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Blog Entry: 3/25/2006 1:51:45 PM

I think you getting all confused about dsn's and what they really are.

A system dsn gets created via the ODBC control panel and gets listed there. A system dsn is nothing more than a registry entry telling information about where the database is an how to connect to it. Then every time code accesses the database it has to do a registry lookup. The whole process adds a lot of delays, causes very poor performance and is unnecessary.

A dsn-less connection simply connects directly to the database by specifying the driver being used, where the database is, and some other information like the password if there is one.

To get aspprotect or any other ASP application using a database all you have to do is make sure the database folder has correct permissions and then make a connection string like so. (with the correct info for your directory structure of course)

DBQ=c:\inetpub\wwwroot\aspprotect_6\data\database\ASPProtect _access2002.mdb;Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};UID=Admin;Password=temp

If you are wondering Access databases always use the same username.

So, basically if permissions are set correctly and the directory is valid it will work.
It is really that simple. 99% of the time when people have problems it is one or the other.

That being said, don't worry about the odbc control panel and what is listed there for connections. All we really care about is that odbc drivers are installed and somewhat current.

One last thign for reference: even if you do make a system dsn the database folder still needs the correct permissions.

cwilliams38417.7371643518, alternate databases are right here.. the documentation clearly links to this, its really not difficult to find


basically one at a time because of limitations of the file uploads that browsers can support 

more on that here

An Admins can however ftp a bunch of pics to the import folder and import them into any album all at once pretty easily


, Humm, its hard to explain but I am not sure that is a good way to be testing that. I hear what you are saying but I am not sure that really means anything. Whatever is going on its some sort of client side issue with the browser and the meta refreshing over a very long period of time during which there really is no user doing anything at the site. , Simply not possible, that feature is one of the most complicated things I have ever coded. I am very serious when I say that. There is simply no way to make it do that without spending like 80+ hours on the code and even then I do not know how it would work.  There is some very slick stuff going on there and there is no simple way to change it like that. ,

SQL Server Datareader Datawriter Permissions..

here is a screenshot that shows how to set datareader and datawriter permissions on an aspbanner database using "SQL Enterprise Manager"

In this example we are making sure the aspbanneruser has those permissions on the aspbanner table in the database


But can you guess as to why the following might be happening:

1) The password is still "temp", and we verified that by checking dataconn_inc.asp ; 2) People are able to place new ads, etc. ; 3) We then download the DB.  Sometimes we are able to open up the DB just downloaded with the password "temp", but only see the USERS table.  At other times, we cannot open the same DB with any password, and get a "password not valid" message even when using the password "temp".

So what can the problem be?


Microsoft has a free version of SQL server 2000 than you can run on a development machine.

http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=413 744d1-a0bc-479f-bafa-e4b278eb9147&DisplayLang=en

This is really the same thing as the MSDN version of SQL server that comes with Visual Studio

It is limited in two ways.

  • No single database can exceed 2 gigabytes in size. However, each Desktop Engine server instance can contain many databases, each of which can be up to 2 gigabytes in size. Each computer can host up to sixteen instances of Desktop Engine.

  • Performance will rapidly decline when more than five simultaneous users use the database engine at the same time. With five users or less Desktop Engine will operate with full SQL Server speed.

    After you install this your going to need a way to connect to your sql server as well as a way to run queires on it.

    I suggest either install the client tools off any SQL 2000 Installation Disc (giving you enterprise manager and query manager)

    or use the FREE SQL Server Web Data Administrator which will do amost everything you  will need to do. It is really very slick
    http://support.cjwsoft.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=127& ; ; ;PN=1

    Then you have a pretty sweet setup for testing and developing locally using SQL server.

    If you are wondering why someone with a real SQL Server 2000 cd wouldn't just install the real SQL server locally it is because the server part will usually not install on XP Pro or non server versions of windows for licensing reasons. (at least every SQL 2000 CD I have is like that regardless of whether it is standard or enterprise) But the client side tools on the cd are invaluable so I just install the Desktop Version of SQL along with the client side tools and everything works great.

  • ,

    I have imported like 50,000 users into an access database when testing... it took like 4-5 minutes but worked..

    course it really all depends on the setup how many you can get away with

    something must still be wrong

    have you tried just importing 1 or 2 users for troubleshooting sake ?

    I would also recommend that after any timeout you reboot the server or at the very least do an "iisreset" to get things back to normal

    , did anyone find a way to get the descriptions to show under the image yet? ,

    No luck...this is the message


    Return To Import / Export Screen.

    Active Server Pages error 'ASP 0113'

    Script timed out


    The maximum amount of time for a script to execute was exceeded. You can change this limit by specifying a new value for the property Server.ScriptTimeout or by changing the value in the IIS administration tools.


