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Blog Entry: 3/25/2006 1:41:00 PM

More Info on Simple File Sharing

http://www.practicallynetworked.com/sharing/xp/filesharing.h tm

http://www.theeldergeek.com/quick_guide_to_simple_file_shari ng.htm

http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;3040 40


, just FYI -- i added in a new data table into the database.  I havent finished implementing the whole thing across the entire site, but it wasn't too difficult.  Once I have all of the functionality complete I'll post some details.  Some of the changes are the addition of a new album nav style which combines style 2 and some of the features of the new data table.

Very easy app to work with guys.

Hi Chris

After turing off the delayed stats feature the internal errors have stopped and it still serves banners, although I havent checked the logs yet. I will and post any errors.

I left my test page up last night at say 11pm serving 4 banners of different sizes rotating every 15 seconds, now at 9am the page is just displaying 1. If I refresh the page they all reappear.


, Hi,
I really look forward to installing V7...
I would like to test V7 by copying my existing V6 to a NEW directory, including the database with new connection, and using this duplicate to do an upgrade for TESTING PURPOSES ONLY before commiting to upgrading the main system.

Should this cause any problem?



it is an email server/setting issue most likely

your email server probably requires outgoing authentication or something like that and that is why internal emails can be sent to but nothing else

its something along those lines

this will help you see the real error instead of the generic 500


I purchased and installed the full version ASPProtect 6.0 in Feb 05 (must have been just before 7.0 came out) and have been using CDONTS for email authorization during the registration process.

It was working fine for about three months. Now, after registering, the  email  authorization is NOT delivered to the new registrant. There are no error messages.It just doesn't arrive.

Any thoughts on the subject would be appreciated.



, Bingo! that did it.  Somehow the data must have gotten corrupted. 

Hopefully that will do for me. Seems like everything is humming along and looks great!

Thanks again,


Hi all

User activity screen shows history of logged-in users.

Is it possible to view only those users that are currently logged in ? not the all users that have logged in previously

thanks in advance



The album ID thing is completely normal and by design. Once an ID in the database is used it can not be used again. That is how autonumber fields in a database work.

As far as not being able to delete images... Are you by chance using ASP.NET to show dynamic thumbnails... Because if you are you must turn that feature off and wait 20 minutes or so (maybe more) before you will be able to delete any of the images. It is because the current version of the ASP.NET script used to make the thumbnails locks the images on the server temporarily anytime it creates a thumbnail.

It is a known issue... and there is no fix at the moment other than what I told you above.

cwilliams38324.744525463, I have ASP Photogallery running and it seems to be great, but I would like to allow uploads using DUNDAS the problem is I can't seem to find it on the linked website. I did find an EXE install in another place but I am running on a Shared Host (Godaddy) and can't run an executable on it. Where can I find Dundas and is there a way to install it without running an EXE??,

If you still cant see the upload buttons after checking the settings send me a PM with the info and I will take a look at your installation. It will have to be up on a live server of course.


Yes, thatís all I wanted to know. The problem is on my end. The server is not creating the .NET site correctly. I think I got it working now. Thanks.

In case you wanted to know? The only reason I asked you is because you mentioned that you where having trouble with overseas piracy and my account is new. I figured it was my user error by just though Iíd ask you first. Hope you have no more piracy issues and have a good rest of the day.

Thanks again for the quick response.


http://support.cjwsoft.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=205& ;PN=1

The IPN Subscription Pack which is built in to ASPProtect 7 contains all the pre-built scripts you need to implement PayPal IPN Subscriptions with ASPProtect. IPN stands for (Instant Payment Notification). It allows you to set up scripts on your server so whenever a PayPal payment is processed the PayPal server sends info to your server regarding the transaction and vice versa. This is a fully automated process and allows you to charge users for access by the month or however long you like.

The Subscription feature of PayPal handles recurring billing automatically. The PayPal server will communicate with the ASPProtect system and keep everything up to date with users and their subscriptions.

