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Blog Entry: 3/25/2006 1:37:44 PM

Not to be pushy, but how's the new version progressing?

I'm hoping these features will be in it:

  • possibly add the ability to move pictures around in an album. and maybe between albums, I must also remember to move the ratings and desc as well for that image.
  • possibly add a feature to store 3 versions of images uploaded
    thumbnail, medium res, and high res/original
  • add option to store the images orginal name in the images description area during upload
    may be helpful to people that name their images in a somewhat descriptive way

  • add support for the ibulc bulk upload client that I recently discovered

If you could use a beta tester, I'm still just setting up my site and would be willing to run a beta.





2Checkout.com has added to their required cart parameters:


Do you have a version of 2checkout2.asp that will support these?




how you connecting... lets see the connection string...

could be permissions related too.. if they are not set correctly
(always give them to the folder, never just the mdb file)

Some of this might help...




you may want to download some of the different versions of the access database from the support area and try connecting to them as you may have older odbc drivers on the server

You may also want to try to get ASPTest from our website working before you go any further

, it might.. I might be wrong though as I guess that could still be an issue with access not being able to keep up.. and then the xml parser just isnt getting the page it is requesting in time, Not without changing a lot of code. If you didn't want encryption you really should have went with version 6. Encryption is a big new feature of Version 7 and it is inter-mixed with it the code in a lot of places.

As for doing the export and import you have to create a valid export file and then read through this very thread which explains how to import an export file with clear text passwords.

This is from the admin area regarding the text file format
The import/export file must be tab delimited with no text qualifiers. The 1st row containing field names and the following each being a new user. To create your own import file it must be in this exact format. To find out what field names and their order are simply create an export file using ASPProtect and take a look at it.

Generating an import file from your own database requires good knowlege and understanding of Access's Importing and Exporting functions. It is not something I cover as the process is different for everyone and not really very hard. ,
As I have my site hosted by a web hosting company (1and1.com), I want to make sure the ASP Photo Gallery software runs correctly before I buy. I am not sure about whether or not they support parent paths because I can find nothing in the online faqs. But, I have two other ASP apps (Forum and News from Web Wiz) running on the site, both connecting to Access databases. I remember having problems initially setting these up because I kept trying to use paths like ../db/wwforum.mdb like I would normally do when referencing images or pages in other folders.
Anyway, here are the database connection strings for the two apps. The first is for the Forum, which is at /forum/common.asp connecting to a database in /db/wwForum.mdb. The second is for the News, at /news/common.asp accessing /db/news.mdb.
'Virtual path to database
 strDbPathAndName = Server.MapPath("/db/wwForum.mdb")
'Database connection info and driver
strCon = "DRIVER={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)}; DBQ=" & Server.MapPath("/db/news.mdb")
Thanks for your help, hopefully I'll be setting up my new galleries this weekend!
- Jason

Perfect exactly what I was looking for.



Hello Chris,

I have switched to Alentus and have the permissions set correctly and Parent paths turned on.  I cannot figure out how to connect to the database.  Should I have the database in the aspprotect/data/database folder, or in the data folder that Alentus has in my root directory?  once that is determined, how do I decide what the path to that database is?  I have tried many things, but this is what the setup page tells me to enter in the data_conn file DBQ=D:\Websites\www.mysite.com\aspprotect\data\database\ASPP rotect_access2002.mdb;Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};UID=Admin;Password=temp

Thank You



I'd like to set up the system to redirect to a landing page (say home1) after the user logs in.

I have looked at all the documentation and can't find something that explains how to do this. I am thinking that I can set up a log in as the default in my root directory that will have a form with an action=check_user_inc.asp. I have looked at the code there but cannot find a place where I would place a redirect to home1.

Help please




did you fix it because I see all the pictures just fine ?



, Did you ever figure out the process for VS2005?,


The articles you references were read over by me like 3 hours ago... way passed that and prob. in deeper sh*t than i was since im trying everything possible without knowing the true reason this is not working.


Could be a mod I guess - it would be nice to have an option on the admin settings page to lock down access of all pages and redirect to a specified  "lockdown" page upon attempted login.

If I'm updating the large files on the server and someone attempts a download, they'll get a partial ZIP file or an error.




I have been looking over the code and also doing some tests.

So far everything in the code looks correct and everything I have tried has worked correctly. If I select an access level and active users it is not sending emails to inactive users as you stated.

Are you using the option pack ?


... doesn't seem to be working on my site. I expect I did something wrong.

I've created some groups, "week", "month", and "year". Their IDS are 6, 5, and 4, respectivelty. When someone goes through the PayPal signup, he's assigned to one of those groups based on his subscription.

When I see a new subscriber and check the relevant group the person's supposed to be in, that person's not in that group. I'm adding them manually for now, but I'd sure like a solution for when I go to sleep...

