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Blog Entry: 3/25/2006 1:38:44 PM

I'm having an issue importing. It moves the images from the /import folder and creates the thumbnails with no problem, but the full-size photos all have a size of 0 bytes.

http://www.larrysampas.com/gallery2/default.asp?CatLevel=2&a mp;Cat1_ID=1


Is that a real term or just something you named it cause they have like a zillion people using that SQL server?[/QUOTE]

yeah thats it, you buy into a part of the sql server so it's an sql server hotel...


Your customer should set up a special page that you send banner clicks to. That page is the page that should record the ip and whatever other info needed.

I suppose you could make a page on your end that records that info and finally redirects them to the intended url as well.

All using simple asp. It's really not that dificult to do, but it is a loit easier if you do it this way and keep it seperate from the banner system.

Here is some interesting information not totally related to answering your question.

The banner system does not track IPs on individual clicks because if it did.. 100 clicks on a paricular banner in one day would result in 100 rows in the stats database instead of just 1 row. That may not seem like a lot, but imagine 30 banners all doing the same thing mulipled by 30 days. Your talking 90000 rows in the database instead of 900. It all comes down to what ASPBanner was designed for which is performance and low resource use.

Some banner systems out there even keep track of individual IP's per banner display. Try to imagine how much that effects performance and how much extra space is used in the database for stats. It's crazy and also the reason that the more little features a banner system offers the slower and slower it begins to run.

I am sure I lose sales all the time because I offer less features, but the truth is I know those features will eventually defeat the purpose of why I created this banner system in the 1st place and that i just not something I want to do.

The banner systems with every little feature are just not well suited to very busy sites no matter how well they are designed.cwilliams38324.8386689815,


there is not.. it gets really complicated
its practically a miracle it does what it does due to the nature of the web

perhaps with some modications it could do mroe but the current version pretty much does what it does


ok, 1st we need to rule out the #1 reason people sometimes think that is not working.

Is is set up never to allow the same IP to increment the count more than once in a row so when testing it is real easy to think the count isn't working because unless you can change your ip you can not increment the count more than once per album

It's a poor mans spam abuse type of deal..
For the most part it will keep some Joker from hitting refresh 100 times and inflating the count of an album.

Do you think that is possible what is happening ?

Also, here is an older thread about the same issue?

, sounds like the data/export folde does not have permissions,


The string is being saved and I get a .wav ring sound to confirm.  I have tried editing in "notepad" and then running the "data/show_path_info.asp" file after with the same results.




, Does ASPProtect 7 work with SQL 2005?,

Its not on their end. Using ASP alone you really won't be able to send more than around 300-400 individuals emails at a time before things will time out. Its just that ASP is not an efficient way of sending email and it never will be.

You really should look into worldcast like I mentioned before.

Then just export the email list from the database into worldcast and send out the newsletters.

You will get much better results and perfect newsletters and it really only takes a little bit longer to do each time once you figure it out. That is how I send out my PowerASP and CJWSoft newsletters and it works perfectly every time.


I am getting the same error looking at the previous post, I looked in settings and my Registration-URL is pointing at the correct location.


Is there any other thoughts on this issue

Thank you!



humm.. their FAQ is interesting...it looks like some sort of .NET configuration issue regarding security policies like you mentioned

Thats one of the big problems with hosting .NET. Some hosting companies just do do some oddball things. ASPProtect.NET works under default conditions but when hosts go around locking things down to the max there is bound to be trouble. This is the 1st I have heard of this.

Now, ASPProtect.NET does use the "System.Data.OleDb" and "System.Data.Odbc" which your host says they block because they require full trust.

All I can really say at the moment is go with a hosting company like www.alentus.com or www.maximumasp.com that does not restrict your .NET abilities so much.

