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Blog Entry: 3/25/2006 2:56:58 PM

no, that system only works with ASP.NET code.

Currently it can not possibly work with classic asp.
PayPal made it a nightmare to use and work with.

Special things regarding the signing of digital certificates also need to be installed on the web server so if it isn't your server your also out of luck.


I am a little confused here.  I am in the process of understand how this all works, mainly the email portions as I am running this through a home server (Windows XP).  I have tried test emails, but they are not going threw.  I ran the server_info.asp and it is telling me that I do have CDONTS installed, version 2.8.  Then I tried running, the test_mailer_component.asp.  This page is telling me it is not installed.  This process lead me to start looking at my components for my IIS.  Everything appears to be there. 

Any ideas, where I should go next.  It appears the CDONTS code is in every page that it needs to be in, and it appears that I have it installed, but there is a disconnect between the two..



It's probably something I could do for you as a custom project if you are interesting in paying to have that work done, but it is probably not something that will be added to this version of aspbanner as it is in my opinion a feature more suited for a more expensive software package.

It is also difficult to get ASP code to do things on it's own. Scheduling something to run on the server or some other clever scenario is necessary and that usually means it would be unique to each persons setup.




Chris, that fixed it.  Found 2-references to guestbook2 in the file show_messages_inc.asp located in the \guestbook\ directory.

Suggestion for future release.  Create an option to email the admin when a message is posted.  If this code already exists please advise.

Thanks, Lance

, Even if I try to upload the test file that was included with the system I still get the same error.

My host is using Windows 2003 Server.

Will send you a private email to see if the issues can be sorted out.


Now that I really think about it.. instead of logging that info to a text file and worrying about folder permissions you could probably just save the post info into an application variable during the paypal ipn.asp post like so

For Each Item In Request.Form
formdata = formdata & vbCrLf & Item & "=" & Request.Form(Item) & vbCrLf

Application("PayPalPost") = formdata & " - " & NOW

then anytime you wanted to see if that info was there or when it happened you could make a simple asp page in your site to display the results like so

Response.Write "(" & Application("PayPalPost") & ")"

cwilliams38421.6747453704, The PayPal feature that is in ASPClassifieds has always been labeled as experimental and has never been supported as the documentation says. About a year ago I stopped even mentioning the feature on the product pages or in the live demo because I didn't like how it worked and I decided I would just market the application as a free based classifieds. Itís just not something I can support or talk about. To work really well it really needs to be coded to use PayPal IPN and a credit system. Where ads and various extra features cost so many credits and people have to buy credits before they can post any ads.

Thatís about all I can tell you. It's just not something I support.


Did you see this thread. It shows how to set up the project in Visual Studio in detail.




I am using VS 2005, when i go to new project in visual basic folder asp.net web application is not there..

Can i add it somehow?


This is what it says in that thread I pointed you to

This zip file contains 3 sets of alternate files depending on your situation. You simply replace your existing aspprotect v7.x files with these new ones.

I really dont see what is confusing about it. I think I explained it all in detail in that thread.

, Can I have the logon be in a top frame while having the protected pages displayed in a main frame?

Also, how will it behave if a user moves in between a protected page to a public page and back to the protected page again?

check permissions for the user you are connecting to the SQL database.

That user may not have permission to make new data

Also,  check all field and table settings manually by comparing them to the SQL creation script we provide. You may very well be missing auto increment and primary keys which would make adding new data not work.

It is most likely one of those two things.


you actually dont touch any of those
UploadDirectory = CmdGetConfiguration("UploadDirectory")
They get set from the config table in the database which gets edited in the admin area.


I am talking about the settings area in the admin area of the applicaton.
Every setting there is descibed in detail. You get there and change serttings there via the web browser and by logging in as the admin.

Log in to the online demo as admin and check out the settings area if you are confused.


Need to clarify something..

Your talking about the page where a new user registers right ?
Your not talking about adding a new user from the admin area ?

Either way under no circumstances do I see anything like you are saying happening nor has any other ASPProtect user ever mentioned this probem.

I am going to need to see your site and see this happening. It just makes no sense the way you are describing it.

Also. did you edit the registration page code in any way. If so please revert back to an original copy to ensure this is not some sort of problem introduced by editing the code.