This Support Pack basically gives you an additional signup and registration directory "paypal_sub_signup" and it should not interfere with any changes or customizations you have made to your ASPProtect setup. New users can register in this directory and sign up for a subscription at the same time. Existing users whether active or expired can be sent to this directory where they can lookup their account and start a subscription. You can also assign various Access and Group Levels during signup and you can set up various prices for various amounts of time as well. This is a real-time setup for the most part. As soon as a user pays via PayPal your system is updated and they will have access.

To use this all you need to do in ASPProtect 7 is enter your PayPal account name into the settings screen. It will be an email address. You'll need a business or premier account with PayPal and you will need log into your PayPal account and turn on IPN in you profile. They make you enter a default IPN URL. We do not use that so if you already have something there leave it there. If you dont have something there you can type in any the full url to any page on your server. It's probably best to send it to an empty ".asp" page or something.

Changing Payment Options

In the "paypal1.asp" file there are some sample payment options set up.

They look like this and you can have as many as you like.

<!-- Begin Payment Option Code -->
<form action="https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr" method="post" target="_blank">

<% Label = "Membership (1 Month) $9.99 Recurring" %>
<!-- Begin Form Fields You Can Edit.. See PayPal Subscription Manual For Details -->
<input type="hidden" name="no_shipping" value="1">
<input type="hidden" name="no_note" value="1">
<input type="hidden" name="a3" value="9.99">
<input type="hidden" name="p3" value="1">
<input type="hidden" name="t3" value="M">
<input type="hidden" name="src" value="1">
<input type="hidden" name="sra" value="1">
<!-- Field Below must have 2 commas First two values are optional (access level,groups,user ID)-->
<input type="hidden" name="custom" value=",,<% =User_ID %>">
<!-- End Form Fields You Can Edit.. See PayPal Subscription Manual For Details -->

<!--#INCLUDE FILE="form_data_inc.asp"-->
<input type="image" src="https://www.paypal.com/images/x-click-but20.gif" border="0" name="submit" alt="Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!">

<!-- End Payment Option Code -->


To really understand what these form values mean it is best to look through the PayPal Subscriptions Manual which is a PDF file you can get from the PayPal Site.

This link was valid the last I checked...
Subscriptions and Recurring Payments Manual

It also may be helpful to use their wizard to create some subscription buttons with different settings and then look at the code generated.

Bascially these are the important ones..

  • a3 - amount to billed each recurrence
  • t3 - time period (D=days, W=weeks, M=months, Y=years)
  • p3 - number of time periods between each recurrence
  • The custom field is something we are using to send info from ASPProtect to PayPal.
    it allows you to set the access_level or groups access (groups support require the ASPProtect Option Pack)

    <input type="hidden" name="custom" value=",,<% =User_ID %>">

    or this example where we are setting the access_level to (2) and also giving the user access to groups (3 and 4)

    <input type="hidden" name="custom" value="
    2,*3*4*,<% =User_ID %>">

    Here is how it works.
    The value setting (red) is essentially and array that can be made up 3 elements separated by comma's


    If you do not want to set the access_level or groups access.. then you don't even need to edit the setting.

    Values must be separated by a comma even if there is no value and there can be no spaces.  If you didn't want to set an access level or groups there would still be 2 commas at the beginning.  etc etc
    Basically there must always be 2 commas but you only have to set last values which is the User_ID from the ASPProtect system.

    The 1st value is the access level you want to user assigned to.
    The 2nd option is the groups you want the user assigned to. (requires option pack)
    The 3rd option is the User_ID which the system takes care of. Do not edit this option. Leave it as <% =User_ID %>


    cwilliams38421.7141782407, also, just to show you what happens when a user creates a subscription this is the code. you can see in red where the subscrition is is set and also where the exp date is set to null

