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Blog Entry: 3/25/2006 1:45:49 PM

ok, glad it is working, Is there any update to this ?,

expiration dates are not used in aspprotect's database when signing someone up using PayPal subscriptions because the PayPal system keeps track of all of that and will automatically send posts to the approtect system if a user needs to be deactivated for not paying or for whatever reason.

As you will notice in that thread about subscriptions the paypal signup data you use for the person determines their membership pricing and details..
http://support.cjwsoft.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=186& ;PN=1

Basically the system takes care of everything.
PayPal takes care of everything.

However you want to look at it.




Just wanted to say how much I like the program! I hunted for days and finally purchased a Perl based product. After several days of goofing with it I gave up. ASPPhoto worked right on first install!!!!


Way to go!


Hi Chris,

I have a quick question...when a user signs up I have a drop down menu for Company name and they have a choice of branch selections. Everything works fine but when the info is saved in the database there is some sort of conversion to lower-case...?


Original drop list selection:

Winston Salem, NC - (XXX/XXX) - original

In the database (access), some letters are lowercased now...why? anything to do with the period, , or - ?

Winston Salem, Nc - (xxx/xxx) - what is saved



Does ASPprotect support Paypal's Website Payments Pro option, where a user can use a credit card directly on a web site, without passing to paypal.com?



sure, there are reasons AOL would block the email.. it might think it is spam or it might not like the fact that fact that a cdonts generated email has no MX records because it can not..

for more on MX records read my CDOSYS article

as far as the emails not being sent because notifications are off. I was not aware of that and will try to look into it.. Version 6 is no longer worked on but if I can find the time I will check that out



Not a problem.  Have a good time at your wedding.




I would check out this article for starters... aspprotect is very similar to asp photo gallery and so are a lot of the page names.

http://support.cjwsoft.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=49& PN=1

Jeromy, You should have access to that page.

, I tried the iFrame method that you have shown, and it works great!!!!,


I don't see any good reason to rename any of those files.

Changing them though may involve changes to the code recompiling, etc etc... it is not something I support.


YES.. you need to edit your SWF file to link to the aspbanner system...

example.. the link may look something like this
http://banserver.powerasp.com/aspbanner/banner_redirect.asp? Banner_ID=60

of course you need to put in the right information for your site and whatever banner ID it is in your system

Like it says above.. if you save the new banner at least once and then come back to edit that link will be generated for you at the bottom of the edit page.

then when your flash banner is clicked on it will go track the click and then send them to the "link_url" specified for that banner when you edited it.
(you need to enter the final destination url there if you want that to work)

, actually, passwords can be up to 75 characters long in ASPProtect.
the only requirement when entered from a non admin user is that they are at least 4 characters long.

what does MSAccess have to do with this ? Are you trying to convert and old system or something? I noticed you created and "old password" field in there ? Is there something I do not know about as far as what you are trying to do?

Passwords in version 7 are encrypted so I hope you understand all of that and realize you can not enter or change passwords right from SQL server. Also if you import info you must handle that accordingly and convert the passwords to encrypted format for the new version., Very weird for sure but I guarantee no code in ASPProtect is deleting that folder. Something else is going on the server and deleting it and I have no idea what it would be.

Maybe try leaving a blank text file in it and see if the folder disappears after a few days.,

Our knowledge base which is hosted at a remote location is protected by ASPProtect Full Version 6. I would like to allow our employee to access the knowledge base from within our internal network unchallenged. Is there a way which I can modify the code "check_user_inc.asp" to allow any one coming from say 10.1.X.X to access the site unchallenged?




It's custimization work. and just not something I can support.
Basically it is basic ASP/Database work.

Something you kind of need to figure out on your own. It's not difficult work for a good asp coder but there is no easy way and it is time comsuming.

I wouldn't use the custom fields though. I would make your own.
It's simpler that way.


Hi all,

I have the photo gallery set up at www.kashabowieoutposts.com/gallery

It's great - love to work with it.

But I've never been able to get those with just User permissions to be able to upload... Only an administrator is successful in uploading.  This was no problem in the past, but now this client would like to give their guests a means to share their pictures on their site - so now I have to figure out the bug...

... this is the error I keep getting...

Your upload did not succeed, most likely because your browser does not support Upload via this mechanism.

Your browser must support a standard called RFC 1867. Please check with your browser vendor for support of this standard.


------- anyone else experienced this?

Many thanks all!!



That would be great.

I am sure you know that many virus that are sent via email have the same property. (double extension). The code can be executed even though Windows identifies them as simple text files etc.

Thanks again


The ASP error on the home page has been solved -There was aproblem with the path that was including the home page file and we fixed it.

