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Blog Entry: 3/25/2006 1:42:34 PM

Not to be pushy, but how's the new version progressing?

I'm hoping these features will be in it:

  • possibly add the ability to move pictures around in an album. and maybe between albums, I must also remember to move the ratings and desc as well for that image.
  • possibly add a feature to store 3 versions of images uploaded
    thumbnail, medium res, and high res/original
  • add option to store the images orginal name in the images description area during upload
    may be helpful to people that name their images in a somewhat descriptive way

  • add support for the ibulc bulk upload client that I recently discovered

If you could use a beta tester, I'm still just setting up my site and would be willing to run a beta.




Ok, I started the database tables from scratch. I did everything using sql enterprise manager and query analizer..

Same thing happens... certain passwords just do not work.

So I did a lot of testing and I have come to the conclusion that this has something to do with the regional settings of that SQL server.

Here is an example.. see the screenshot below.

Username "admin" password "petepetepete"

The top query done in Enterprise Manager is valid and shows the user.

The bottom query is also valid but it does not show the user.

And that is exactly what is happening from the ASP codes point of view.

Now, this means that even though that encrypted password is getting saved to the databse correctly this particular SQL server just cant deal with it from a QUERY.

It works fine on two different SQL servers that I have. It's just got to be something regional related like unicode characters not being dealt with correctly or something odd like that.

I tried changing the collation data for the "Password" field type on that SQL server and it looks right. I don't know what else to do but it is something about that SQL server. There may be a way to change the regional setting through the connection string but I cant find any articles on that right now.

One solution I have for you to get this working there is to eliminate the encryption factor then I dont think you will have these issues.

It's either that or find another SQL server with US type settings or use MSAccess. ASPProtect runs nearly as fast on Access as long as you do not have over 10,000 users or whatever. The system hardly ever accesses the database so it performance under MSAccess is always good.

Let me know what you want to do. I can shows you how to eliminate the encrypytion factor if you want to try that. I think if I make you a custom version of the RC4 function you can just replace that and then the system will use plain passwords.

Your call..


you actually dont touch any of those
UploadDirectory = CmdGetConfiguration("UploadDirectory")
They get set from the config table in the database which gets edited in the admin area.


I am talking about the settings area in the admin area of the applicaton.
Every setting there is descibed in detail. You get there and change serttings there via the web browser and by logging in as the admin.

Log in to the online demo as admin and check out the settings area if you are confused.


this could go on forever...

if you want PM "private message" me info to log into your site.. show me the pages we are dealing with...

and I will take a look at it all...


, does emailing work at the simplest level.. ??

meaning does a user get an email when you send an email from the admin users screen ?

if emails are not sending it could very well be the setting you have chosen for emails in the settings.

the best thing to do is keep trying to send an email there and try different emails settings until you get something that works... even when I do installs for people I often have to try a lot of various things before I get emails to send.. like picking different components and trying different things for the email server address because what they tell me is often wrong

also, sometimes emails get sent but depending on where they go they may get deleted as spam.. aol, hotmail, msn, and yahoo are famous for that ,

Ok, I was not aware of this domain controller issue as I have never had a customer have their web server set up that way. It is not a common situation under commercial hosting, thats for sure.

http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;3151 58

seems it was some sort of bug that was corrected in the the 1.1 .NET framework involving no ASPNET account being created. seems there are lots of work arounds involving making new accounts and editing machine config files. I found quite a few google articles as well.



I actually should have said "the framework installed" not "asp.net"

So, in the meantime I am asking John Evans what he thinks about this and I am going to ask you what version of the framework you have installed ? ASP.NET Framework 2.0 is the newest and you definetely should be running at least version 1.1 and probably should upgrade to 2.0.

I do not know why other ASP.NET code you have works ok. Your other code may not be using the odbc driver dll the same way ASPProtect.NET does. There are lots of possible reasons. At the end of the day I think the basic issue here is still a low level configuration/permissions issue and it can be corrected from what I am reading. It just may require a bit of trial and error regarding local and domain accounts and editing the machine config files... etc etc

, no, and none of the ASP based systems I know of can do anything like that.

A zone can only produce 1 banner at a time.

What your are talking about I have mostly only seen done using very complex javascript code available freely on the web if you search. ,

Ok nevermind that... i got by that wasn't paying attention...

The problem is even before this which i didn't know until now.

I placed the protect tag in a page i called members.aspx

When i go to this page is says ACCESS DENIED etc etc etc.

When i go to login to view this page i get the error..which i DIDNT know because i assumed it was working. This is the error im getting:

Server Error in '/MAP' Application.

The resource cannot be found.

Description: HTTP 404. The resource you are looking for (or one of its dependencies) could have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.  Please review the following URL and make sure that it is spelled correctly.

Requested URL: /map/users/aspprotectlogin.aspx

Version Information: Microsoft .NET Framework Version:2.0.50727.42; ASP.NET Version:2.0.50727.42


btw it says /map because that is the subfolder within the root folder


As an update to this thread I fixed the "upload_post.asp" page quite some time ago but forgot to post the updated file here.

