Not uploaded".  I click in it and nothing happens.  There is no link to upload.  Am I missing something?

By the way, I appreciate and am impressed with your rapid response. Thanks.





My guess your having trouble setting up a system dsn because the database has a password set on it. Your hosting company most likely sets up DSNs without using the advanced tab which is where the authentication information goes. Or they have some sort of web interface for the customers to use that doesnít allow setting up that information.System DSNís are actually difficult to set up correctly when the database has a password on it. There is of course a password on the database for security reasons so if someone ever downloads it somehow they will not get your information.

System DSNís are not the way to go regardless as you will see mentioned at our support site.

http://support.cjwsoft.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=9&P N=1


You really should try setting up a DSN-less connection. It is the best way to go. They are easier to set up, perform better, and are less load on the server. Any host that wants it customers to use system dsnís is not on the ball as far as server performance and server resource conservation goes. They are really asking for trouble down the road.

All you need to do to make dsn-less connection is the following.

Get permissions set for the folder the database is in (by your host)Ö then figure out the physical path on the server to the database by using server.mappath or you simply ask your host for the info.

An article I wrote on using server.mappath


Then your connection string will look something like this.. (of course you edit the path to match what server.mappath tells you. And you make sure the database name is correct)

ListingsConnectionString = "DBQ=C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\asplistings\_database\asplistings_ac cess2000.mdb;Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};UID=Admin;Password=temp"

Another option would be to simply remove the password from the database using MSACCESS.. then try to connect to it using a System DSN without the password. If your host is storing the databases outside of your web in the root of the server then removing the password on the database is not that bad of a thing to do as there is no way anyone will be able to dload it from your site. Of course there is a still a performace loss when using a system dsn with an Access Database


If you still cant see the upload buttons after checking the settings send me a PM with the info and I will take a look at your installation. It will have to be up on a live server of course.

, say ?

How do you like LiveSTATS.xsp V7 ?

Looks pretty sweet but the pricing is just too much for me to justify as I am very happy with smarterstats and I host a lot of sites now.

I used to use Livestats 5  back in the day when we had a 50 domain license where I worked and hosted my sites.  I liked it a lot then I tried the version 6.2 that they had for a while and hated it. Version 5 still runs well on 2003 server but it has such outdated search engine information that it isnt worth using. cwilliams38324.8862847222,

If you need to know how to enable them on your test server.

http://support.cjwsoft.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=5&P N=1



Hello Chris,

I have switched to Alentus and have the permissions set correctly and Parent paths turned on.  I cannot figure out how to connect to the database.  Should I have the database in the aspprotect/data/database folder, or in the data folder that Alentus has in my root directory?  once that is determined, how do I decide what the path to that database is?  I have tried many things, but this is what the setup page tells me to enter in the data_conn file DBQ=D:\Websites\www.mysite.com\aspprotect\data\database\ASPP rotect_access2002.mdb;Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};UID=Admin;Password=temp

Thank You

, Is there somthing I need to change in the settings to get the hit count to update?, If you have messed up the admin account or forgotten the admin password you generally should open up the database manually and add a new account or see what the old account is.

In version 7 however you have another option. Go through the installation instructions again. Specifically the part where you use the "get_me_in.asp" page to get back into the admin area by pasting in the password encrpytion keye you are using from your config file. , I dont what it is..u got to just keep trying stuff like connecting to different versions of the database and maybe even the version with no password set on it.. maybe do some iisresets in between if it is your server.. maybe try putting the database in a different folder

Usually people have zero trouble setting up this particular app because everything is so time tested and rock solid...

its just got to be something related to the actual data connection.. low level stuff ,

It almost seems like allow images is denied.  When I look at the ad it doesn't even show a place where the thumbnail or image would go:

Columns now are Ad Name/ Price / Expires / Hits

There used to be one before Ad Name.

Even unchecked (saved) and checked
Use_Picture_Upload < = value=True name=Use_Picture_Upload> Check this if you will be using the picture uploading feature.




Yeah sorry you are right. It works for me

http://www.rottys.net/gallery/default.asp?CatLevel=2&Cat 1_ID=5


, This is the error that I am getting when I try to add a banner...

[code]Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error '80040e09'

EXECUTE permission denied on object 'sp_ASPBanner_GetZones', database
'aspbanner', owner 'dbo'.

/aspbanner/appinfo_inc.asp, line 67[/code]

also, when i go to the banners tab i see this in the banner list...

[code](3 Banners Found)

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error '80040e14'

Line 1: Incorrect syntax near '='.