    Hello -

    Believe it or not I finally can access the photogallery. You were right Chris regarding the unzipping of the files.

    Now onto the next challenge! I have set up three categories and proceeded to create a test album. I uploaded a couple of pictures (yeah that worked!!!) but the album does not show up on the default.asp page under the category.

    Please advise -
    Rhona (rookie)

    , Now, back in the dark ages we had to use the command prompt to setup the MySQL database and all that fun stuff. I am not going to show you that method.

    What happened was 100 different  3rd party companies developed interfaces to work with the MySQL server visually. Within the past year MySQL actually released its own little GUI for doing just that so I am going to show you how to do things using that.

    Let's download and install it.

    Go here

    and download Windows (x86) MySQL Administrator
    (1.1 is the most current version at the time of this article)

    Installing that is a no-brainer as well. Just stick to the defaults and it will do its thing.

    Now that it is finished.. run MySQL Administrator from your start menu.

    It will ask for your "root" password that we entered when we set up the server.

    Hit OK

    You should see this if your MySQL server is runnign and you entered the correct password.

    Now select the Catalogs Icon on the right.. go down to the Schemata section.. right click in the lower white area and choose Create New Schema

    It will look like this

    Essentially this is your database name. I am going to call my database "aspbanner"

    Hit ok

    Your now have a new database with nothing in it. We now need to run the MySQL database creation scripts that I provide which will create the Tables and Fields needed.

    The easiest way when using the MySQL Administrator is to select the Restore icon on the left.

    The choose "Open Backup File" in the lower right corner.. Browse to the "aspbanner_mysql.sql" file we provide. You can also download that file here. 2006-03-14_164927_MySQL_Script.zip

    Once you select that file choose open...

    Now, it is very important you choose the database you created earlier. Also known as Target Schema.. in this case I choose "aspbanner"

    Now hit "Start Restore"

    Ok, now the database has Tables and Fields

    Click on the Catalogs Icon on the left and then select aspbanner from the schemata area in the lower left

    You'll see we now have tables in the aspbanner database,

    ASPProtect and PayPal are fully automated and ready to go.
    Accounts will automatically get activated after payment.

    We actually do not tell you to put nothing in the PayPal system for the IPN URL. Something has to be there or PayPal will not let you enable IPN. We actually tell you in you PayPal settings to turn on IPN and make up an IPN url because something has to go there. (I think we suggested making a blank asp page on you're site to send it to) It really doesn't matter where you send that but it might as well be a valid page on your site to avoid any 404 errors in your logs when a non ASPProtect payment comes in.

    You see, we dont set that IPN url set in the PayPal system because each ASPProtect signup script directory (single payment and subcription) uses it own IPN url and that all gets set on the fly by the aspprotect system. There is a way to overide the defaul IPN url is what I am saying.

    A  lot of people already have something there and we didn't want the ASPProtect system to interfere with things they already had going on.



    I have support for the ibulc image uploading client working.


    There is also an option in asp photo gallery pro to store the images original filename in the description field which is pretty cool.

    Ibulc client bulk upload support currently only works with the pure vbscript upload or the safileup component. (I may support the other two components asp photo gallery can use but it really depends on time) The pure vbscript upload code I am using for this is much better than the code I was using before so that method should be offer decent performance for anyone though using a component is always better.

    I still have to add the ibulc feature to the users side. It currently all only works for an admin user.

    The whole process is very cool. You install the ibulc client on you computer. It's tiny, and free for uploading up to 10 (100kb) pictures at once. You have to by a domain license from them to do more than 10. Anyway.. it lets you select multiple pictures off your hard drive and it then uploads them all at once with individual progress info for each picture. Its really cool and since it really treats each picture as an individual upload it doesn't hammer the server with one big upload at once.

    I also made it so you can start the picture uploads at any picture number.
    So if you already have pictures in an album you can add more without losing what is already there.

    This was one of the main features of the new version and now that it is working hopefully I can tie up any loose ends and get the new version out soon.

    cwilliams38327.5488541667, ok, that does not work but that still is not enough to help me troubleshoot.

    I'll probably need to look around in your admin area and check things out in order to figure anything out.

    I will also need to see the protection code you put on that page exactly as it appears.

    PM (private message) the admin usersname/password to me if that is ok with you and I will check it out

    it's really the only way I can help with an issue like this. I have to make sure you didn't do something wrong and then go from there ,


    I actually noticed something was up with your install earlier...
    (I saw you in my log files when you clicked to cjwoft from the docs)

    I need more info... like what uploading method your using.. what image resizing component, what widths yoru resizing things to... etc

    have you tried it while telling it to delete the pics and also while not telling it not to delete them from the import folder

    I might have to take a look tommoro as well to really figure it if that is ok

    I have to go the bar to meet some friends so I wont be of much more help tonight :)

    I been working steady all week and need a few.