If things are not perfect there will be no log files and no errors.. it can only be one of these things really

You may also want to make your the filesystem on the server is working and not disabled by norton script blocking or anything random like that. Testing the filesystem object is best done by writing a simple text file to a folder. Plenty of examples of doing that can be found at www.aspin.com

Recent activity is temporary and admin activity in the admin area is not tracked. If your application in IIS has reset or there has been no activity in the users area or in pages you protected there will be nothing there. The busier your site the more chance something will be there. For example usually our online demo has something there except right after 4am when my server does an iisreset.



ASPBanner.NET was discontinued about 14 months ago. It is no longer supported in any way because quite frankly the classic ASP version is faster, more stable, has more features, and is a lot easier to install and get running.

If you PM me via the forum you are welcome to a copy of the current ASP Unlimited Version. It can serve banners to any type of page extension. All you have to do is ask for a copy.

Whether or not your existing ASPBanner.NET database is exactly the same structure I do not know, but I believe it is. You should compare the two if you plan to keep using the old database and make any neccessary changes so the old database has the exact same structure as the new version. If there are any differences they are very few.

, nice idea. id be interested to see your modifications for ideas,

I am using v7 with other software written in ASP.NET. When I include the the "checkfor" and include file, I'm receiving a compliation error.

Here is the include I have on the .aspx file:
<% CHECKFOR = "4" %>
<!--#INCLUDE FILE="../../ASPProtect/check_user_inc.asp"-->

Here is the error:

Compilation Error
Description: An error occurred during the compilation of a resource required to service this request. Please review the following specific error details and modify your source code appropriately.

Compiler Error Message: BC30689: Statement cannot appear outside of a method body.

Source Error:
 Line 15: <%
Line 16: ' This is part of the too many login attempts lockdown code which sets a cookie to block login attempts for a certain amount of time
Line 17: If LoginLockDown Then
Line 18: If Request.Cookies("PASSWORDSYSTEMCOOKIETRIAL")("LoginTries") <> "" Then
Line 19: If Cint(Request.Cookies("PASSWORDSYSTEMCOOKIETRIAL")("L oginTries")) = Cint(LoginLockDownAttempts) Then

Source File:
D:\Sites\resadmin\NetOptions\testsite.com\www\ASPProtect\che ck_user_inc.asp Line: 17



This has not been officially released yet, but it is ready.
Here is the overview...

And the Code for the IPN Subscription Pack is 30.00.

A few people are using it and say it works very well.

Like the IPN Single Purchase System it is a separate directory you copy into the web site. One change must be made to your database so itís pretty easy to get working. 

Though I am not guaranteeing this you should be able to accept Single IPN payments and IPN Subscriptions at the same time without the two bothering each other. I havenít tested it but one customer is doing it and said it is working fine. It just involves manually specifying the IPN URL for one of the systems so it overrides the default IPN URL on your paypal settings. (As each system needs its own IPN URL) Its easy to doÖ just a form field you would add to the subscription form. I already looked it up. See below. 

Specifying Your Notification URL

If you only need to receive your IPNs at a single URL, you can enter that URL in the Preferences section of your Profile. If you would like to receive payment notifications for different payments at different URLs (i.e. if you need to separate payments made to different websites you run), you can manually pass the IPN URL with each payment by including it in that paymentís HTML code. Use the notify_url field to pass this information. The notify_url for a specific payment will be saved, and any subsequent updates to that payment (e.g. cleared eCheck) will be sent to that notify_url. When you pass a notify_url in your HTML code, it will override any preferences you set in your Profile. 

Anyway.. the Code for the IPN Subscription Pack is 30.00.



I checked through the code and could not find anything as well. 

However, I do think it may be related somehow to the code as I get the messages popping up in the error log only after I have edited a banner.

If there is nothing obvious, I may just set my error log to filter and automatically delete this type of error.  Not something I prefer to do.

Thanks for the quick response.

Otherwise the program is working very well and I'm happy with it.



You can also try setting asphttp's user agent property to some browser version like in this example. It might stop that info from showing up when it fetches a page from the server.

Dim BanObj1Http
Set BanObj1Http = Server.CreateObject("AspHTTP.Conn")
BanObj1Http.UserAgent = "Mozilla Compatible (MS IE 3.01 WinNT)"
BanObj1Http.Url = " http://banserver.powerasp.com/aspbanner/aspbanner_inc.asp?Ba nnerZone=1"
Response.Write BanObj1Http.GetURL
set BanObj1Http = nothing

Also... I dont know if these values below will work but I got them from looking at my nt logs.

Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1)

Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.0)

And here is more info on the asphttp component and it's settings.

cwilliams38248.6481365741, Ahhh, I see it, thanks that was the ticket.


Most likely it is no longer supported on the web server. The web host probably moved you site to a windows 2003 server which does not support cdonts or they stopped running the IIS SMTP server.

You usualy wont get an error..

it is also possible that cdonts is boned up as it is pretty flaky and that tends to happen. For example sometimes the emails it is suppost to send get caught up in the smtp pickup directory and never get sent out until the server is rebooted.

You should really ask the hosting company why cdonts has stopped working. It definetly has nothing to do with the code if it has been working all that time.  If CDONTS still is supportd tell them you emails are in limbo. Ask them to look and see if a bunch of ".eml" files are stuck in the stmp pickup directly and if so to please reboot the server.

cdonts has been deprecated and now everyone uses cdosys.
see my article


One is for paypal subscriptions (recurring billing) and the other is for single payments

http://support.cjwsoft.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=185& ; ; ;PN=1

http://support.cjwsoft.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=186& ; ; ;PN=1

You can delete any of the 3rd party payment directories you are not using including the the 2checkout one... (all those folders really are is a copy of the users folder specially modified to handle a certain payment processor)

Just Don't delete the "users" folder though as there are things you do there that you can not do anywhere else..  quite a few things..  editing existing account info, looking up passwords... etc etc


cwilliams38446.6055555556, Well, I had no more trouble after I read the instructions.

The PayPal integration is really neat stuff! WOW!  And the email users function got up and running in a snap... this is an awesome package!

The coolest thing with the user registration is that the account username and password are selected by the user. That is very very nice. Much less typing for me to do.

Hi Chris,

The password is HANNAH.  If you're into trouble shooting mode and would like the key, I can send it to you.  If not, no big deal, I've email the guy a new password.  We'll see how many rounds it takes him to get it right. 


, Okay, got it!!  just in case anyone else is having the same problem, after creating the new thumbnails using the "generate_new_thumbnails.asp".  Turn off the random photo selection for a 10 minutes or so, and then turn it back on.  


I need to be able to add about 9 checkboxes to the register.asp. would I be able to use one of the custom fields?

The other thing is once I add the checkboxes the value must be written to the DB and later read when displaying the person's Album.

Any idea on how I can do this.




Flash Code Generator

Until I have time to make one I suggest using the one on the banmanpro support site as it is pretty nice.




I have seen that happen before though it usually just happens once and then after that it doesn;t show up. It's the asphttp component doing it. The ASPBanner system is not doing it. I would try using banner calling method such as the xml parser method. It's usually installed by default on 200 and 2003 servers.

Thanks for the quick reply.
I will consider editing the code.


1.) this has been explored and because of the way groups works is not feasable. Because us this I wrote code to allow you to view and sort all users for any group on the actual groups page. You pick a groups and then click the "Show Users" button

2.) noted


I think you may be using old code where that was an issue... I am going to PM you the latest version..

to be safe upgrade all the ASP files except the dataconn_inc.asp files and your config_inc.asp files

"be real careful not to lose your current encryption keys in the "config_inc.asp" file or you will be in real trouble

You can use your existing database


, Personally, I think that is something you should work into your existing site code or something you should handle on your own.

It's basic site maintenance issues.. and something every webmaster must deal with on an individual basis. If you are going to upload a new version of some large file of course you should go disable wherever people are dloading it from and then wait/re upload/turn things back on.. etc etc

It is not going to be a feature of ASPProtect and I don't see why it should be. If you want to have some sort of global site is temporaily down thing you should have a common server side include on all your pages right after the password protection include file. In that include file you could easily stop site access with a response.end and also show a message.

Or you should disable a file download page manually on a file to file basis.

Really, big busy sites that have their sh*t together use versions of files for a reason. Every new upload is a slightly new version revision and has a slightly different file name They do this partially to eliminate the problem your talking about and also because that is the way it should be done. Nothing gets uploaded over itself ever. Even if there is a mistake in a file they upload a new revision and document it in the revision/changes file. And of course they dont show users a link to a new file revisions until it is uploaded.
, Has this been resolved ?,

ok, I moved this thread..