However the error on the member page remains - any ideas/suggestions would be appreciated. This is the error:

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80004005'

[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver]General error Unable to open registry key 'Temporary (volatile) Jet DSN for

process 0x748 Thread 0xad8 DBC 0x214734c Jet'.

/aspboard/forum/global.asp, line 15



Sorry Chris,

It didn't fix it.  Looks like I had the current code.  I bought the system in mid-April.  The version says 3-10-2005.

I do know that in the database, the password shows as " éG"  but in the error code, it shows as " éG".  The square character is missing. 


Edit: well heck.  It skips the square box here too.  The password in the database puts a square box in front of the éG


You are not supposed to use "../" with a virtual include

Thats goes against what a virtual include is and makes no sense.
When using a virtual include you give the path as if accessing from the root of the main web / virtual directory

I find it very hard to believe it ever worked like that and if it ever did it was wrong.



I would look on the pictures folder on the server and see what is there for pictures. Also, when you see a broken X on the site right click and see where it is trying to get the picture from and what the pictures name should be.

I would also be sure to clear out your temporary internet files in IE. clost and restart all browsers..

maybe show me the site ? so I can see this happening ?


Chris -

Long time no talk, which is a good thing.  I have purchased another product from you, ASPVendor.  I am running into an issues.

When I try and remove the image through the image manager, it does not remove it.  Screen shot attached.




False alarm. Dumb user alert (both the classifieds customer and me).

When I test fixes, I need to be looking at the right Ad_ID to get correct results


Sorry you feel that way, not my intention. I'm not threatening anything. I was very happy you responded when did so there no reason for any bad feelings. I like your product as I said before and have no problems with it. Sorry again, that was not my intention. Merry Christmas…


An email I just received from eastcoastguy.. to keep this thread up to date



Your quick reply was greatly appreciated... I removed the password and was able to use a DSN...I will look into a DSN-less connection later..once i get this working !

I'm using the groups protect feature on my pages. None of them seem to close the session after clicking 'logoff'. I can tell because if I hit the back button and return to the group-protected page, hit 'refresh', the page refreshes, I'm not asked to log in again.

On the other hand, when I open a page that's protected by an access level and click 'logoff' (uses same logoff asp file to logoff), it seems to work fine - if I go back a page and refresh, it asks me to log in.

Just wondering - is anybody else having problems like this? Maybe I screwed something up in the few adjustments I made a while back. Any idea what it might be?


any asp code that accesses an access database, writes to text files, or allows for picture uploading will need permissions set on certain directories

every application out there is going to need permissions set at some point

its just a fact.. and if your hosting company does not give you a way to manage permissions or have it done when you ask they do not know what they are doing and they are not supporting your asp hosting needs

see my article for more info on the whole process
the part newar the bottom talks about hosting companies

, ok, well that should not be a problem then.. its meant to be able to be put in a folder like that.. just make sure the folder is not a subweb or anything like that... meaning dont set the folder up to have its own application in IIS. Just use a regular folder of course that is part  of the root iis application.

Perhaps you just didnt edit the paths in the settings like I mentioned.,



I dont really have any ideas about the japanese characters. I also don't have any ideas about changing settings in the database. Your going to have to do some research on all of that.

Perhaps try pasting the text into a text document 1st.. then copy/paste them into the application. Perhaps that will eliminate any unseen weird characters. I do it sometimes when pasting things from word to my html editors and it works great.


I dont/cant support custimization to the code but here are some tips to get you started.

edit "items_inc.asp" carefully with a text editor
(back it up before you begin so you can revert back)

change this anywhere you see it






Expiriment to see which gives you the desired sorting.
Do the same process for the price.
The + Sign just passes a "space" back to the page in the proper format if you are wondering.


The items for page setting is easy. Just go to the settings page when logged in as the admin. Edit this field.   "ResultPageSize"



I can't seem to find the code where it limits the upload file size. I want to limit the upload size to 1.5 mg for all users. Also I've noticed that the 500 pix doesn't seem to work. As in if an image is bigger than 500 pix the script still uploads it. i am using Upload_post_VBSCRIPT.ASP.



The default database password is "temp"

This is noted in the docs. You can also see the current password by looking at your connection string.


ASPProtect v7 comes with working example code of protecting a file download.

This comes with the system as an example folder with some files in it.

(some of the initial purchaser's of the system might not have that directory.. if that is the case please ask)

Here is how it works...