/aspbanner/banners.asp, line 306[/code]

Help., well, thats a network drive path and in my opinion a very poor way for them to have set things up. It can work as long as permissions get set there and they have the anonymous webserver accounts set up correctly to handle that scenario, but performance isn't the best because your accessing the access database over the network. Access databases are not just not meant to be connected to over the network in a web based scenario. Quality ASP hosting companies do not set up their servers that way and it can often be difficult to get things running as it is a more complex setup on their end. Meaning if they dont synchronize the IUSR_machine accounts correctly you'll have permission issues.

http://www.aspfaq.com/show.asp?id=2168 , I down loaded your latest ASPProtect.NET_v1.4 and now when i try to get in the admin area it won't let me in. The admin box is selected in the database under the admin user and i can update my user information (password and Address, not username). Is there something that was changed on this version or is it more likely user error on my part? What do you think i should try first?,

It should be released sometime late May 2004 or early June 2004 but no gurantees as I am pretty busy right now with some projects.

There will be upgrade instructions and it should be a fairly easy upgrade.

, Please forgive my question in advance, I'm sure I've overlooked the answer somewhere obvious. I'm sorry!

I'm wondering if it is possible to customize the appearance of the banner stats login page or the admin pages.  I'd really like the banner stats pages to look more like my own site or at least have my logo on there or something like that so that my advertisers can see that it is my site when checking their stats.  However, I want to do this without violating copyright, etc.

Can someone point me in the right direction or shut down my hope?



I just told you a lot of different things to try... and I doubt you have tried them in the time since I mentioned them


User Registration

The "users" folder allows users to sign themselves up and edit there accounts as well as retrieve lost passwords..

In the settings tab of the ASPProtect admin area there are options for which fields are used and which are mandatory when a user signs up. The only validation the system performs by default is checking for mandatory status. If you want to add more validation so reduce the chances of input errors that is up to you.

You can add additional server side validation by doing server side checks on the save pages... you can also make the field sizes larger in the database if you think you need to. You'll need to be good with ASP to do this.

Always backup your files before making changes to them so that you can revert back to a working copy if you mess something up.


I just finished implementing the V7 product on our site and someone made mention that on the profile form where you are asked all your personal and user information there are 2 fields for passwords.  The first field uses masking to hide the password as you type it, where the second shows it in clear text.

Now we know that the only people able to see the password are the user and the administrator, but it is playing mind games with my users as they think there is a problem with the application.  I am not a programmer (however, learning ASP slowly now!) and am not sure if you did this on purpose or if it is a bug?

If it was done on purpose, can you advise how I can make the confirm password field masked as well to eliminate the unfounded questions!



This article from my old powerasp.com site explains what Server.MapPath is and also why you can't use it to specify the data connection in any of the CJWSoft applications.

Use ASP to determine the Physical Path Of Your Virtual Website

As this article mentions you can still use it to determine the path, but you can't use it in our data connection strings because the data connection page is an include file and server.mappath will report back different paths for the different directories....... meaning it will work in one directory level but not another as the path will be different.



One last thing..

This is bad


there are .asp files in there people can run that you dont want people running..

u should delete the asp files in there or turn off directory listing...

take care,



When a new user adds themselves to the db thru the registration page, no user id is assigned in the User_id field.  I can't access the page on-line due to an user_id related error on the page.  I must use access itself and add the user id.  After that, everything works as expected.

What have I done?

, and when I go to your now.. its very fast again..,

Let me put it this way.

My home page (default.asp) is an unprotected page.

When a user that has signed in on another (protected pages) and has the remember me checkbox checked closes the browser cookies should be set for the next time they return.

When the user opens their browser and returns  to my home page (default.asp), I'd like to put a message saying:
Welcome back <%Session ("Username")%>

How is this done?


Turn off "Show Friendly HTTP error messages"
If you are getting errors with your ASP application go to Internet Explorer and make sure this setting is unchecked. Having this checked can cause a generic error to be displayed in you web browser when ASP code encounters an error. This generic error message doesn't really help you fix the problem. Having this setting unchecked will usually result in a more detailed error message and the line number the error is occurring at, thus giving you a good clue as to where the problem is within the ASP code. If detailed ASP error messages have been disabled at the server level this setting will make no difference.


Okay Chris, I wold like to get rid of the encryption then if it's not too much trouble.

I have no option of running the production server against an ms access db, since the db needs to be online and accessible from another system.


I hear ya.. problem is it just does not fit into the banner rotation logic.

I know it sounds like a simple thing, but it is not because ASPBanner does it's rotation logic in a totolly unique way that no other system I know of does. It basically does everything in memory.

I just don't see anyway to do add what you are asking about without totolly re-writing how it works. The system would have to rely totally on complex (SQL queries / stored procedures) to do the banner rotation like every other poorly performing system out there.

It's really hard to explain, but I just no way I see to add it to the high performance application variable banner logic.  If I changed the system to not use those application variables there would be a tremendous performance loss because the database would be doing about 90% more work than it currently does.

As I have said before sacrificing performance is just not something I am willing to do.

I built ASPBanner for performance and speed and that has always been it's main intention.

I leave the bloated features to the competition. If I lose sales because of it that is just unfortunate. I want the best performing system. The system I can be proud of. The system that can handle millions of impressions per day under a MSSQL or MYSQL installation and not even flinch. That is what ASPBanner is all about.

The other thing is pricing. The price is kept low partically because the feature set is low.