My subscription code looks like this:

input type="hidden" name="custom" value="5,*4*,<% =User_ID %>

One-off code looks like this:

option selected value="7,4.95,1,*6*"

I've created the groups in my management console. Is there anywhere or anything else I'm missing?

, humm, I see your using the lite version which is technically not supported.

I know you were responding to an existing thread but I really would rather you have posted this in the ASPProtect Lite area or at least mentioned what version you are using. Usually there are big differences in the versions and it helps me help you if I know what is going on.

Regardless, the code for this feature is actually the same and I just tested a fresh install of the lite version and it stored that verify url perfectly and all worked as it should in the verification email.

All I can think of is that you can try manually editing the "users/add_new_account.asp" file.

This part

EmailBody = EmailBody & "New Registration.." & vbCrLf & vbCrLf & "Your registration still has to be validated." & vbCrLf & "Go to " & vbCrLf & VerifyURL & "?u=" & Server.URLEncode(Request("Username")) & "&v=" & ValidateEmailCode  & vbCrLf & "to verify your registration." & vbCrLf & vbCrLf

Would need your verify URL hardcoded into it which would pretty much guarantee it would get put in the email.

EmailBody = EmailBody & "New Registration.." & vbCrLf & vbCrLf & "Your registration still has to be validated." & "http://localhost/aspprotectlite/users/v.asp" & "Go to " & vbCrLf & VerifyURL & "?u=" & Server.URLEncode(Request("Username")) & "&v=" & ValidateEmailCode  & vbCrLf & "to verify your registration." & vbCrLf & vbCrLf

Of course change the url to be valid for your setup.

Still, the fact that this isn't working means there is something wrong with your installation. It would probably be a good idea to erase everything, do an iisreset, and re-install the application in a different directory... immediatly log and go to the settings page, carefully set everything and save it... then register as a new user and see what happens.

There is no reason that variable shouldn't get set. I mean I tested it just now with a fresh install of the version you are using and not only that... 1000's of people have been using that same code for over a year in the full version and no one has had this problem except the guy who started this thread who never populated the value.

My guess is still a problem with your "IIS application" for that web. It is not doing it's thing for some reason. When the settings page is saved and application variable gets set telling the config file to reload the variables as it doesn't do it every time to conserve resources.

If that isn't getting triggered and that variable isn't getting set who knows what else isn't getting set and it's not pratical going around hardcoding 15 important variables.,

If we wanted to user groups, is the "Access Level" in the User setup the same ID as what the group access would be?  Ex. If John had Access Level 4 and the page specified <% GROUPACCESS = "4" %>
<!--#INCLUDE FILE="check_user_inc.asp"-->

I'm asking because there is no Group Access Level in the user setup.  Thanks


It probably is. You would have to look at the paypal documentation for IPN and see what needs to be changed in the form code.

You can get all that info from PayPal's website.

There are tons of variables and options you can use with all of their code.
They have detailed PDF files full of information on all of them.



thx for posting this..

Just a few notes... more than 100 pictures specified in the config file is not supported. You are of course on your own if you specify more than 100

Also, technically the post above should say more than 102 pictures... "I think" as you wont need more html cell code until then..

The loop in the code is probably how I should have done it in the 1st place but I was in a hurry to get this finished and I also never expected/wanted anyone to specify more than 100 pics per album.

Lastly.. depending on what style you are using in the config file the code above may not work as some of the styles do not use cells but line breaks instead..   At least from what I remember.


you not seeing the real error

http://support.cjwsoft.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=11& PN=1

, Have tried doing that but same error... ,

I just finished implementing the V7 product on our site and someone made mention that on the profile form where you are asked all your personal and user information there are 2 fields for passwords.  The first field uses masking to hide the password as you type it, where the second shows it in clear text.

Now we know that the only people able to see the password are the user and the administrator, but it is playing mind games with my users as they think there is a problem with the application.  I am not a programmer (however, learning ASP slowly now!) and am not sure if you did this on purpose or if it is a bug?

If it was done on purpose, can you advise how I can make the confirm password field masked as well to eliminate the unfounded questions!



Now that I really think about it.. instead of logging that info to a text file and worrying about folder permissions you could probably just save the post info into an application variable during the paypal ipn.asp post like so

For Each Item In Request.Form
formdata = formdata & vbCrLf & Item & "=" & Request.Form(Item) & vbCrLf

Application("PayPalPost") = formdata & " - " & NOW

then anytime you wanted to see if that info was there or when it happened you could make a simple asp page in your site to display the results like so

Response.Write "(" & Application("PayPalPost") & ")"



Sorry, but the way the system works you can not call an individual banner like that. It just not something the system was meant to do.

If you wanted a specific banner to show up at all times you would have to make an individual banner and a zone just for that.