     If txn_type = "subscr_signup" Then
      Set ConnPasswords = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") 
      Set CmdEditUser = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
      ConnPasswords.Open ConnectionString
      SQL = "SELECT " & tbl_label_users & ".* FROM " & tbl_label_users & " WHERE (User_ID = " & User_ID & ")"
      CmdEditUser.Open SQL, ConnPasswords, 1, 3
      CmdEditUser.Fields("Active") = "1"
      CmdEditUser.Fields("Validated") = "1"
      CmdEditUser.Fields("PayPal_Subscriber_ID") = subscr_id
      CmdEditUser.Fields("Notes") = "Successful PayPal Subscription Signup on " & Date
      CmdEditUser.Fields("Expiration_Date") = Null
      If Access_Level <> "" Then
       CmdEditUser.Fields("Access_Level") = Access_Level
      End If
      If Groups <> "" Then
       CmdEditUser.Fields("Groups") = Trim(Groups)
      End If
      Set CmdEditUser = Nothing
      Set ConnPasswords = Nothing
     End If

    Got any info for me on this ?


    That's excellent!
    I did learn that parent paths were disabled on my test 2003 server...
    But on the hosted server, it looks like parent paths are supported as I change the file location of the language file in the forum common.asp as such, and obviously moved the file as well:
    <!--#include file="language_files/language_file_inc.asp" -->
    <!--#include file="../language_file_inc.asp" -->
    Everything seems to work fine and I thank you very much for you quick response!!!
    Ok, time to buy...thanks again!
    - Jason

    Actually it would because you would just count records for that user that are also active

    and yes, users cant delete albums.. they can only turn them off which really means the albums lose their active status

    only the admin can truly delete an album the way the code is
    (that's just the way I did it for some reason.. I don't remember why)


    I was actually able to do similar thing by allowing our dedicated search engine to access the site unchallanged.

    If Trim(Left(Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_USER_AGENT"),11)) = "MYPASSWORD" Then  
     SearchFlag = True
    End If
    If SearchFlag <> True Then
    If Session("Access_Level") > CHECKFOR or Session("Access_Level") = "" Then 
    <!--#include virtual="/Auth/check_user_Code.asp" -->
    <title>My Title</title>



    My Protected stuff here



    For this to work, the search engine must pass the PW to the web site. I just was not sure how to do the same thing with IPs. I will play with the code and see what happens. If it works, I will post it here to help others, if this is OK with forum rules.




    If you are using an ACCESS Database try to avoid using a system DSN. They are much slower because they go through ODBC which then uses the Jet Drivers to access the database. They also have to do a registry lookup.



    It's funny because in the 4guys article they ask the question..

    "Hmmmm... so who was right, Microsoft or Wrox?"

    I'll tell you who was right and who said it 1st.  It was me and I said it on my old powerasp.com site before anyone else ever did.

    I found it out on my own by experimenting when I was the Systems Analyst for an large ISP. We we had web servers that were not running well. I didn't read about this solution anywhere because no one was talking about it at the time. Microsoft said use System DSN's so everyone just took their word for it.

    I took a lot of heat for saying that back in the day but over time everyone started saying it.


    ok.. Chris.. I am now kicking myself in the butt.  In the setting section, I had to redirect certain urls and directories to the right spot.  I forgot that I renamed the root folder. 


    Thank you, thus far for your continued help.  It is greatly appreciate.



    trust me, they (serverobjects) do not check processors.. as a matter of fact they haven't answered support emails for about 3 years. All they do is sell those components like hotcakes and take in mad crazy cash. But I will say the stuff does work well and always has. (that guy probably took all the money he made/makes from those components and took off to Jamaica or something sitting on the beach drinking margaritas)

    ASP just cant resize pictures on it's own.
    It' just not possible. You need a 3rd Party component.

    There isn't much to say about the ASP.NET thing.

    If your server has ASP.NET installed (meaning you can run aspx pages on your server and the ASP.NET framework is installed) and running you just pick that option in the config file and ASP Photo Gallery will use ASP.NET to make dynamic thumbnails for you.

    To run ASP.NET it must be a 2000 or 2003 server.


    Hi Chris,

    We installed our key onto the live server.

    However, since our temp key has expired, we can't access our application on our development machine because the login won't work anywhere except on the live server.