Basically we protect the file download by only allowing a logged in user to download it. The special ".asp" page we use the stream the file is password protected. It also hides the true location of the file so you can keep your files out of your web or keep them in a folder in your web that does not allow file browsing. Under this scenario even if someone looks at the html source they can not tell where the file really came from and they can only download if they are logged in and you offered them the link to the file.

For the file download protection examples to work you may need to edit some values
in the stream_download.asp file that are valid for your setup.

Look at the source. The values you can edit are commented.

Now, you also need to call a valid "download file name" from the download_link.asp file which is an example of how make a download link to the streamed download.

Lastly, we provide a working example. Now, you obviously may need to customize it to fit your needs. Please realize you are going to have to make special download links in your .asp pages and not only should you only show those links to people with appropriate access to download the files, but you should also protect the streaming download page accordingly as well as far as level, groups, and particular users. What I am saying is which files a particular user is allowed to download is not automatically handled by ASPProtect in any way. We give you all the tools to provide protected downloads to logged in users, but if you have complex needs you’re probably going to need to come up with a system that works for you. It's not really difficult because we did all the complicated stuff, but its something you have to sort out.

Perhaps someday in the future ASPProtect will have an interface to upload files and associate them with certain users. But at the moment it does not.

, Then you should have current enough code.

If you PM me the encryption key you are using and the plain text password for this user I can see if I can reproduce the error and come up with a fix.

I believe you found one of the rare examples where the encryption creates a strange character that messes up things. Sometimes those characters are not even visable.

Changing the password should solve the problem in the meantime.,

I don't believe that the iframe method is supported in a .NET (aspx) implementation, is it?



Thanks for the info.  We'll do as you suggest.



Access to some sections of the forums must be requested.
Please Click on the following link and read all of it carefully.





I need a point or a little insight please.

I need to get information from a credit card authorization called netbilling. I have been looking at your code for PayPal and 2 checkout. I have a feel for the code flow and the relationships of the "includes" .

I have been doing a lot of reading in my books and am seemingly twisted around the axel. I am not expert in ASP I am better in VB. I am not afraid to write code I am just a little nervous about messing up existing relationships.

My plan is simple: code a page to open the database and populate the database fields from netbilling and convert their field name to yours in the database.

I appreciate your time and insight. As in the past I need your help again.



I understand the encryption for security, but I am using ASPP for a very low security function and don't want encryption.

Can't I simply delete the code that does encryption?

If not, how can I

take my ASPProtect_access2002.mdb that was opened on my local host, with my own users added with text passwords,

export to a delimited text file, import it into ASPP with my own passwords encrypted, the use that file instead of my old .mdb file? Thanks

, How do I customize the validation email that is sent to users when they first register?,

Timecard Entry: 3/25/2006 1:45:49 PM

Trying to access secure.gisco.net to create web for Watertown Chamber. Access is being denied., training on wireless transmission meathods, mapping of network, *24DD: HTML production and testing: add content, add code supplied by Mike Nelson, 3 Miles - 135 Park Pl. - Fisher Rd. (Watertown), Posted accounts and did a detail of check and cash for bank deposit.. Ans. phone, coupon referrlal, credit card authoiization, and customer inquiries., TICC - opening mail & filing, Sent notes to our Pocket Real Estate demo users and asked them to share their feedback on the product (per request from Rich Jackson), Collected brochures from Rob's Desk- spoke to Keith about the Quote, 48 miles, Waiting for Bell Atlantic to trouble shoot the problem. Basically all that was done is I powered down our equipment to prove that it wasn't part of the problem. I also did do some checks on the equipment and configuration but it looked fine., ODMLS, Review notes from Eric Mower meeting, Management meeting, South Jefferson Meeting, Unpack display items from Orlando, backupd sql, helped steve verify his queires then let him do his queries to sql, double checked work to make sure all right and modified right accounts, let need to know ppl what was done, backupd up sql to another device. , lunch with Michele, Put stock away, worked on SoftMLS.com redesign, Proposals for KVVI, Crown Point... voice mails, Ron, etc..., MTG WITH AMY, LISA, AND NIC, travel to watertown-meeting with reed benoit, lunch, Met w/Tim, worked on changes and additions to Allied Coop site that Kelly Mashaw requested during our phone meeting (programming, alliedcoop.com, billable), DANC.ORG MET WITH LISA AND TOM SAUTER AT THE DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY, s/w kv on ics, to forwared email and discuss this afternoon. action sheet developed and emailed to ticc team with scheduled meetings for thursday and friday. copies made for illuminet contract for hb. research through guru on peering and dedicated access lit (in relation to article) to develop response. to fedex to mail contract., timecards and spreadsheet, cleaning up Nortel stuff, timecards, logs, phones,

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