After looking at your site since you have so many banners there I dont know if that is the greatest option for you. It would also put a lot of stress of the Version 7 software because it is not really meant to call so many banners zones at one time on one page.

If you could live with tracking clicks on the home page but not displays I would suggest making banners for the home page in one zone. Then hard coding the banner images into your homepage like you already do but linking to the tracking part of aspbanner instead of where they would usually link to. That way you could at least track clicks and there owuld be no performance issues.

for example.. one of the images might link to
http://www.poconocommuter.com/aspbanner/banner_redirect.asp? Banner_ID=4

which would track clicks for you.. and then send then wherever they are supposed to go


I wonder if this could this be a FrontPage problem. I deleted the skins folder and re-ftp'd the original one that only contains default and Solid Black. I logged in and tried to change it back to default but it won't. I'm going to try making this folder a Frontpage subweb to see if that makes a difference.



More Info on Simple File Sharing

http://www.practicallynetworked.com/sharing/xp/filesharing.h tm

http://www.theeldergeek.com/quick_guide_to_simple_file_shari ng.htm

http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;3040 40


, This user has notified me that the issue has been resolved based on what I told him., Verison 8 is superior in every way and the code is much more optimized so yes I think it would handle it better. It is still a lot of banners on one page though which means a lot of hits to the database if you call them all individually with zone calling code. SQL server would make sense more than MSACCESS.

Now, the only reason I said make one zone for all those banners on the home page is because a banner has to be associated with a zone. It would make sense to put them all in one because if you just tracked the clicks like I mentioned you really wouldnt be using the zone except for maybe when you go to view stats. ,

Hi Chris

Unfortunately the bl**dy server was down and unavailable for 17 hrs so I couldnt even get to see what the settings were!

It is on, the relevant users appear to have all rights for the data/tempstats folder.

I'm guessing you're going to suggest turning it off and see if the problem still appears.



Sorry about earlier post in wrong area-

I have followed instructions to set up access levels (adding the

<% CHECKFOR = "4" %>    for user level 4 for instance.) The database is connecting properly and the basic check for login is taking place, but it seems that all users have access to all levels no matter what is on the database; i.e I set up a test page with "checkfor=4" and all users have access to it, even those with lower leve access.

Any ideas?



Chris -

Long time no talk, which is a good thing.  I have purchased another product from you, ASPVendor.  I am running into an issues.

When I try and remove the image through the image manager, it does not remove it.  Screen shot attached.




I would look on the pictures folder on the server and see what is there for pictures. Also, when you see a broken X on the site right click and see where it is trying to get the picture from and what the pictures name should be.

I would also be sure to clear out your temporary internet files in IE. clost and restart all browsers..

maybe show me the site ? so I can see this happening ?


There are several pages on my website that a user may go to that are not protected (e.g. home page).  If the user has indicated that they want to be saved on this computer (until they explicitly log off), and their 1st entry point is to an unprotected page, how do I determine whether they have logged in before, and extract the info from the cookie / session variables without forcing them to log in or making the entry page protected?



Hello -

Believe it or not I finally can access the photogallery. You were right Chris regarding the unzipping of the files.

Now onto the next challenge! I have set up three categories and proceeded to create a test album. I uploaded a couple of pictures (yeah that worked!!!) but the album does not show up on the default.asp page under the category.

Please advise -
Rhona (rookie)

, Your assumption was incorrect.... the login count has nothing to do with that. The login count only has one purpose and that is to limit the amount of times a user can log in if you want to do that.

Logging in for the 1st time means the time at which they 1st login and their session at the site is created... If there session ends and they come back and login they will get redirected because it will be the 1st time again.

Forms Based Authentication is all about sessions and session variables.

If you only want them redirected somewhere based on the login count that is something you have to work out and check on your own. It's very doable.

Seems like now I should have explained that better but I never thought anyone would think it meant what you thought., humm, I am curious

If these people are employees and sales reps why are are you using expiration dates at all ? and why the renewing issues... etc etc

I am sure there is a reason but you did not explain.

it might help me to better understand and possibly think about new features for new versions in the future.,

Is it possible to change the currency for accepting payments?  I will like to change from US to Canadian.

Thanks in advance

, to finalize this thread.... turns out I was correct and this person was not unzipping the zip file correctly. , Can you please elaborate on this?  I have a flash banner that is on my site.  All of the info is in the code banner section.  In the banner link section, I have nothing.  Do I need to actually edit the swf file with redirect URL?  How do I edit the swf file?  Once that is edited, do I put the URL of the site in the Link URL space?  Thanks. , Those access levels are not used and are nothing to worry about. They are left over from the ASPProtect core which I used for the users area of ASPBanner.

I am not sure what you did but its not a none, Unless I know more I can not make any guesses what happened. I would make sure in the database that the user is active and the expiration date field for them if there is one is empty,

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