    If I also password protect the pricelist pages then someone will have to login twice.

    nobody should have to log in twice... ?

    session variables keep track of access... once your in - your in and you can browse to and from any password protected pages you like

    If it is making you log in each time then cookies are most likely disabled.. session variables requires cookies being on to work.. cookies being on  is a requirement of aspprotect and is how Formed Based Authentication works..

    let me know if that is the issue there...

    you shouldnt have to be logging in more than once per session

    Thats the whole point of the application...

    , ok.. glad it is doing it's thing, we ended up resolving it...

    the physical path being used was invalid,

    Okay, thanks, I'm going to change the method tonight and see if it makes a difference

    I'll report back



    i've got a client who has handed me a 151 character banner URL, and i see that the database is designed to take 150 characters. i took the obvious step of just increasing the size of that text field in the database, but i still get this error when i try to enter the URL in the proper form field:

    Multiple-step OLE DB operation generated errors. Check each OLE DB status value, if available. No work was done.

    /banners/aspbanner/save_banner.asp, line 200

    now, line 200 is just this:

    If Banner_Link_URL = "" THEN
     CmdEditBanner.Fields("Banner_Link_URL") = NULL
     CmdEditBanner.Fields("Banner_Link_URL") = Banner_Link_URL
    End If

    which tells me that something is blocking the assignment of that long value to that field, even though i believed i had extended the length of that field in the source database.

    where else might i look?



    Hi - I am a recent user of your software. I administer it for the owner. I probably missed something in your forums somewhere - but I'd like to know how to stop the software from sending an "accept registration" e-mail (after they fill out the registration page) from going out so fast - usually within minutes.  I'd like to know how to defer the message for 24 hours, more or less, so that our company can go over the registration details and decide whether to allow the person registering to actually have access to our protected website pages.  The program is working very well and we are excited about it.  So far, no problems (knock on wood!).

    Thanks so much for your help!


    how about translating the error to english..

    Looks to me off hand that it would have something to do with the SQL server itself not being run in an english lcid/format and causing some sort of date issue.

    I would also suggest you start off with a brand new blank SQL ASPBanner database and make sure that works before you attemp t to import any data into it.


    Yes worked fine


    , [QUOTE=cwilliams]

    It should be released sometime late May 2004 or early June 2004 but no gurantees as I am pretty busy right now with some projects.

    There will be upgrade instructions and it should be a fairly easy upgrade.



    Like I said no guarantee... I have a lot of things going on... it might not even be finished till the end of July... customers will always be able to get it for the difference in price

    You have the version listed on the site when you purchassed it.
    Version 3.0



    Unfortuantely I can not help you much regarding the javascript because I am a server side code kinda guy. Client side javascript just isn't my thing. That was free javascript code that I used for that function. I really do not know enough about editing client javascript. Sounds like you might though.

    Style 1 is really a relic left over from the standard version. I just left it in in case someone wanted to use it. Like I said because it is javascript making it do more than it does is tricky (at least for me)

    Now,, for actually getting description code. The thing to do is check out how that all works in the pic_window.asp file which is what style 2 two uses. Bascially descriptions for an particular album get stored in one text file. We read that test file. Put the lines into an array. Then display the info which gets run through a functions to convert some special characters used when saving back to normal.

    I tried to look at your site but it woulnt load for some reason.



    yeah.. thats an old graphic probably only seen in a few places.

    it is not on the main site
    or here
    or here
    or here
    or here

    but I am sure there are a couple of pages left over still using it like the aspvendor and asplistings pages.. etc    I am aware of it, just been too busy to go change them and I didn't consider it a big deal

    2003 servers are NT based anyway

    , you have to do it like I show above... your not specifying the field name to be searched in the instr function so what you just showed me will not do anything

    You also should not have the > 0 stuff in the function because it is testing the result of the function.

    You have to do it just like I showed ,

    it is not uncommon for folder permissions to be lost or changed on a server.. a lot of things can cause it

    if it was working and now you can not edit or write new data to the database it is most likely permissions

    I would triple check permissions... see my articles if there is any doubt on how permissions are set





    This is great documentaion for windows script 5.6
    in windows chm file format for jscript and vbscript.

    We use server side vbscript in all our our ASP 3.0 applications so this info can be a lot of help.




    What other information do you have ?

    Details are very important.

    Info on situations where it works... like OS, browser version.. etc etc

    Info on situations where it does not work... same stuff

    size of the PDF files ?

    server info ?

    Maybe protect a page and offer a PDF file so myself and some of the forum users can try it and report back what happens.

    Also, Many people zip up PDF files when letting people download them as browsers can act pretty odd at times with them. Perhaps that is an option.


    ALL FIXED.. tested with real paypal accounts and a live system
    works perfectly


    Download this file "ipn.asp" and put it in the "paypal_sub_signup" folder

    Basically somehow an older version of the this file was in the original download archive.