In the meantime I am going to ask John Evans what he thinks about this.


yes, admins have access to absolutely anything...

as for the other question what you should do is only show links to people logged in that they have access to.. then they wont get logged out when they go to a page they do not have access to

for example if someone doesn't have access to a level 4 page dont give them a link to go there... you can do that by checking the session variables and creating your hyperlink html code accordingly .. using simple if-else logic... you could even make a hyperlink non-clickable and add some text to it like (no access)

it's all about taking the time to intelligently designing the different areas of your web site. It takes a bit of time and work to really make a system flow the way you want it to.

other than that it becomes extremely complicated to not grant them access when they go to a page they dont have access to but also keep them logged in. It is just not designed to flow that way. If someone goes to a page they do have access to they get logged out. It sort of has to be that way because of the ways things flow.

more info on accessing user info after login so you can do that

another good thing to check out is the provided examples for mutliple access levels. You can see that if you log into the default page for that that it only shows you links to pages you have access to. Done with simple if-else logic around the html links. It is using groups but you can do the same sort of concept using groups.


Now, we can connect to the MySQL database with ASPBanner using the following connection string if we like.

"driver={MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver};server=localhost;port=3306;uid=root;pwd=temp;databas e=aspbanner;option=16386"

But we really do not want to connect to the aspbanner MySQL database using the "root" account

So, lets make an account to use..

In MySQL Administrator select "User Administration"

Down below you will see the user "root"

Right click on "root" and select "Add new user"

Type in a New MySQL Username and Password

I am going to call my new user "aspbanneruser"

Hit the Schema Privileges" tab

In this case since I am using the root account to manage my MySQL system I am just going to give this new user account what it needs to use the aspbanner database.. you may want to apply more permissions to the new account, that is up to you.. I am giving the new user (select, insert, update, delete, execute) So I right click on the aspbanner and then bring over the permissions I need for it.. and hit apply changes down in the bottom right.

We can now connect to the aspbanner MySQL database using this new account like so.

"driver={MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver};server=localhost;port=3306;uid=aspbanneruser;pwd=tem p;databas e=aspbanner;option=16386"


------------------------------------------------------------ -----
article still in the process of being written (3/14/06)


I know what is happening.. its the old single quote thing messing up the query string..
but it shouldnt be happening with the newer code as I fixed it.

If you like I can go in and reproduce/fix the issue. I can not think of any other way I can help you as other users have not reported the issue.

Chances are if it is happening in one situation it will happen again in the future.. it really all depends on the passwords being used and your encyrption key... other passwords may produce the issue even if the password is correct

basically once the password gets encrypted it by chance has a single quote in it... then it messes up the query

I take care of the situation by replacing the single quote with a double quote but it looks like you found a situation where that didn't work out



5 Computers in an office, random hardware and operating systems.  Some wireless some wired - all the same ISP connection.

Some users do not see the PLACE A NEW AD hyperlink.  How can this be hidden?  There is no conditional statement yet some see it and others don't.

To make this problem even more confusing if I take an image and put the place_new_ad.asp hyperlink on that image the users don't even see that image any longer.

How can this be resolved?


I would look on the pictures folder on the server and see what is there for pictures. Also, when you see a broken X on the site right click and see where it is trying to get the picture from and what the pictures name should be.

I would also be sure to clear out your temporary internet files in IE. clost and restart all browsers..

maybe show me the site ? so I can see this happening ?


The album ID thing is completely normal and by design. Once an ID in the database is used it can not be used again. That is how autonumber fields in a database work.

As far as not being able to delete images... Are you by chance using ASP.NET to show dynamic thumbnails... Because if you are you must turn that feature off and wait 20 minutes or so (maybe more) before you will be able to delete any of the images. It is because the current version of the ASP.NET script used to make the thumbnails locks the images on the server temporarily anytime it creates a thumbnail.

It is a known issue... and there is no fix at the moment other than what I told you above.


Now that I really think about it.. instead of logging that info to a text file and worrying about folder permissions you could probably just save the post info into an application variable during the paypal ipn.asp post like so

For Each Item In Request.Form
formdata = formdata & vbCrLf & Item & "=" & Request.Form(Item) & vbCrLf

Application("PayPalPost") = formdata & " - " & NOW

then anytime you wanted to see if that info was there or when it happened you could make a simple asp page in your site to display the results like so

Response.Write "(" & Application("PayPalPost") & ")"


Good Morning, any suggestions on how to best "fake out the system" -- I would like to try to keep this clean so I can see the real errors?