    Of course we can access the application on dev, if we remove the aspprotect tags, but if we need to log in to do something unique to the user, then we have a problem.

    Can we get another temp key from you? And would there be a better long term solution to this debug/maintanence issue?



    We do not support customization of the code or any custom coding you may end up doing with Visual Studio.NET. However, if you can show me that the application functions incorrectly in its default unmodified form I can help. If not it has to be something you did most likely.

    Though I do not if it is the issue, mixing c# and vb.net in the same project can be tricky if not problematic. Itís definitely just not something I can support.

    If you have not seen it we have tuturial on setting up the project in visual studio.net.

    I would suggest starting with a clean installation. Test everything to make sure the things you say are ok or not. (if not post here about it) Then try your hand at editing the application and compiling it. Keep the c# out of the mix at 1st.

    I am not even sure if adding c# to the same project is feasable.
    (maybe it is , maybe it isn't)

    That being said.. ASPProtect.NET can of course be used to protect pages using c#. But compiling the ASPProtect.NET project with C# code added sounds a bit iffy to me. We wrote the application in VB.NET so you really need to use vb.net when making changes to it.

    , It looks like your product is perfect for my new site, but I have one question. One of the pages I want to protect on my site will be called by an application running on a remote server every 15 seconds. The application can include the username and password in the URL it is calling. Will your product allow access to the protected page on my server? ,

    Upgrade from V6 to v7.x with an MSACCESS DATABASE

    1st of all, backup your existing ASPProtect files and database before performing this upgrade. Please be really careful while performing this upgrade. Version 7.x  is a highly advanced application compared to any previous versions. CJWSoft under no circumstances is responsible if you lose information or have website downtime.


    To do this upgrade you're going to need to have the Microsoft Access Application.
    To work with an Access .mdb file it can not be newer than the version of Microsoft Access you are running.

    That being said, on with the upgrade..

    Open you're existing Acccess Database up in Microsoft Access..
    You should see this something like this.

    By right clicking on then choosing rename
    Rename "Users" to "ASPP_Users"
    Rename "Groups" to "ASPP_Groups"

    If you do not have a "Groups" table do not worry about it right now.

    Now right click and DELETE the Config Table.
    Yes, delete it..

    You should now see this. (with or without the "Groups" table)

    Now, right click on "ASPP_Users" and go into design view.
    It should look like this.

    Rename the "Password" field to "Old_Password"
    Be sure to spell it perfectly using the Underscore
    It will look like this.

    Now scroll down to the bottom a bit It should look like this.


    If you have a "Groups" Field... leave it alone
    If you do not have a "Groups" Field add one and make it a memo field.

    Now, we are going to add a few more new fields.

    Add a field called "Redirection_URL" make it a "text" field with 150 field size
    Add a field called "PayPal_Subscriber_ID" make it a "text" field with 100 field size
    Add a field called "Newsletter" and make it a yes/no field
    Add a field called "Password" and make it a "text" field with 100 field size

    It should now look like this.
    (you do not need to worry about the field descriptions.. that part is optional and only seen when working on the database)

    Now close that window and save the changes..

    Your now going to open up another Access Database while still leaving the one you have on your screen open. You going to open up one of the new databases that came with v7.x. This database has some info we are simply going to copy and paste.

    You'll want to open it and put it side by side on your desktop like so.
    (the old database is on the left.. the new one is on the right)

    Now, for the fun part.

    On the new database to the right.. right click on the "ASPP_Config" table and pick "Copy"

    Then move your mouse over to the old database on the left. Right click in the open white area and click "paste"

    It will ask you for a database name. Type in "ASPP_Config"
    Leave "Structure and Data" checked and hit OK

    Your old database on the left should now have a nice new "ASPP_Config" table.

    OK, now for the "ASPP_Groups" table

    If you already have a "ASPP_Groups" table in your old database you are done.

    If you do not have one your going to copy and paste the table from the New Database to your old database just like we just did with the "ASPP_config" table.

    Your old database should now look like this.

    Now, you are done upgrading your database from within Microsoft Access.

