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Blog Entry: 3/25/2006 1:43:44 PM


D'oh! How completely obvious!

I got it now. (In Step 4, by the way, you need to click on the web site, not the directory. The directory has its own Properties menu, which is competely different than the Properties menu for the web site.)

 Thanks for the fast response!



You would carefully use the built in features of access to import/export data.

The password for our databases is noted in the documentation. It's pretty hard to miss really. You can also see the database password by looking at the connection string info.

different versions may be different but it is usually "temp" minus the quotes


And here is an even simpler version where the database name is hardcoded and the User_ID is set ahead of time from wherever you are getting it from

'User_ID = CmdListUsers("User_ID") ' getting it from another database query
User_ID = Request("User_ID") ' getting it from the page post

SELECT COUNT(Album_ID) AS Alb_Count FROM Albums WHERE User_ID = " & User_ID & " AND Album_Active = 1" cwilliams38433.0595949074, Is there any update to this ?,

Hello cwilliams, and thank you for the fast reply.

Well, i have tryed with the ASPImage enabled and disabled, with the same results. I have used gifs and jpgs in the tests.
I have made some different test. Some with uploading the picture over an excisting picture and some as the first picture. Same results.
Everytime, itīs the 2nd thumbnail that wonīt show itself, but the large picture will show, if you press the thumbnail.

I have tryed to look in the code (view_ad.asp), but as far as i can see, everything seems just fine ?!

I know, it wasnīt much help i could give you, but i think i have tryed all the possibilities.

Best regards, Erling




IFRAME is just an client side html thing...

has nothing to do with .NET

will work with any page extension or server side technology

As you see from that compatibilty chart I posted a link to.
Nearly every modern browser supports it.




You see, an include file is no different then a link to an image or graphic. The path to the include file must of course be valid. That file isn't in the same directory as that page so you get an error.

You simply need to make the call to the include file valid.

See my article on server side includes.

You should also look at some of the provided example pages and see how the paths to the include files are done.

You can also use a virtual include if you figure out the page for that. See my article for the difference between a file include and a virtual include.

The code generator in the admin area shows examples of both but depending on your site structure the paths may need to be slightly edited.

Server Side Includes are a fundamental part of using ASP and they are used a lot. Once you understand how include files are used you will think it is the simplest thing.

More articles on server side includes


http://www.4guysfromrolla.com/webtech/faq/Beginner/faq6.shtm l



Did you see this thread. It shows how to set up the project in Visual Studio in detail.




ok, here's a test page:

user: test
password: test

Our company just got new computers, so everyone here has the same set-up, all Dells, all about 3 weeks old, all Windows XP.

But I did realize after reading your post that I am using Firefox and everyone else was using IE. When I used IE, I was able to duplicate the error.

But, alas, I am unable to resolve it. Client will be using IE, no doubt.

, issue resolved.. new files did the trick,


There is no built in option. You would have to add code to do that.
Its not difficult but custimization like that is not something I support.


you basically have to edit the html in the links in the various pages and remove them... some are in includes files

use a text editor and be causious / back things up before you remove links so you can revert back


You are right, there are NO entries in the "PayPal_Subscriber_ID" field at all. Any way of fixing this?



I dont know exactly how you go about that and it would really depend on a lot of things like when the ad started and how yu wanted t handle that. it would involve custom coding though, not a change in the database.


The redirection at 1st login feature is supposed to work like I explain in this thread.


Though what you just said is a bit confusing it sounds like you have some sort of browser problem and it is doing the redirect every single time. ?

I would suggest reseting all your browser settings to normal and making sure cookies are enabled because forms based authentication uses session variables and cookies must be enabled for session variables to work correctly. If not something like this could happen as the redirection at 1st login would happen over and over every time.

So try it on other computers and try with firefox as well as IE. Many people go nuts with their browser settings and way too much stuff blocked which can cuse all sorts of issues. Also some script blocking and firewall software can cause problems so disable all of that when testing.

You may also have created some sort of endless loop. (I really need to know way more information on what you did to know that for sure)

You may also want to consider doing your redirects manually meaning you protect a a page and right after the protection you use regular ASP redirect statements to redirect the user whevever you like based on their session info which is available to easily check immediatly after someone gets through the authentication.

I still stand behind my statements that redirection is not good site design. You really really need to understand and plan your ASP pages as well as have a very good understanding of the session and how all of that works if you use redirection with a password authentication scenario. You should never be redirecting someone to an ".htm" pages except during testing because you wont be able to stop users who are not supposed to go there from going there directly.

, how would anyone recommend i go about setting a different expiration date for each group a user may belong to?, not anything built into the app... it would be done with client side javascript if you wanted to look into it...  my client side javascript skills are ziltch,

After turning off the friendly errors, here is the detail.

Active Server Pages error 'ASP 0131'
Disallowed Parent Path

/users/register.asp, line 16
The Include file '../dataconn_inc.asp' cannot contain '..' to indicate the parent directory.

http://support.cjwsoft.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=5&K W=Disallowed+Parent+Path+


The protection code for my group3 is:

<!-- Begin ASPProtect Code -->
<!-- Groups with access to this page. ( * GP03 * ) -->
<% GROUPACCESS = "3" %>
<!--#INCLUDE FILE="check_user_inc.asp"-->
<!-- End ASPProtect Code -->

btw - sorry but I am using v7
and thanks for the assistance


ok, that probably means the physical path you have set for the logfile directory (in the admin settings area) is not correc t

the error pretty much means just what it says



, It runs on either... I used IIS

I dont remember much about installing it except it went pretty smoothly / no issues,

I believe what happened is we received the older copy of ASP Banner iwht our purchase of ASP Protect and were notified of a free update to download aspbanner_unlimited_v8.2_feb_26_2005.zip which we did, and that's the one i recently put on our site.