My thought was to try to just move those .gif files to the directory that it thinks it should be in -- do you have any better suggestions? Or reasons why I really wouldnt want to do that?

, Oh also, I tried to run the asp on my machine (win XP) and unless I'm missing something fairly obvious, I cannot get it to run correctly...when previewing it, I see all the code instead of what I should be seeing., ok, that does not work but that still is not enough to help me troubleshoot.

I'll probably need to look around in your admin area and check things out in order to figure anything out.

I will also need to see the protection code you put on that page exactly as it appears.

PM (private message) the admin usersname/password to me if that is ok with you and I will check it out

it's really the only way I can help with an issue like this. I have to make sure you didn't do something wrong and then go from there ,

again.. more custom code work would be required to handle it



, All fixed... I changed the remote server from localhost.omegaphibeta.net or whatever it said there to localhost

I sent a test email to myself and got it no problem

the error you were getting was email component related ,
Thanks for the quick reply.
I will consider editing the code.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the answer. No, I am not using Paypal since these are employees and sales reps. I guess i'm on my own on this one. :)


, if you are talking about IPN subscriptions and how they work paypal has detailed manauls on their site.. if you are talking about asp.net in general there are probably a lot of good books..

the reason I said look at the aspprotect 7 code is cause the applications and database are very similar and the same techniques will apply for the most part as far as how the ipn subscription posts from paypal talk to the database and what happens during the various post events.. etc etc etc , Actually quite well.  I have this problem worked out and it actually isn't to bad.  But  now I am getting some strange error messages.  I will start another post.



I don't see any good reason to rename any of those files.

Changing them though may involve changes to the code recompiling, etc etc... it is not something I support.

, Thats what I needed.  Thank you!,

I just told you a lot of different things to try... and I doubt you have tried them in the time since I mentioned them


(FREE) Nov 23 2005 Update Files

If you purchased ASPProtect Version 7.x before Nov 23 2005 then you can download these Update Files.

(These are non-critical updates.. only update if you want the described changes below)

These updates do the following..

  • Make the Tabs in the Admin area move up and down as you navigate around so they look more like tabs used in a file cabinet.
  • Updates the import/export process so the tab delimited text files created now store the passwords in plain text instead of encrypted. I have been thinking about this one for a while now and I think it is better this way as it was confusing a lot of people. If can also kill the whole process if by chance the encrypted output of a password contains a line break of sorts. There is no way to deal with that scenario so this is way the import/export process is going to work from now on. This also means you should be VERY carfeful about leaving export files lying around as they will have the passwords in them.
  • Updates the "expected_paths.asp" in the data folder because the paths it was generating had an extra "data/" in it.
  • Updates the users page so it will not show the import/export link if you have not entered a path for the export files in the settings.
  • Adds an Activity Tab if using the Activity Tracking features instead of the links it used to put on the users page that most people didn't see.

To install these just copy them in over the old files.

Now of course back up your existing files so can revert back if there is a problem or you do not like the changes. If you made any custom changes to any of your pages use your head and realize that copying these in over your existing files will overide any custom changes you made. (that is your business, I am just warning you)



It does not matter what directory name the ASPProtect files and folders are in but you cant go moving around critical file and folders like it appears you did nor is there any reason to.

All that is is saying is that the users folder, the password_admin folder, the scripts folder, the check_user_inc.asp file, and all the other files and folders that come with the system can be in any directory name as a whole.... but that doesn't mean you can go messing around with the files and folders in that directory.

I assure you 100's of users do not use "aspprotect" as the main folder name and they have no issues doing so.

Regardless, you need to explain in much clearer detail exactly what you did and what paths you used and what is where.  At this point I really do not know what is you did as your post was not clear to me.

You should also check that you have entered correct path info in the admin settings page area. The register page is one of the paths that geths set there.


its a text file   you just edit it with notepad..  if ya mess it up ya put an original copy back in

no biggie either way

jump in there..