So here it is.



I really do not know.. maybe it is a conflict with something else..

I run many instances of aspbanner on my servers and I have every item to log enabled for my iis log files... my stats server software which reads those log files (livestats and smarterstats) have never reported any 404 errors related to (aspbanner/those images)...

I do not know what is happening in your situation..



the sql databse is the same.. the sql script is the same for any version

as the site says they are essentially the same app with very minor changes... if you are trying to share the same sql database with both it's not gonna happen because the table names are the same

that app runs nealry as well with msaccess as it does with sql so I wouldnt get too excited about running it withe sql. You will not see any benefits unless you have a ton of simultaneus (sp) users.


perhaps the filesystem object is disabled on the server ?
or some sort of script blocking is running and causing a problem ?

other than that I can take a look if you put it up on a live server.

, You do not say something like that in a support forum for a legitimate software product. I don't think piracy is funny in the least bit. It is something I deal with every day with my own software. If you want to joke about it please do it someplace else.  If you are downloading things via p2p do not talk about here. I don't want to know about it period., That worked...but when I tried importing the test user, the password was imported in an add formated...like it was encrypted, and I can't log in using the User ID that I imported., "get_me_in.asp" just hangs during a new install. Nothing happens no matter how long you wait and IIS may temporarily hang up as well.

You may very well be running something like norton antivirus with norton script blocker on your server? Or something similar?

It can cause issues when ASP uses the filesystem object and cause never ending page hangs like you are having.

Read this..


In that version is is not easy to change the values as they were not intended to be edited. You would have to dig through quite a lot of code as those values are hardcoded in quite a few pages. Probably at least 10 or more.

In the pro version there are variables you can change that very easily as that is intended to be easily changed in that version.



Sorry, I do not have any good ideas on this one...
Domain Name Masking can cause issues with quite a few things.



This may be an old question ??? If it is please point me to the post or documentation where I can find the answer please.

When creating protected pages I am using the following to protect them:


<!--#INCLUDE FILE="/aspprotect/check_user_inc.asp"-->

But that is not working. I get the following error when I try to access the members logon page in the directory that I wish to add the pages to:

Active Server Pages error 'ASP 0130'

Invalid File attribute

/filelocation/filename.asp, line 3

File attribute '/aspprotect/check_user_inc.asp' cannot start with forward slash or back slash.

However if I create the pages in the root of the AspProtect directory and use a link to the same page that exists in the AspProtect directory and the following include:


<!--#INCLUDE FILE="check_user_inc.asp"-->

The pages work fine.

I really do not want to put all of my protected pages in the root of the AspProtect directory.

 I would like to mix protected and unprotected pages throughout the site in order to #1 make it easier to administer. #2 keep the AspProtect directory solely for authentication. And, #3 keep any user authentication pages out of the AspProtect directory.



, recently i've been getting a lot of unspecified errors.  i've been running aspbanner for about a year and a half now.  i don't know what would have caused all these problems.  also, for some reason it won't maintain my log-in, ever time i got from page to page or try to submit a form it asks me log-in again.

Jason S.
cwilliams38389.8791550926, FYI. There is a typo in the upgrade (6.0 to 7.0) instructions. It specifies adding a field named "passwords". Should be "password".,

Not a problem.  Have a good time at your wedding.




you do not run "check_user_inc.asp" by itself

Pages you protect include that file at the top.. when they someone goes  to a protected page if not logged in a user then sees a login prompt..

after loggin in they see that same page as normal

its an automated process..

now, that being said if you really want to you a specify a page to be redirected to after the 1st login when you edit a users info. You can also redirect anyone anywhere like using a simple ASP redirect statement in your code.

Personally I feel that redirecting people all over the place is poor site design. ASP is all about dynamic code and ASPProtect is all about dynamically tailoring pages to the current logged in users... so why redirect people all over the place.. it justs complicates things because you still need to password protect the places you send them to.... which means twice the work and twice the confusion.

Also, here is a Version 6 thread about redirecting manually that still applies to version 7.



, I think you can either change some things in your PayPal account settings regarding your default currency..

or add a hidden variable to the PayPal form code ASPProtect uses like this guy did.
http://support.cjwsoft.com/code/code_info.asp?TID=237&KW =paypal

The hidden form variable code would go next to all the other hidden variables in no particlar order.. just look through the paypal code in notepad till you find a bunch of those hidden form variables lines in a row. ,

Some users have reported an error during the registration process.
Here is what I believe is happening.

When you register you get sent a validation email that has a link in it that looks something like this.

http://support.cjwsoft.com/forum//activate.asp?ID=testAD3AD2 97BC

That link can only be clicked on once which will activate your account.

If you somehow run that link more than once you will get a message telling you there was an error.

I think some people are double clicking on the link they get sent and running it more than once.... or clicking on it again after registration is complete. It probably happens very fast so they never see the success screen.

Either way, if you can login to the forum nothing is wrong and you are already activated.


thx for posting this..