The code in the ASP application handles all encryption and un-encrpytion of passwords in the database. I uses the vbscript RC4 function and the password encryption key specific to your installation to do this.

The whole idea is that if someone gets your database and opens it up that they will not get the passwords (utilitiies to crack access databases are common and work well so they can easily get by the main password)

That being said when you open the database manually your not supposed to see clear text passwords. Your also not supposed to have an easy way to make them clear text. It's a security thing. 

Though I am not officially supporting it I will tell you what I think would be the easisest way to make an export file with clear text passwords in it.

Use the export fire creator in the admin area of aspprotect.
Mosdify "export.asp"


Password = CmdDataExport("Password")


Password = RC4(CmdDataExport("Password"), PasswordEncryptionKey)

Then make an export file and see if that worked.
you can then import the export file into and access database or do whatever you like with it.


Both the NET and Classic ASP versions of this application are designed for fine granularity protection of individual apsx extension files. ASPProtect.NET is not designed or intended to protect sub directories, or non aspx content such as Adobe Acrobat .pdf files etc etc.

I completely disagree with your statement that ďmost sitesĒ have a login box on the left hand side of the page. I suspect you thinking of the ever popular php based forums and ďNukeĒ type CMS systems which are set up that way but if you look at any site written entirely using .NET thatís rarely if ever the case. (Granted I cant say for sure because I personally havenít looked at >50% of the estimated 18 billion +  web pages on the internet) Just off the top of my head www.CafePress.com come to mind as a pure .NET site. If you take a look the login button it takes you to its own login page there is not global login form used throughout the site. Reason being that .NET introduced this thing called a ďview stateĒ which is used to store things like your session ID (and way more) and must be posted back to the server in order to keep track of visitors. This technology comes in especially handy when you have a web farm in place and your content is being spit out out by more than one server at the same time

I can think of loads of scenarios where the web servers need to know who you are even though you are never directly contacting them via http. This approach is a very smooth and actually very clever solution for enterprise level websites that simply canít be handled with a single web server.

 On a practical level I know what you are saying but that application sets up all sorts of things when a protected page is accessed and the user is not yet authenticated. Thatís the entire reason you need to put that snippet of code at the top of a page you want to protect. That code snippet calls the ASPProtect.NET class and runs through all the logic to see if you are able to access the page. If you are the subroutine exits and the server continues to process the remaining logic on the page. AKA you are able to access its content. If you are NOT authenticated ASPProtect will setup all the proper session and viewstate info and redirect you to the login page for authentication. You may have also noticed a parameter on the login page called ReturnURL. The application looks for that info and if you do have a user ID and password the application automatically redirects you to the page you were trying to access in the first place.

Really I have no idea what you are trying to do, but there is a world of difference in how something looks verses how it works. Lets just say there was a simple way to do what your thinking, what are you going to do with that login form after the person logs in? Just keep displaying it on the entire site so people get confused and donít know if they are logged in or not? Just that little part of the equation will require making some changes to either ASPProtect.NET or your application will have to have some logic built into it to stop displaying the login forum.

It sounds to me like your basically looking for a super simple 101 type deal that allows people to sign up for an event and you the admin can see that information? Iím guessing they can also log in again and check out their details and see what event they signed up for?

If thatís the case youíre trying to take a very sophisticated protection application and downgrade it into something that would be one heck of a lot easier to write all from scratch in about an hour.

Your not going to be able to ďplug and playĒ a simple form into a page and turn that application as a magic universal login solution for a website, while its 100% possible to use the application that way if you choose, you need to check out the source code and plan your custom integration accordingly.

, Hi, lets start with about when did you purchase and download the application so I know what version of the code you have.,

Hi all

I logged in myself to my website, and I tried to log in to another with same username and password. But I was able to log in again.

It was supposed to block me from logging in, but it let me to log in.

there has got to be some configurations I must have missed.

Could you instruct me on this Concurrrent login so mine works as well...




Humm, Did you change something in a bad way? Thats my guess.

I need more information on what is going on because by default it does not do that ?

The only possible way I can think of that could cause that is if you changed things around too much and the config_inc.asp file is getting run/included twice on that page your logging in to.

Also, when you sign in "where" ? What page ?



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