  Sounds from your reply that something technical is going on to the point where I will have to hire one of our Web consutants to dissect for us.  We'll try again and track our issues and send another request for information when we can show you a specific example of what is happening.  I'll be in touch.


Hi there, I am not exactly what you mean when you say "moved some of the include files to user"

are you saying you are moving files around ? I am not sure what you mean there.

but.. the parent path issue is described in detail here


Having is enabled is actually a requirment of the photo gallery application as stated on the web site

You can certainly still use the apllication but as that article says you will need to change any file includes to virtual includes so they will work with parent paths disabled



expiration dates are not used in aspprotect's database when signing someone up using PayPal subscriptions because the PayPal system keeps track of all of that and will automatically send posts to the approtect system if a user needs to be deactivated for not paying or for whatever reason.

As you will notice in that thread about subscriptions the paypal signup data you use for the person determines their membership pricing and details..
http://support.cjwsoft.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=186& ;PN=1

Basically the system takes care of everything.
PayPal takes care of everything.

However you want to look at it.




I'lll try to look at it this weekend. I have to leave the office now.

There must be something wrong with the last build of the code. I dont think that upload export file thing is a feature too many people use or I would have heard of this sooner.

For now just upload you export files to the export folder manually using ftp or frontpage explorer and you can accomplish the same thing.


5 Computers in an office, random hardware and operating systems.  Some wireless some wired - all the same ISP connection.

Some users do not see the PLACE A NEW AD hyperlink.  How can this be hidden?  There is no conditional statement yet some see it and others don't.

To make this problem even more confusing if I take an image and put the place_new_ad.asp hyperlink on that image the users don't even see that image any longer.

How can this be resolved?

, ok, so from your PM Iknow you are using SQL server with IIS5.
You say you created the SQL database using the provided scripts and  that is good.

What is going on may just be a weird odbc issue that sometimes happens on IIS5 when using SQL server and I have an idea on how to remedy it.

Edit the "config_inc.asp" with notepad.


If  Application("SERVER_SOFTWARE") = "" Then
 Application("SERVER_SOFTWARE") = Request.ServerVariables("SERVER_SOFTWARE")
End If


Application("SERVER_SOFTWARE") = "iis/6"

And lets see if that helps the situation.

it will change some SQL String query values in the application from "-1" to "1"

either should always work but under certain scenariois only one or the other works,

Hello Chris:

Let me run some more test if it's working on your end it should be on mine?  I have made some custom updates to the code but no in that area.



, on that particular page check the session variables manually (not using the include)

that way you are keeping the login access checking to an absolute minimum, elminating any form processing from the login procedure, and keeping the upload script happy

like so

If Not InStr(Session("Groups"),"*1*") Then
    ' do whatever
End If

you could response.write something followed by a response.end

or you might even want to response.redirect them to some other page that using the "check_user_inc.asp" where they can log in

And if you are going to be using a free asp upload script use this one as it is probably the best pure code upload solution available as far as performance goes.


look in the "check_user_inc.asp" file

Thank you that did it !!

, The mass picyure import does not work like that. It involves no uploading component.

Only an admin can do a mass import on an album and they have to ftp the images into the site in that upload folder before they go do the mass import thing. ,

I really do not know for sure, but I imagine there are customers using their windows hosting. Usually I do not know what hosting company a customer uses and I am usualy the only one that responds to forum questions.

Why not download the current Free lite version and try it out ?





Hi Chris,

Thanks for the answer. No, I am not using Paypal since these are employees and sales reps. I guess i'm on my own on this one. :)



Not really.  The way I thought activity would work is that I would always see the last 50 users.  Not sure what controls that and why I wasn't seeing it, but it sounds like it is an IIS thing and since my site is not all that busy, it will not show the users if some process has reset the numbers.  Not a big deal.

As for the log files, I think it is related to my other question regarding the export directory.  I have the ISP looking into things at thier end to see if they are doing anything that could cause the directories to disappear.




Yeah, its a win2k server.

Im up and running now (my guess is ASP wasnt installed, but he did not say), but am not having luck with any of the email.  I contacted my host to see what is available and have yet to hear back.  Do you generally recommend people to run CDOSYS?

Ive been reading through the docs, and the users and protection seems to be pretty straightforward.   Nice!

The only other real question I have (and cant find in the docs) is how to remove the self registration option all togehter.  My client wants to add its users manually, and not give the option for them to sign up themselves.  Do I just find any remove any code that references it?


The links to view that info are on the main users screen of the admin area.

Down below...

They wont show up unless you have that stuff enabled in the settings screen as well.



If you still cant see the upload buttons after checking the settings send me a PM with the info and I will take a look at your installation. It will have to be up on a live server of course.


Also.. if you want to customize each person's experience individually it really does not make sense to use groups or access levels for that purpose alone.

I mean, why bother making a group or access level for every user and worrying about keeping track of it all when you can just access the available session info about the user to create dynamic pages specific to that user.

http://support.cjwsoft.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=198& ; ; ; ;PN=1

That is why that information is there.

You can of course use some combination of the two technologies as well should you have groups of users that you want to have a slightly different experience.

cwilliams38433.6259606481, Chris,

Well some good news! This from my hosting company this morning...

I'd say that the vendor is right so I've submitted a work order to
create the *****.com/aspnetprotect directory as an application.
If there are any other directories for which this needs to be done,
please let us know. This particular task always needs to be performed
by our staff.

If you need to follow up on this job with one of our on-line or phone
technicians, you can reference ticket id 11860.

With regards

Thanks for your help thus far


it is an email server/setting issue most likely

your email server probably requires outgoing authentication or something like that and that is why internal emails can be sent to but nothing else

its something along those lines

this will help you see the real error instead of the generic 500


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