I just showed ya exactly what to change.. its a no brainer man
This is simple source code. It's meant to be edited and hacked.

The only reason I warn you is so you can't blame me later on if it effects something

I am just trying to help

If ya dont like that solution why not just use periods for the first name field.. or a dash or something... then nobody will really see it

or maybe store the company name in the first_name field

seems like clever things to try without changing the code..

good luck...


as I look at your installation more I notice that you are using MSSQl as the database type.

chances are that is the source of these problems. Fields in the sql database are most likely not all set correctly

it is very important that the sql tables and fields are set up exactly as described and that the sql script we provide runs without error


if you create the sql database other than the way we tell you to or the sql script doesn't do its job setting all the field types/constraints/primary keys/etc..... for some reason .. then weird things like this can happen

at this time this is my best guess as to what is going on

I would examing the sql script we provide and compare the information set in it for each field and table to your existing SQL database to see if everything got set correctly.. I would start by checking these fields 1st of all as they are very important.... (username,password,expiration_date,admin,active)

in the meantime testing the ASPProtect system with an Access database will prove that all the ASP code is working as it is supposed to if you are interested in doing that

, Oh yes...I've changed the time a script is allowed to run before timing out from 90 seconds to 180 seconds on the aspprotect folder.,

OK, I figured out the problem.  Not running ASP becasue the pages are not saved as ASP but rather HTM... OK so I am smart like a tractor but strong like an ox.


It turns out that I never enabled ASP.net on the site. After doing that the skins work much better. I'll have to poke around and see what other functionality is now available.





it would be nice if there was an option for login abuse, where a login account would be flagged if it logged in from x number of different IPs over a period of time. I know many have dynamic IPs, but there's got to be a balance between legitimate logins and logins that are 'shared' for the sake of saving money (I sell subscriptions), in the end costing me.

Maybe searching the first two number groups in the IP (example, 209.168.*.*), and if finding more than an admin specified number of logins per week from IPs with different first two groups, the record would be flagged or locked...


, Can I have the logon be in a top frame while having the protected pages displayed in a main frame?

Also, how will it behave if a user moves in between a protected page to a public page and back to the protected page again?

one last thing... if you did an upgrade from a previous version and didnt do the whole database field thing right during the upgrade process as stated here you could have trouble.

Meaning you should check your new database with the field structure of an unmodified new database and make sure all field names match up perfectly.. especially paying attention to the username and password fields

One last thing..
If you did an import via text file and didn't import all the fields ASPProtect needs you could possibly have problems as well.. though I don't think this relates to the timeout so it probably is not the case


Timecard Entry: 3/25/2006 1:38:44 PM

Pulled modems in Clayton., installation of DSS system and recieving of new equipement, **worked on bram site, from clayton to watertown, Working on proposals that Jim asked me to do., various, TIITC database project, radlogs and callbacks, Learning SQL server., TICC - process customer payments, changed tapes for morning backup, Put together bundle folders for BC. emails to dave morin and casey about dummy accounts for testing in burlington. reviewed info with BC about corporate contract additions. gathered some info on vt stores-possible future partners. decided on dates for partner meetings in january., enter bills, worked on the party stuff and spoke to Paul to give him the messages etx., Answered all of the voicemails, Didn't take one, but have to document one. To busy and with the meeting. I will survive. No big thing. , fixing routing issues with Randy on 7513 due to circuit outtage a Global Crossing., *AGFA, Answering email and voicemail, Steady morning. Quality check sign ups, cancellations, reports, callbacks from voicemail, checked emails, taking sign ups, answering phone. , Update Jeff on SWMF status, expired users / logins /e-mails, worked with Steve on the Channel Partner Site specifics, Trademark matters, still kinda busy, longer phone calls at end, Working on putting up softmls on cnymn.com site, Finished out the day with answering phone calls., Clayton to Watertown, rewiring Syracuse collocation equipment and setting up Compaq Comm Server for new Chan T-1's we will be getting, Work on NYAB diagram and info. Also had phone calls, talks w/ customers, etc.,

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