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Blog Entry: 3/25/2006 1:40:46 PM

its in this thread.. you use the InStr function
http://support.cjwsoft.com/code/code_info.asp?TID=17&KW= instr

Please use a little bit more descriptive subject the next time you post. "question" does not tell much to someone looking through threads.. and I like to keep things clean and organized in the forums

I edited it for you this time..

thx , Also, I notice you are using iframes to load the banners. That is probably your issue more than anything. That browser probably does not handle them well.

Possibly try other methods of displaying the banners and see what happens. The XML parser is usually one the best methods to try as it will output just your banner code straight into your html. ,

[QUOTE=cwilliams]Humm, Did you make any changes to the code ?
Solid Black is not the default so it must have changed at least once.[/quote]

I did change the top_logo.gif and the associated link. That was on the default page not the Solid Black skin which is unchanged. After downloading/uploading the skins I tried changing it to one of the Beach skins and that's when it changed to Solid Black and has been stuck there ever since.

[quote]Otherwise it might be some sort of application variable problem.
I would make sure the web is and "application" in the IIS console.[/quote]I don't have access to the Microsoft IIS console as this is a host site. I can access the site's "control panel" but it does allow for those type of settings. Mostly just permissions, DSN entries, etc.



again.. more custom code work would be required to handle it



, "get_me_in.asp" just hangs during a new install. Nothing happens no matter how long you wait and IIS may temporarily hang up as well.

You may very well be running something like norton antivirus with norton script blocker on your server? Or something similar?

It can cause issues when ASP uses the filesystem object and cause never ending page hangs like you are having.

Read this..

Our home page is not showing up gives this error:

Active Server Pages error 'ASP 0126'

Include file not found

/Default.asp, line 246

The include file 'elib/articles/home_feature1.asp' was not found.

, I would like to have the ability to give a user 1 album with the default # of photos in it.

Is the best way to implement this to just add in an album creation routine during the sigup/registration process and turn off the ability to create a new album?  Or is a user setting prebuilt into the system for this?
, I really need more information..

SQL or Access database ?
If Access are you using the newest version of the .mdb file

Is this a new item ?

Show me your connection string ?

perhaps the url to the site as well so I can look around?

things like that that will help me troubleshoot.

If any info is sensative send me a PM..

, To finalize this thread.. a target was added to the form by the customer by accident thus causing the situation,

We do not support customization of the code or any custom coding you may end up doing with Visual Studio.NET. However, if you can show me that the application functions incorrectly in its default unmodified form I can help. If not it has to be something you did most likely.

Though I do not if it is the issue, mixing c# and vb.net in the same project can be tricky if not problematic. Itís definitely just not something I can support.

If you have not seen it we have tuturial on setting up the project in visual studio.net.

I would suggest starting with a clean installation. Test everything to make sure the things you say are ok or not. (if not post here about it) Then try your hand at editing the application and compiling it. Keep the c# out of the mix at 1st.

I am not even sure if adding c# to the same project is feasable.
(maybe it is , maybe it isn't)

That being said.. ASPProtect.NET can of course be used to protect pages using c#. But compiling the ASPProtect.NET project with C# code added sounds a bit iffy to me. We wrote the application in VB.NET so you really need to use vb.net when making changes to it.

, I encountered the same problem and eventually found out that my Norton protection was not allowing scripts to work so I had to uncheck the setting before the banners reappeared.,

Umm, if your using MSACCESS your using MSACCESS

SQL server has nothing to do with it.



for an admin..
you view albums for a user.. make a new album... then click manage pictures

for a regular user you log in.. go to user user area.. create an album..then click on manage your albums


The parent paths things really should not be an issue.

This is an article from the troubleshooting section of the documentation that takes care of it all very easily.


As for a good host that knows ASP and does not mess around when you ask for something. I always recommened www.alentus.com


,  I moved the password check file out of /user and am getting this message:

Microsoft VBScript compilation error '800a0400'

Expected statement

/asplog/check_user_inc.asp, line 404

End If
Is this a standard database connection error so I should ask my IIS to make sure permissions are correct?
, humm,

thats a new one.. something is very wrong.

Please show me screenshots of exactly what happens and what you see. It does not make any sense so I need more info or I least need it described in more detail.,

Triple check the upgrade instructions because I think you missed something important.

line 227 on "/password_admin/save.asp" refers to the "Password" field

the error your getting most likely means it is not there..

Pay close attention to the areas in the upgrade instructions regarding renaming your existing "Password" field to "Old_Password"

Then making a new "Password" field and carefully following the instructions needed to convert your old passwords for use with the new system.

If you don't everything carefully and perfectly this is the sort of error you will get.

cwilliams38451.8787268519, With ASPVendor you must use the SQL scripts we provide with the SQL Version to create the SQL database or else fields will not get set correctly.

I wish you would have told me you were using SQL server. It's important details like that that allow me to help and troubleshoot. ,


2004-08-19_122127_ASPBanner_V7.3_code_banner_encode_decode_m od.zip

This is an Expirmental MOD for ASPBanner Version 7.3 Only
Do not use it on other versions....