Just a few notes... more than 100 pictures specified in the config file is not supported. You are of course on your own if you specify more than 100

Also, technically the post above should say more than 102 pictures... "I think" as you wont need more html cell code until then..

The loop in the code is probably how I should have done it in the 1st place but I was in a hurry to get this finished and I also never expected/wanted anyone to specify more than 100 pics per album.

Lastly.. depending on what style you are using in the config file the code above may not work as some of the styles do not use cells but line breaks instead..   At least from what I remember.


I am testing this now and there is something wrong.

PayPal is hitting the ipn.asp but the database is not being updated.

I will figure it out shortly though and post the anwer here.


I believe what happened is we received the older copy of ASP Banner iwht our purchase of ASP Protect and were notified of a free update to download aspbanner_unlimited_v8.2_feb_26_2005.zip which we did, and that's the one i recently put on our site.

  Sounds from your reply that something technical is going on to the point where I will have to hire one of our Web consutants to dissect for us.  We'll try again and track our issues and send another request for information when we can show you a specific example of what is happening.  I'll be in touch.



I downloaded the .chm format installation documentation but when I open it I get the index but can't see any of the pages so am a bit stuck.


IT worked just as cwilliams said. I did see the IP address being stored in the table but it didn't dawn on me that it was tied in to the view count, I tried it from a different IP address and it worked great .

Good coding Christopher




Same here.  Thinking it might be server load or the bandwidth to the server.

Thanks for checking!

, I do not what is going on at this time. It is not a known issue.
If is is not working it would seem to be a problem with the application variables on the server possibly and your web.

Perhaps try installing it on a local machine and see if it works for testing sake.

Also.. if your stuck with the black skin you could always just edit the information in the that skins folder to get the app looking the way you want.

That and the header and footer files that comes with the app are what control the look of the system.
cwilliams38294.5880208333, Not without changing a lot of code. If you didn't want encryption you really should have went with version 6. Encryption is a big new feature of Version 7 and it is inter-mixed with it the code in a lot of places.

As for doing the export and import you have to create a valid export file and then read through this very thread which explains how to import an export file with clear text passwords.

This is from the admin area regarding the text file format
The import/export file must be tab delimited with no text qualifiers. The 1st row containing field names and the following each being a new user. To create your own import file it must be in this exact format. To find out what field names and their order are simply create an export file using ASPProtect and take a look at it.

Generating an import file from your own database requires good knowlege and understanding of Access's Importing and Exporting functions. It is not something I cover as the process is different for everyone and not really very hard. , that is good news... good guess on my part I guess

anyway, try this for your latest issue.

http://support.cjwsoft.com/code/code_info.asp?TID=340&KW =%2D1,

The ASPProtect v7.x Documentation is now available as a download in windows ".chm" format. (needs to be viewed on a windows based machine that can read it) If you are using XP with Service Pack 2 follow the instructions below or you will not be able to view the help file.

Download Documentation

You should save this file and then open it.
Just opening it from download may not work and you will not be able to read it correctly.

Please continue to check the support forum threads for the most up to date documentation.

If your are using xp with service pack 2 there are some new security features that can block the access of help files you download. So as far as the ".chm" file goes.. you have to download it... right click on it...go to properties... then  choose unblock down in the lower right corner ...then you can open and view the file correctly


it is an email server/setting issue most likely

your email server probably requires outgoing authentication or something like that and that is why internal emails can be sent to but nothing else

its something along those lines

this will help you see the real error instead of the generic 500

, Lastly, I put there information here to help, but please don't ask me any questions about it.

I am not microsoft SQL server support. If this doesn't work for you simply start troubleshooting and doing google searches like I do. , look in the "check_user_inc.asp" file

try editing this part by hard coding the body info you want to use

 Response.Write("<BODY" & Application("BodyTagInfo") & ">")

I would also suggest reviewing the generated source code in the web browser and examining the html to figure out exactly where the body tag info you dont want is coming from
, Very weird for sure but I guarantee no code in ASPProtect is deleting that folder. Something else is going on the server and deleting it and I have no idea what it would be.

Maybe try leaving a blank text file in it and see if the folder disappears after a few days., There are problems with your sql server database then. It was not set up correctly.

The 1st problem relates to having "used stored procedures" checked in the settings page.. but not actually giving those stored procedure execute permissions which they need to run. That is something that must be done on the SQL enterprise manager side of things either by you if you are allowed or your hosting company.

If you can not get the execute permissions set on the stored procedures for the sql database user you are using then turn off that option in the settings page and try things without it.

The 2nd error I am not sure of at this point so correct the 1st issue and we will go from there.  It could be another sql database issue (not created correctly) or it could be an asp code issue of some sort though I doubt that or other people would have had problems on that page as well. I also just tested it out and looked the code over and I did not have any issues here. ,


I need to see if this is possible. I want to create a browsing system such that, the user selects a Province from a drop down list on the main page. Based the selection, the username of all the users in that province will be shown. Then the user can click on a specific username and his/her portfolio (photo album) will be displayed.

is this possible? If so, How can I do this, please help.






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