    Anyone who purchased ASPProtect 7 before March 11, 2005 should download this fix.

    cwilliams38421.7018055556, Hey, I thought I'd share this tip with the ASPProtect community...

    If you'd like to remove, modify, or add fields to the "Users" view in the password_admin default.asp page, it's really easy to do. Well, at least it was for me. I'm using an MS Access database, by the way.

    For me, I don't need "Company" info, but I do need last access and # of times accessed displayed. Therefore, I had to change the default page in three areas:

    In /password_admin/default.asp, go to about line 185 or so, where you see stuff like:

    [code]<td valign="bottom"><font face="Arial" color="#000000" size ="2"><b>First&nbsp;Name& lt;/b>&nbsp;</font></td> [/code]

    OK, those are the column headings. Each one corresponds to a column from your USERS table in your database. There are two more areas to consider, both of which appear immediately after this section.

    The next section has statements that look like this:

    [code]<td valign="bottom"><a href="<% =THISPAGE %>?SORTBY=First_Name+ASC&MyPageSize=<% =MyPageSize %>&Keyword=<% =Server.URLEncode(Keyword)%>"><img border="0" src="../images/sort_ascending.gif" Alt="Sort Ascending"></a><a href="<% =THISPAGE %>?SORTBY=First_Name+DESC&MyPageSize=<% =MyPageSize %>&Keyword=<% =Server.URLEncode(Keyword)%>"><img border="0" src="../images/sort_descending.gif" Alt="Sort Descending"></a></td>[/code]

    See the "First_Name" items? The first is for an ascending sort, the second for a descending. This particular line corresponds to the code snippet immediately above it. But all this does is handle the sorting. For the actual data, look lower for this stuff:

    [code]    <td bgcolor="<% = Cellbgcolor %>"><font face="Arial" size="1">&nbsp;<%= CmdListUsers("First_Name") %& gt;&nbsp;</font></td> [/code]

    It's a good ways down, so don't be impatient if you don't see it in 10 lines from the end of the last mentioned section. This stuff handles the display of the data from the database (where else ya gonna get data, anyway?)...

    Now, to remove a field, you need to find the three sets that go with that data. The ascending/descending sort is potentially the trickiest, because it's the longest set of data and can take a number of lines. Just clear it from the start td to the end /td and you'll be fine.

    To *add* a field, copy and paste the code from an existing field and modify it. In the first one, the column title, you can type whatever you want to describe your info. Nobody but you and your admins will see it. For the next two sections, though, you need to get the correct column heading from the USERS table and use that to correct the lines in the copied code you pasted in.

    For example, when I added a column to show the number of times a user logged in, I copied the above snippets and pasted them in where I felt the column I needed should be. Then, in the first one, I changed "First Name" to "Logins". In the ascending/descending snippet, I changed First_Name to Counter. Same for the last snippet.

    The result? A new column, showing the number of logins my users were successful with.

    Of course, before you experiment, back up your existing default.asp file, JUST IN CASE.

    Have fun!

    , I have been using the AspHttp Component method for displaying my ads along with the google adsense code.  However, in the last few days my site was taking too long to load, so I replaced the AspHttp component, with Javascript method.  The site was back to speed.  But now, the Google Adsense banners do not show up.  Is there a solution for that?  Can the Javascript show Adsense banners also?  Because they do show the Flash banners.,

    It worked after bout 15 minutes.  I receive a response of *3*

    However, when I log in as a user who is only a mamber of group1 I still get a response of *3*



    Many Thanks

    Seems like its working just got to test it bit to see, though it wasnt going to work as I had one too many End If's after the last part of the code you done for me. But even I eventually sussed it, nothing to do with your bit just another mistake on my part

    Great to get support like this especially on a Saturday



    , I have accessed the "get_me_in.asp" page and entered the password encryption key.  Once I entered it, I was taken to the ASPProtect Admin Area Login.  It does not give me the option to create a new user as is described in the general installation documentation.  How do I access the program now?,
    Thanks for the quick reply.
    I will consider editing the code.
    , You shouldn't be renaming or moving anything... unless you really really understand what you are doing and are at an expert level expert as far as ASP coding goes.

    like I said earlier..
    http://support.cjwsoft.com/code/code_info.asp?TID=354&ge t=last#1130

    redirecting with version 6 is not supported but this thread tells you exactly how to set it up (I showed you this thread in an that earlier post)

    http://support.cjwsoft.com/code/code_info.asp?TID=17&KW= redirect

    This thread below may also help in case the page you want to start on with a login form should not be password protected..

    http://support.cjwsoft.com/code/moreinfo18-2.htm ,

    Timecard Entry: 3/25/2006 1:51:45 PM

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