It encodes CODE Banner information before saving it into the application variables that handle banner rotation. It then decodes that information before displaying them on your web pages.

The reason for this is SOME very complex javascript does not always save correctly into the application variables that rotate banners (even when not using the JavaScript Method to display the banners)

This way the javascript or whatever you entered comes out on your web page exactly as you entered it and runs correctly.. but there is little more processing going on to handle the encoding and decoding. But its probably nothing to worry about and won't effect performance at all.

Unless your having a problem don't use this mod. It is not officially supported in any way.



If you are wondering if the "appinfo_inc.asp" included has the weight banner bug fix applied to it already. That is a bug mentioned in our forums





cwilliams38229.4189930556, Chris:

Quick question.  I'm currently using navigation style 1 which keeps everything within the 1 window.  I'd like to take the text descriptions and place them under the main photo when it is displayed.  Before i modify anything, I'd like to check if I'm in the right neighborhood first.  It looks like I need to:
    - modify the behaviour of the 'onmouseover' function in the file 'view_album_style_1.asp'
    - add in a few lines of code to take FixStr(UserArray1(PicIndex - 1),"PrepareForJavaScript"), put it into a text string and do a response.write under (or over) the photo in question.

Question Part 2 -- if i wanted to use the first line of the description as a title could I:
   - add in an input to the photo upload
   - concatenate the 2 strings together (title and description)
   - display the title under the thumbs
   - bold the display of the title over the large version of the image.

Pretty complicated questions, but I'm coming along nicely (IMHO).   Have a look at

I really like the progress that I've been able to make with this app without really spending a huge amount of time.

, This relates to a part of the new documentation that wasn't ready yet.
I just made a thread about it though.

Here you go.
http://support.cjwsoft.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=198& ; ;PN=1&TPN=1 cwilliams38419.5353587963, Ok.. glad you got it working.,

Sorry, there is no option for that.

I'll take it into consideration, but the way the banner rotation logic works would make adding such an option very complicated.

Just give it  an expiration date way into the future if you do not want an ad to expire anytime soon.

I usually just make all my ads expire in like 2020 or something like that since I don't want them to stop running either on some of my sites.


this could go on forever...

if you want PM "private message" me info to log into your site.. show me the pages we are dealing with...

and I will take a look at it all...



1st: try it with a normal dsn-less connection like we show in the example.. dont use that OLEDB.4.0 connection string.. connecting like that can cause a lot of problems and is not as great as everyone thinks it is and it can sometimes be difficult to get it working when the database has a password set on it

For the sake of troubleshooting just connect like so: (fixing the path of course)

ConnectionString = "DBQ=C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\aspprotect\data\database\ASPProtect_ access2002.mdb;Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};UID=Admin;Password=temp"

ASPProtect will generate the actual connection string you should use when you run this page


Replacing the part in blue with your website info.

2nd: any IIS server setup to have the access database over the network path like that has a poor setup... and that can cause all sorts of problems as well, access is not designed to run over the network like that.. for more on that read this thread -  Start 5 posts down
http://support.cjwsoft.com/code/code_info.asp?TID=479&KW =OLEDB%2E4%2E0

3rd: If the app does not run using the connection string like I say to use then the problem is 100% on their end and is either related to permissions or the fact they are keeping the access database on a network path which is BAD BAD BAD... no quality host that knew what they are doing would set it up that way.. ultimately you don't want to host asp with a place that has a setup like that

4th: If you want to try some other stuff out we have a free guestbook, asptest, and a free version of aspbanner you can try out as well... www.cjwsoft.com

5th: If you need a quality asp host that knows what they are doing and offers great asp support www.alentus.com is the place

6th: Your right, it is not the code, its the data connection


I think I've got it to work somewhat.  I modified the 2checkout1 & 2 asp file to use and pass Product_id.  It now identifies the product correctly.  I'm good fo now. Thanks for the info though.



Thanks Chris.

Your solution worked!

, i was only kidding!! ,


I am doing the initial set-up and have run into a problem. Everything has gone smoothly up to and including pulling up the get_me_in.asp page. When I enter the "PasswordEncryptionKey", nothing happens. The page just sits there without doing anything and the browser says it's opening the page, but never does. I have tried entering the value with and without the double-quotes. The value is the correct one from the config_inc.asp file. I did a copy paste from the file twice to insure I transferred it correctly.

I am running Windows 2000 server.

What now?



I am using VS 2005, when i go to new project in visual basic folder asp.net web application is not there..

Can i add it somehow?



Sorry, I do not have any good ideas on this one...
Domain Name Masking can cause issues with quite a few things.



MySQL Database Setup

Use of MySQL is 100% unsupported as you can see from the site.

Even still I recently had an encouter with an extremely Jerky person (read the thread above for more on that) and because of him I am adding this tutorial showing one way to set things up on a windows server using the official MySQL tools available.