    The existing passwords still have to be encrytped and moved from the "Old_Password" to the "Password" field

    To that we have a special page we run in the application that will take care of that.

    So, for now... go install the application, but using the database we just created.
    Follow these instructions for the most part...
    http://support.cjwsoft.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=181& ; ;PN=1

    When you get to the part where you finally get into the admin area and need to make an admin account you will notice that your existing user database is there but none of the users have passwords if you look at them in the edit screen.

    That is normal. Simply do what the instructions say and create and admin account using a username that does not exist..

    Then log off... then back in as that new admin account. If that works you are ready to convert the passwords.

    This part is very easy.

    You want to run a special page via the browser.


    Replacing the part in blue with your website info.

    Once you get the page running you will see a login prompt and one form field just like before with the "get_me_in.asp" page

    You will need to paste the "PasswordEncryptionKey" value that you used in the "config_inc.asp" file in the form field and hit enter.

    If all goes well you will see a page telling you to click here to encrypt the passwords and copy them over.

    So do what it says... dont click more than once and wait.

    Eventually it should say it is finished. So go log in to the admin area of the system using the new admin account.

    Now edit some users but dont save... you want to see if the passwords are showing up. If they are the conversion worked. If you see nothing or a garbled mess it did not work and you made a mistake during this whole process.

    If things went well backup and delete the conversion file below.


    You do not need it anymore.

    Once you are positive every thing is running smoothly and everyone's passwords are ok you can go in and delete the "Old_Password" field as well.

    If things didnt go well.. try again from scratch and go slowly.
    If they still dont go well get ahold of us for help.

    We are here to help, but if you really want us to we can be hired to do the conversion.


    Dear Support Team

    I have read and Installed your v8 banner software

    exactly as explained on XP pro which contains other asp working app.

    I have problems with the " Application " and " Session" in your scripts

    things that make the iis fall dead.

    also in the file asp _unlimited_config.asp

    you have exlained that every thing must be kept without the "" marks.

    well i get http 500 error cause of it.


    Please advise





    , its in this thread.. you use the InStr function
    http://support.cjwsoft.com/code/code_info.asp?TID=17&KW= instr

    Please use a little bit more descriptive subject the next time you post. "question" does not tell much to someone looking through threads.. and I like to keep things clean and organized in the forums

    I edited it for you this time..

    thx , Actually it is my own server (retired email server from my employer). I will check out the documentation again. I DID read that part, but didn't understand it enough. I'll dig deeper. Also my box has 2 CPU's, hence the $125 for ASPImage..., If by permissions ou are reffering to the IUSR with write/execute
    permissions, they are already set. I get this error when I hit the 'Create New
    Export File From Current User Database' link:

    Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a004c'

    Path not found

    /ASPProtect/password_admin/export.asp, line 76

    Any other suggestions?, Thanks dude, I'll figure it out.  I've been ripping apart pieces of the code to get it.  I'm in the process of pulling some things out to make functions that do specific tasks based on your code.  I actually had a lot of luck yesterday with it. , They really have do not have anything  to do with each other as far as code and numbering goes, but I really do not fully understand your question or where you are going with this.  (the part about the user setup ?)

    Groups are more powerful than access levels and are meant to replace them. Access Levels are only there for backward compatibilty with older versions. , Chris,

    Ok new puzzle. I have now managed to gonfigure it to get the admin screen and update members. All excellent news. Seems to work a treat.

    But have used the code you give in your getting started guide to add at the very top of an aspx page to be protected. The path is configured correctly I am sure. the aspx file is in the root, the protect program is in a folder now configured as an application (hence the steps forward to get to the admin screens) on the root, so address should be foldrname//protectpage.ascx.

    Proble when I load that aspx page is as above. The exact same config error,oww!

    I am sure its a setting on my server now, but I dont know what to ask for, Any ideas...

    So close now!


    I used Dreamweaver4 to make my site is there anything I can do to make it work?


    It's not normal at all. My guess you accidently edited the code in a bad way.