Maybe someday there will be a version with more features and less performace. I really do not know. Right now it's just not something I plan on doing.

, Bingo! that did it.  Somehow the data must have gotten corrupted. 

Hopefully that will do for me. Seems like everything is humming along and looks great!

Thanks again,

, My guess it they are runnign some sort of ad blocking software like norton ad blocking. Something on the client side blocking ads or anything with the word ad in it.

I would investigate that., I just remembered the current skin is stored in a text file in the pictures folder. If it did not have permissions for writing it could give you trouble.  That could of had something to do with it.cwilliams38295.3821064815, There are problems with your sql server database then. It was not set up correctly.

The 1st problem relates to having "used stored procedures" checked in the settings page.. but not actually giving those stored procedure execute permissions which they need to run. That is something that must be done on the SQL enterprise manager side of things either by you if you are allowed or your hosting company.

If you can not get the execute permissions set on the stored procedures for the sql database user you are using then turn off that option in the settings page and try things without it.

The 2nd error I am not sure of at this point so correct the 1st issue and we will go from there.  It could be another sql database issue (not created correctly) or it could be an asp code issue of some sort though I doubt that or other people would have had problems on that page as well. I also just tested it out and looked the code over and I did not have any issues here. ,
Actually, I think I just found my answer...
I will take out the StrToFix = Replace(StrToFix," ","&nbsp;") bit of code and see what happens...
- Jason
Jawa38406.4721412037, I dont get it.. I am still looking into it..

I think this has something to do with your original experience when things would work and then not work.

something weird is going on

I have been able to successfully edit some text colors, but there seems to be one page that wont change the text color. Inside the users/ folder, the login.asp page, i cant seem to change the text color from ffffff to 000000 so it can be read on my background color. Every page in the script is correct but this one.



the reason being is because when I do installs I do not touch any of your existing content. I only install the base application and make sure everything in it working correctly and also that the example protected pages are working. I do not integrate it with your existing site or edit any of your existing web content. That is up to you

sorry about that, but it would be way too time consuming and editing people's existing pages is a good way to cause a lot of headaches for me and the customer if something goes wrong. Not only that but everyone uses the system differently and it wouldnt make sense for me to be the one doing that based on access levels, groups.. etc etc  which will all be custom to how you want things set up.

more on installation policies here.


I downloaded v7 3/7/2005


I entered a password that was supposed to be all caps with only first letter caps. 


it is odd, if I go to other user and enter wrong password that does not come up.  it apprpriately goes to a screen that says Access Denied.



Please forgive any ignorance on my part.

Using the live demo, it seems that with the banner software my advertisers would only have access to reports, but no ability to upload banners, specify keyword triggers or zones, what have you. Is this correct?

The other thing I couldn't quite figure out, assuming I had a categorized directory on my site, is this system configurable to display different banners based on category? Perhaps through keyword triggers?

Thank you in advance for any assistance.


Hi - When I try the mass email feature, I get an error that says:

ODBC Microsoft access driver) too few parameters expected 1

/aspprotect/password/admin/send_mass_email.asp line 280

Oddly...this feature works fine when I use the original admin user that you setup. 

But I setup another one with my username and password (not test) - because I was afraid anything with "test" could get deleted. 

Any ideas on why the new admin userid would not work?  Note: I have not change any code from the original installation.




I did some layout customizing on the register page on my site. ( http://www.lonestaricon.com/aspprotect/paypal_sub_signup/reg ister.asp)

Now when I tried to register, it seems like it goes to the next page, but it is blank.
( http://www.lonestaricon.com/aspprotect/paypal_sub_signup/add _new_account.asp)

If I log in under administration, it shows that I have registered. I can't seem to figure out what part of the code is wrong, so that the new account page will not load.

I'd would greatly appreciate any help with this.




yea.. it sounds like aspimage is not working right.

You wont get any errors..

I would suggest using some of aspimage's sample asp pages in your web and see if they do their thing. You need to be sure aspimage is working correctly under the ,ost simple of circumstances

Though ASPImage is the standard in ASP image resizing and has been around forever and it works very well. Their support is almost non-existant.. in 6 years they have never answered any email I have sent them. I have sent them 6 or so over the years and then just stopped trying. I bought a server bundle too way back then for like 300.00 or so when we had a company called gisco. You would think they could answer my emails. I think that guy just made a ton of asp components back in the day and then just took a seriously long vacation. Updated them a few times in between when he felt like it and making good money the whole time.. More power too him I guess. I'd love to be in his shoes when he sells an enterprise license for 3000.00. Maybe he isn't even around anymore and the someone he knows just kept the sales going. Who knows..

Anyway... it does a great job when ya get it working.

Personally this is how I install it and it works every time.
I like to put their dll in the system32 folder.
Register it.
Run their licensing prog to make it a full version if you paid for it yet.
Right click on the dll and give the "everyone" account modify permissions
Right click on the "windows/temp" folder and give it the same permissions


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