Let me just say as well that there are 100's of 3rd party tools to work with MySQL databases and many ways to create the database and apply the database creation script. In the past it had to be done via the command line, but now there are a lot of visual tools you can do it with. Furthermore all hosting companies set MySQL up differently and give you access to varius interfaces to manage it which are all different, and that is primarily why I do not support it. How the hell could I support all those different interfaces many of which are totally custom?

The fact is 99% of the people that purchased ASPBanner to use with MySQL have done so without issue and love how it runs. Regardless here is how I set up a working MySQL database on a windows server proving it does indeed run with a MySQL database.

1st of all if you are setting up the server you need to download some things from http://www.mysql.com/ 
(btw: you local developers can install this on XP Pro as well if you like.)

For this article we are going to download the current non beta windows version of MySQL which is 5.0. ALso known as the Windows Essentials (x86) download. It's about 17 meg.

Because ASPBanner uses the MyODBC drivers (now called Connector/ODBC) to connect to the MySQL database you need to download those as well. (Our site flat out says this is required for MySQL use)

So I download those from here. http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/connector/odbc/3.51.html
Version 3.51 has been the current version for a couple years now.
You want the windows driver install which is about 2 meg.

The two downloads should look like this.

Now, on the webserver you run the version 5 setup (mysql-essential-5.0.19-win32.msi) I will guide you through it step by setp.

Hit Next

I am going to choose typical for the sake of this article.

Hit Next

Hit Next

Wait for a bit

I skipped this part.

Choose to configure the MySQL Now

Hit Finish

Hit Next

I am going to choose Detailed Configuration

Since I am on a development machine for this install I am going to choose Developer Machine. For a Real Server choose one of the server options.

For this article I am going to choose Multifunctional Database: You may want to pick one of the other options. That is up to you. ASPBanner will work under any of the scenarios.

I am going to leave the location at its default

Hit Next

Since this is a development machine these options are fine.

Hit Next

These options are fine as well.

Hit Next

Standard is fine for my development machine.

Hit Next

I am going to choose both of these options. The 1st one is Important and should be enabled on a real server so MySQL always runs. The 2nd is not so important.

Hit Next

Set the "root" password and do not forget it. You will need it to manage your MySQL server. I do not advise creating an anonymous account unless it is a development server and you just do not care. Whether you enable root access from remote machines or not is up to you so do some research on that. For this articles needs I am not choosing it.

Hit Next

Hit Execute and wait

If all goes well you will see this. (I actually got an error message about not being able to connect... I went to to Administrative tools/services and restarted the MySQL service and hit retry which cured that... it probably only did this to me since I have installed this before.. new installs probably will not have any trouble)

Hit Finish

Your done.. You just installed the MySQL Server (TIP: its usally a good idea to reboot and make sure the MySQL servce is running by default)

Now, moving on..

Lets install the MyODBC drivers.. (now called Connector/ODBC)

This one is a bit of a no-brainer so I am not going to go into detail.
Just run (mysql-connector-odbc-3.51.12-win32.msi) and run through all the defaults until it is done.. Choose typical when that comes up.

Your done setting up MyODBC on the server. If its not your server I guess you don't need to worry about installing all of this as its your hosts job to do that.

, well, I think John just told you what the deal is. He knows more about ASP.NET than anyone else I know.

If you are going to run a non-standard setup then you are going to have big problems like you are having. , Well, you cant have a login box on the home page when using ASPProtect.NET.. there is no way to make that work. I tried all day to come up with something and it is not going to happen. I suggest you make a login button and link it directly to the protected page you want them to start on. The redirect or link them whereever from there. Either that or write your own forms based authentication solution that works exactly the way you want it to or edit the code accordingly since you have the source.  It is not a feature we advertise for the product regardless. It works the way it works. ,

it's ok

one step at a time and at each step testing things.. then when you mess something up you can figure it out a lot easier


Thanks, I'll take a look.


, My guess is they are not going to allow you to run your own oledb connector out of your own personal bin directory.

I don't think your going to be able to modify aspprotect to work under that environment very easily, but I would give 1&1 a chance to explain their reasoning and they might actually be able to provide a simple fix who knows.
I have never seen a situation where a host goes messing around with .NET that worked out good for anyone. I'm sure they have a reason, but the entire world writes code to work on the platform as Microsoft shipped it not as someone decided was a better way to set it up.

, You cannot use server mappath in the connecting string of the application. If you want to know why read my article.

Make your connecting string just like in my example.. do not use the oledb connection string either as it will cause other problems.

If you need to find out the path to the mdb file you can use server.mappath to get that info but do not put server mappath in the connecting string. See my article again.

then if the database folder has proper permissions and the path to the mdb file is valid it will work... otherwise you get useless errors,  its really that simple.

You also may want to download ASPTest from www.cjwsoft.com it is designed to show a person how to setup a working data connection.,

ok, that probably means the physical path you have set for the logfile directory (in the admin settings area) is not correc t

the error pretty much means just what it says




Yup everything looks ok - but why no error?

This just gets better - now the email a friend link says sent successfully and doesn't send out - what the heck...

What would cause it to 'think' it is doing the task yet still fail?


Timecard Entry: 3/25/2006 1:40:46 PM

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