    (thats the same code the every guestbook in every application I sell uses including ASPGuest which gets downloaded for free about 50 times a day)

    No one has ever said it acted funny.

    I would do a default installation with the original code somewhere and see if the problem occurs. If it does I can take a look.

    In the meantime I wouldn't be running that as it is probably using up massive processor time because of whatever is wrong with it. 


    no, its part the concurrent login checking system.

    currently when that is on logging off does not come into play..
    (pretty much because it is such a complex system I wasnt able to make it quite that intelligent this time around)

    when concurrent login checking is enabled the only way to log in again at another system with the same username and with a different IP is to wait till that time period is over


    as you may recall it was rush feature at the last moment before I got version 7 finished. Hopefully I can improve on the feature in the next version but I dont really see it as being a big issue at the moment. Sometimes when you want maximum security you have to make some tradeoffs and that is why the feature is optional.

    , sounds like the data/export folde does not have permissions,


    I've tried almost anything here... I'm using an online SQL SERVER database with ASPProtect 7, and I can't login after my initial creation of the admin account.

    It works fine with Access... I believe I have checked all the fields created by the sql statement (which was run with no errors),

    What could be the problem here? could it be a problem that I run my local IIS against the online sql server?





    Reports 65-messages, however after the first 10 are displayed and you click on the More Messages button, I get the Page cannot be found error.




    Thank you again Sir. Your quick responses and helpful demeanor add greatly to the value of your software.


    Does emailing work under the simplest scenario ? (directly from the users screen)

    Thats the way to test it..

    All that error means is whatever reason the settings you have chosen are not working. It could be the server. It could be what you chosen. (and yes I realize your pop info from outlook should probably work with the settings you chose)

    Whenever I do installs I often have to try 3-5 different emailing scenarios before I come across one that works.

    Each time making some changes and sending out test emails from the users screen until I get somewhere. Often time getting a working example of how your Hosting Company wants you to send email from ASP is the info to get your hands on. (what method and settings)

    In this case they may have blocked the usee of a remote server and want you to use some other settings for sending email from asp. A lot of times they put that info in their help system.

    If I were you I would start by trying the other two CDOSYS options for starters, and then try the remote server option again but using "localhost" as the server, if none of those work consult your host for example code and settings to send email from asp. If you still have no luck I can help for sure.

    Realize too when testing the emails may take a bit to arrive. A delay of sorts. Best to type in a quick note about which method you are trying in the email text. That way when you finally get one delivered you'll know which method worked.


    Timecard Entry: 3/25/2006 1:41:00 PM

    Lunch, Working with servers. Working with customers. Supporting customers., E-Mail, Voice-Mail , Setup, Sat in NOC., Inventory Labels Gisco, worked with Bill on SQL database, Sherrill Musty re: email transition, HAD TO GO AND MEET BEN AT HOME TO CONFIGURE ISDN LINE, SGCC.ORG INPUTED NEW INFORMATION ON THEIR WEBSITE, busy, techcalls, new users, Radlog, worked on materials for the company brochure, did not really take a lunch break oh well, Another call from Remington Museum, now she can't get images to upload. Checking problem and images are uploading fine. She was uploading the same image over and over but was wrong image at her end., checking out COM components on microsoft.com, SunandShield.com - Resource Directory, answered tech related calls. checked and called on rad log, voice mail, ask a question emails, and online issues., E-commerce class preparation (press release, ads, etc), Team meeting, Answered a couple phone calls, checked DUI and RadLog., entered A/P invoices , checked the microcoms/usr/netservers for problems and reset ports where i could..., Answered phones, Cortlandmls.com called w/complaint about dialup access. Called tech support and NOC to see if there was a problem, then called Cortland back to say that all looks okay., answering phone, taking sign ups, checked emails. callbacks from voicemail. , To Potsdam - 70 miles, Open ticket for Ogdensburg frame relay. DC056513, IMC mail migration test, On the phone with Verizon calling in a ticket, unusual calls that seemed to take forever., answered phones. handled a customer who was having problems with outlook. another customer was very upset about busy signals,

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